Richmond Music Roundup: February 9 – February 15

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for February 9th through February 15th.




Amerikas Most Hated by Trap Kobe (Link)
Released February 13th

Voltaic harmonies belt lyrics of outlaws and drifters on this coasting, glitzy hip-hop EP.

Key Track: “Keep It Away”







And The Trials & Tribulations Of Love by Noah (Link)
Released February 14th

Pulsating electronica with shades of art-rock and trap that offers a distinct, dynamic view of a crafty, conflicted vision.

Key Track: “Control”







And Thus Do We Reach The Stars by Derelict (Link)
Released February 13th

Abstract doom metal constructing a hazy instrumental ambience through fragmented menace and systematic ingenuity.

Key Track: “Memory: Oblivion”







Booty Jams Vol.4 by Partygoiz420 (Link)
Released February 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Flippant electronica that stumbles onto a spastic acid house sound through peculiar samples and eccentric inspiration.

Key Track: “Last Call”







Brainwash Box by Space Koi (Link)
Released February 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Stratified musical funhouse of psych-jazz, ska-dub, and surf rock with a spinning sense of direction and a winning sense of enjoyment.

Key Track: “Brainwash Box”







Burt On Ice by Burt AllWyld (Link)
Released February 14th

Bustling hip-hop that shakes in its crowded ceremony but charms in its isolated assertions.

Key Track: “Fill Up The Safe”







Cursed by Talk Me Off (Link)
Released February 14th

Breakneck punk jeers presented through sharp but polished tracks that proudly & boldly straddle the line between pop punk and hardcore thrash with endearing conviction and mesmerizing expertise.

Key Track: “Comfort Zone”







Demo by Wetwork (Link)
Released February 14th

Dashing hardcore punk fueled by relentless guitars and driven by a cagey growl.

Key Track: “The Herd”







Fever Dream by Mutually Assured Destruction (Link)
Released February 14th

A nuanced take on melodic hardcore that still features plenty of genre hallmarks like blaring riffs and pummeling grooves.

Key Track: “Rose Chamber”







Happy Birthday (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Jeremy Hook (Link)
Released February 12th

A foreboding soundscape broken up into three parts that soundtracks the 2018 short film by director Kenneth Ryan.

Key Track: “Ominious Omen”







Heart Vs. The Mind by Luh Kiddo (Link)
Released February 14th

Buzzing hip-hop record tackling the intrinsic battle between melodic soul and dexterous consciousness.

Key Track: “Why So Hard”







Kid Red’s Love Drunk Druggie Punch Donkey Habit Cuts by OlNuBi (Link)
Released February 14th

Lively beat tape that splices the likes of Animal Collective and The Beatles into inviting, punchy loops fit for any versatile MC or any audiophile looking for calming creativity.

Key Track: “Love Drunk (Cut Coke Boogie 54)”







Kyanite by Positive No (Link)
Released February 14th

Thrilling swan song from one of Richmond’s premiere rock bands, a sublime distillation of their personal indie rock & noise pop ideology that also serves as a sensational summation of their blazing discography.

Key Track: “Elevator Down”







Last Of The Electric Flowers by Plastic Nancy (Link)
Released February 13th

Dreamy garage rock proudly decorated with psychedelic overtones that give the jangly, granular songs a vibrant polish.

Key Track: “Think Of Now”







Mon Chère by Mon Chère (Link)
Released February 14th

Nebulous rock EP offering a nuanced take on trip-hop and alt-pop through illusory rhythms illuminated by visceral melodies and plush vocals that mesmerize with ease.

Key Track: “Never Knew”







My Rejection To God by 804 mangodawg (Link)
Released February 14th

Chiming flows from a hip-hop aspirant with a relaxed flair and zealous charm.

Key Track: “Bobby”







Obsession by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released February 14th

Amorphous vocals imbue the lively beats with a murky ambience on this drifting hip-hop EP.

Key Track: “Slide”







Pleasure Seeker by Gritty City Records (Link)
Released February 14th

A conflicted Valentine’s Day release that combines smooth beats and sultry melodies with a gnawing flow delivering garish, risqué lyrics.

Key Track: “Da Shake Junt”







Ponchiatory by Newscaster (Link)
Released February 12th

Pert post-punk delivered with a jittery bounce and assertive clout.

Key Track: “Ponchiatory”







Poopy Diaper Mixtape by Poopy Diaper Bandits (Link)
Released February 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A soiled aesthetic drives this fragmented electronic exercise which warrants a question: Are they robbing from the young or the old? Perhaps it’s best left unanswered.

