Richmond Music Roundup: January 1 – January 4

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for January 1st through January 4th.




bummer is icumen in by Philip James Murphy Jr (Link)
Released January 2nd

Peculiar slowcore release that’s driven by a dexterous guitar style and nomadic textures making this perfect for long-distance travelling and reclusive wandering.

Key Track: “Desert Mind”







Dreamcat by Lowry (Link)
Released January 1st

Chaotic two-song release that’s as avant-garde as it is punk in its dizzying presentation.

Key Track: “Vitreous Sands”







Forlorn Endings by Rom-Nod (Link)
Released January 1st

Cavernous post-punk that irregularly explores each track in chilling, yet compelling manner.

Key Track: “Next”







God Flow 3 by Rocstagis (Link)
Released January 3rd

Bombastic beat tape drawing a firm and creative line between classic soul, worldly rhythm, and modern club bangers.

Key Track: “Franklin Street”







Inductance Hymnal by Collet (Link)
Released January 2nd

Electronic soundscapes that glitches and sludges its way from drone to industrial without ever missing a crucial beat.

Key Track: “>>grreenhoussse”







Live In Richmond – New Year’s Eve by The Mighty Good Times (Link)
Released January 1st

Live recording of a loose and exciting rock-and-roll performance at The Camel this past New Year’s Eve.

Key Track: “Incarceration Blues”







Sleepless Nights EP by VonnBoyd (Link)
Released January 1st

Exploring the existential nature of insomnolence with textural beauty and tonal wonder.

Key Track: “Lucid Dreams”







Songs From The Archives Vol. II by Mitchel Evan (Link)
Released January 1st

Resonant singer-songwriter record teeming with intimate ruminations channeled through a harrowing bellow and a husky guitar.

Key Track: “Be My Heroin”







The Bad Has Come EP by Michael Piffsmoke (Link)
Released January 1st

Brash MC skills shine on this rap EP channeling old-school and hardcore hip hop through tracks built on a bevy of creative sampling.

Key Track: “Still Going In”







The Corners Of The House by Jonathan Vassar (Link)
Released January 1st

Rustic tracks presented via lo-fi recordings that capture the enchanting spirit of songwriting.

Key Track: “Couch Dream, no. 4”







Vessel EP by BIGHOMIE$LIM (Link)
Released January 3rd

A three-song collection of rap tracks that are combative to their core, but subtly seasoned with ambition and wonder.

Key Track: “Wondr (feat. LRDMOZ)”







Wrote In Gold by Moosetrap (Link)
Released January 1st

Dynamically elegant heartland rock album that features a dozen instinctive melodies all born out of the beautiful soul of the music.

Key Track: “Stay The Night”









“Alot On My Mind Freestyle” by TaeMovi (Link)
Released January 2nd

Relaxed freestyle intoning that unpacks a cluttered mind over a patient and firm beat.







“Entry Level Sketch” by M X 7 3 (Link)
Released January 2nd

Primal and spacious, this EDM track takes its time to find clarity in its deeply compelling pulse.







“huRd” by VF Shaolin (Link)
Released January 4th

Hushed barbs contend with overdrawn percussion in an interesting melodic push and pull.







“Juggin Ain Ded” by Richie Dtn (Link)
Released January 2nd

Blustering rhymes loom over the swinging beat in this crowing rap track.







“Kolopsia” by IOCHROMA (Link)
Released January 1st

Crunchy guitar tones guide you through this winding & mosaic metal track that includes a surprisingly introspective bridge.







“Morning Noon And Night” by Nick & The Twist (Link)
Released January 4th

Hip-hop instrumental offering twilight reflections through patient rhythms and slinking tones.







“No Mercy (feat. Lethal)” by Bonkaz (Link)
Released January 1st

Raging bars plot desolation over a piano melody weaving its way through dashing beats.







“Pure Self.” by 1Kceo804 (Link)
Released January 2nd

An introspective melody leaps off a deep beat alongside reflective intoning.







“Ray Jr x Maaly Maal Freestyle” by Ray Jr (Link)
Released January 2nd

Impressive freestyle over Big Sean’s 2019 track that comes across as convulsive brilliance in a controlled environment.







“River Holy (Remix)” by Holy River (Link)
Released January 2nd

The former Lobo Marino starts their new chapter with a gorgeous, spatial reinterpretation of a 2014 classic track. (Read our full review here.)







“Run Prod” by ⚡️Skirbee⚡️@skexrh (Link)
Released January 3rd

Strumming vocals fuel this R&B track that revolves around contemplative clavier chords.







“So Numb” by Mavo (Link)
Released January 1st

Ticking hip-hop single that stomps through a blurry wall of hazy melodies & analgized bars.







“Soulful Art (feat. Lethal)” by Bonkaz (Link)
Released January 1st

Bustling single filled with flighty tones, bobbing rhythms, & fervent lyrics.







“Sunny Cali” by Matt Rooks (Link)
Released January 3rd

A charming acoustic jaunt paying tribute to the radiant nature of the Eureka state.







“Terror” by Rom-Nod (Link)
Released January 1st

Soundtracking the lead-up to doom, this post-punk track exploits musical tension for all its twisted glory.







“That’s A Bump” by Big Tyla (Link)
Released January 2nd

An annular melody drones over a pliant yet firm hip-hop beat spliced into two parts.







“Trashboyz” by Nick & The Twist (Link)
Released January 4th

Electronic tones crisscross this agitated rap instrumental that utilizes a nice contrast of tonal dynamics.







“Trees” by Nick & The Twist (Link)
Released January 4th

An analog melody calmly modulates around a pleasing beat and cylindrical fills in this