Key Track: “Baby Talk”







Pouring Glitter On Mundanity! by nat nyx (Link)
Released February 14th

Bedroom rock meets riot grrrl in this demure punk record built on direct lyrics paired with crunchy, grainy guitars.

Key Track: “What Are You?”







Rock N Rose by Lil’ Rose (Link)
Released February 14th

Rock-driven hip-hop release that spirals through alternative, acoustic, and punk sketches with a soulful flow and reverberating lyrics.

Key Track: “8 & 24”







ShellbeatsDuVault by dogfuck (Link)
Released February 12th

The simple phrase “hello, I’m Shelly Duvall” informs ten separate and abstract compositions on this peculiar and engaging beat tape.

Key Track: “SheblyDople”







Sigmund Fraud by Sigmund Fraud (Link)
Released February 15th

Undulating indie rock built on a cavalcade of reverb braced by jazzy rhymes and decorated with swaying, endearing melodies.

Key Track: “Lushful”







The Sound In This Time Of Being by S. Preston Duncan (Link)
Released February 12th

Conjuring soundscapes meet spoken word meditation on this companion piece to a recent collection of refined poetry.

Key Track: “Harvest”







Throwback by Crushing Yellow Sun (Link)
Released February 10th

Crunchy, sprawling guitar riffs saturate the arid soundscapes yielding a sludgy, acid instrumental ambience.

Key Track: “Headlong”







V-Day Love Instrumentals by Shook Beatz (Link)
Released February 4th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Diffusive romantic vibes are devised through rich production and starry-eyed aspiration on this silky beat tape.

Key Track: “Hooked”







Waiting’ To Hang by oh no! my only weakness!! (Link)
Released February 14th

Expansive soundscapes brilliantly yielding the innate appeal of electronic sprawl with gentle melodies & drifting grooves.

Key Track: “Digital Bees”







Workin On Fighting Social Injustice Vol.5 Sad Custody And Coronavirus by djradtipptoppp (Link)
Released February 14th

Diffusive mix from an abstract mind wrestling with the issues of the day with experimental curation.







Working On fighting Social Injustice Vol.4 School Rape by djradtipptoppp (Link)
Released February 9th

A pensive labyrinth of sound collages that serve as both a shrewd spin on contemporary activism and an outlet for addressing the woe’s of modern society.









“A L L (The Cool Kids Sound Like This)” by Wolf (Link)
Released February 15th

Laconic electronic groove built on punching tones that ebb and flow with the spastic rhythmic phrasing.







“A$AP Rocky” by 804E (Link)
Released February 10th

Peculiar percussion built on pairing pounds pair proudly with the primal pull of this prodding piece.







“Allstar Weekend” by T.A.Y (Link)
Released February 14th

Dashing tribute to the classic and modern greats of the hardwood court over a deliberative, bouncing beat.







“Ape Shit” by Lil Trell (Link)
Released February 12th

Rhyming blows glance the listener on this swinging and imposing hip-hop stance.







“As The Crow Flies” by Jared Carey (Link)
Released February 13th

Sliding and genteel cover of Rory Gallagher’s (and Tony Joe White’s) rootsy hymn.







“Base Fungshen” by Joe Norkus (Link)
Released February 4th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Mesmerizing acid house built around a twirling thermionic melody braced by a pulsating groove.







“Block Mamba” by Big Kahuna OG (Link)
Released February 4th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Persistent hip-hop skill unfolds over a gusty instrumental in this tribute to the cutthroat mindset of the legendary mamba.







“Blockeisha” by Big Kahuna OG (Link)
Released February 14th

Whirling rap acrobatics from an ace MC playing around with a modulated version of Destiny’s Child breakout single.







“BOOOM Freestyle” by 804Bandit (Link)
Released February 15th

Lo-fi ticking serves as the combustible timer on this hawkish and impudent hip-hop track.







“Brother, Brother” by AMQCATARACTS (Link)
Released February 15th

Coveting passion springs off the bouncing beats in this driving, cheeky hip-hop frolic.







“Bucket” by Demond47 (Link)
Released February 14th

Fluid rap musings that course over a thudding electronic beat.







“Cali Tree (feat. Gutta & All Day Tony)” by Sonny Black (Link)
Released February 11th

Skittering hip-hop musings over a grafted piano melody and weaving groove.







“Canary Dusk” by Amethyst Midnight (Link)
Released February 14th

Poignant vocals pair with a warm guitar strum on this intriguing song that pairs beautifully with nightfall.







“Cold Day” by Demond47 (Link)
Released February 14th

Buzzing hip-hop purrs weave through the shifty electronic soundscape on this rippling track.







“Crashout” by RunEmUp Reef (Link)
Released February 12th

Searing bars smash against the walls of a trembling hip-hop caper.







“Da Goat” by King Delt (Link)
Released February 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Heavy rhymes lean into the lurching beat on this trilling hip-hop declaration.







“Din Djarin” by Prophesir Wakenbaker (Link)
Released February 14th

Shadowy vocals stalk the twilight soundscape on this grim hip-hop single.







“Don’t Talk” by Og Cam (Link)
Released February 11th

An airy melody revolves around itself on this flickering hip-hop demonstration.







“Drive Thru (feay. Duval)” by OG ILLA (Link)
Released February 14th

Twinkling synths illuminate the relaxing nightfall cruise on this smooth rap single.







“Federal” by ⚡️Skirbee⚡️@skexrh (Link)
Released February 15th

Fidgety vocals give a quirky spin to this magnetic and esoteric hip-hop track.







“Felt Your Love (feat. Lougotcash)” by 804 Quis (Link)
Released February 9th

Tender guitar strums conjure a rosewater stream of hip-hop amour on this pleasing overture.







“Good Vibes (feat. Yung Zy)” by itsofficialvon (Link)
Released February 10th

Simple tones and beats construct an immersive, relaxing ambience on this candid rap repartee.







“G-Step” by BLVD 9 (Link)
Released February 9th

Spacious beats and tones give this lissome MC plenty of room to dazzle on this hip-hop swing.







“Happy Valentine’s Day” by Mitchel Evan (Link)
Released February 14th

Wistful and ailing Americana plea that swells to an invigorating climax.







“Havin (feat. D3low)” by Cadillac Cat (Link)
Released February 9th

Oscillating rap track from a poised MC flexing his tenacious flow on a sleek instrumental.







“Hercules” by AMQCATARACTS (Link)
Released February 10th

Candid freestyle emphatically delivered over a coiling, snapping instrumental.







“Hop Out The Van (feat. 3IG0PP, Luh Kiddo, & Wopp)” by Nolia (Link)
Released February 13th

A swarm of rabid MCs give life and bite to a modest instrumental on this lurching rap single.







“Hotshit Spitpost” by BigDumbBaby (Link)
Released February 9th

Bustling and excavating homage to one of Richmond’s up-and-coming acts, adorned with a impish title and gnarled artwork.







“How Many Birds” by Erin Lunsford (Link)
Released February 14th

A rootsy shuffle provides the foundation for this bright, touching composition full of sweeping vocals and incisive lyrics.







“Imagine (feat. Young Czech)” by OSMOSIS (Link)
Released February 12th

Aerated beats lift the crooning hip-hop flow on this glissading vision.







“Injury Reserve (GTFU Remix)” by GARÇON (Link)
Released February 15th

Intricate and hypnotic remix of the jittery 2019 single from Injury Resever, JPEGMAFIA, & Cakes da Killa.







“Iwannaseeyou” by AMQCATARACTS (Link)
Released February 14th

Yearning tension distilled through a pensive instrumental on this restless rap track.







“Jerry Sprunger (Remix)” by Chuck Dolo (Link)
Released February 14th

Candid and mellow recreation of the 2019 single from Tory Lanez and T-Pain.







“Loud” by Y.C.P. (Link)
Released February 9th

Diffusive verses sprawl over a terse beat on this lingering hip-hop exhibition.







“Love Me” by Day By Day (Link)
Released February 15th

Admiring vocals breezing through a costal instrumental on this enamored hip-hop track.







“Lover, Hold On To Me” by Indira & Guppy Jo (Link)
Released February 14th

Gleaming pop track, nimbly polished, that houses impassioned lyrics and a saccharine melody. (Read our full review here.)







“Meet Me At The Corner” by Matt Rooks (Link)
Released February 10th

Jaunty acoustic cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 2011 song.







“Messy (MVP Pt.2) (feat. TaeMovi & G-Grimey)” by Druvie (Link)
Released February 13th

A muffled melodic flash seeps out of the undercurrent on this dwelling rap probe.







“Metatron” by OSMOSIS (Link)
Released February 11th

Flowing funk gives this intoning hip-hop swing an enticing polish.







“Mom Song (feat. Prestigious 804)” by Santi Massflow (Link)
Released February 11th

Radiant hip-hop memorial that details love and appreciation for matriarchal presence in everyday life.







“No Gimmick” by Burt AllWyld (Link)
Released February 6th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Rigid synth tones march proudly to the beat of a bullish MC on this whirring hip-hop track.







“Orca Beats” by ENE (Link)
Released February 13th

Roaring electronic instrumental built on glitchy bellows over a churning beat.







“Red Rover” by Teon The Beat (Link)
Released February 9th

A bright, welcoming soundscape is unveiled and surveyed by pacing synth notes in this inviting instrumental.







“See You Smile (feat. Dre Santana)” by VA’s General (Link)
Released February 14th

Doting hip-hop promise affirmed through an endlessly pleasing instrumental and ardent, devoted lyrics.







“Skirt Off” by Cloud Life (Link)
Released February 9th

A spliced-up siren wail turns spectral on this blustering hip-hop attestation.







“Sleep At Night (feat. Bigstreet Deeedy)” by Bossman Breezy (Link)
Released February 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Endeavoring flair overpowers the ricocheting beats on this blazing rap single.







“Slip No Mo'” by Y.C.P. (Link)
Released February 9th

Trenchant rhymes cut through the smoky soul sample on this pulsing rap outing.







“Snakes” by Foreign Dirt (Link)
Released February 10th

Intoning hip-hop alert conveyed through an emphatic piano line and throbbing beat.







“So Hard” by SlimVerrel (Link)
Released February 12th

A careening piano loop guides this rolling, forceful rap single.







“Some Do” by Deau Eyes (Link)
Released February 11th

Polished troubadour panache drives this crisp, pointed look at the life and reality of up-and-coming artists.







“Stars” by YesJasper (Link)
Released February 14th

Astral charm is reflected upon the glistening instrumental and reflective lyrics.







“Story Of A Criminal” by TRXLLDAY! (Link)
Released February 12th

August strings contrast the pugnacious tone of this fiery rap confrontation.







“The Box (Remix)” by Una The Uno (Link)
Released February 12th

Craggy and brisk reinterpretation of Roddy Ricch’s 2019 single.







“The West Coast” by Caro (Link)
Released February 13th

Tender bedroom pop meets throbbing R&B on this expansive indie offering from a cagey and astute songwriter.







“Times Up (feat. Castro Beats)” by Shook Beatz (Link)
Released February 4th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Hollow tin notes ticker on this instrumental pendulum full of recoiling thumps constructing a glossy groove.







“Underdogs (feat. Noah-O & Oswin Benjamin)” by Wilt Sorrell (Link)
Released February 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Pensive murmuring gives way to assertive lyricism in this rap tribute to the dark horses of the world.







“Unfocused” by Kannon (Link)
Released February 14th

Melodic hip-hop over a teeming instrumental and murmuring vocals searching for direct clarity.







“W i t h d r a w a l s” by 32Degrees (Link)
Released February 15th

Introspective rap that ruminates on resigned, withdrawn rhymes through enthralling, resonating tones.







“WalkDown Pt.2” by FNF Chop (Link)
Released February 11th

An assertive vocal stride drives this booming rap pronouncement.







“Wasted” by $ki (Link)
Released February 14th

Twinkling tones give this moving hip-hop address a refined shimmer.







“What Ya Scheme Like Freestyle” by Big Kahuna OG (Link)
Released February 11th

Bombastic skill is on full display on this rolling freestyle overtop a loose, blazing theremin sound.







“Where She Goes” by Fallen Roads (Link)
Released February 7th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Clandestine rock track with evasive verses that surge into an arena-shaking chorus delivered with assertive skill and enterprising resolve.







“Where You At Now (feat. ninetyseven, LOwkey, & Sav)” by anxxiouswreck (Link)
Released February 13th

An expansive insight into complex melancholy through adamant lyrics rolling over a rousing instrumental.







“Yeen On Shit (feat. Snackz)” by IsItQuan (Link)
Released February 14th

Tumbling rhymes vault off of billowing beats on this snapping rap track.







“#FreeForAll” by 804.Blizzy (Link)
Released February 12th

Resolute rhymes pop off the chiming beat on this intrepid rap decree.







“$candalous (feat. Ardy4Chainz x Paj)” by TaeMovi (Link)
Released February 13th

A slinking beat gives ground for darting rhymes flow on this hip-hop trot.







“2 Seater” by TRAPCRY (Link)
Released February 13th

Scuttling techno track that gyrates around humid lyrics communicated through hypnotizing vocals.







“42XBELLY” by Traptize Ky (Link)
Released February 13th

Bold beats and vibrant rhymes go hand-in-hand in this punctuated hip-hop assertion.







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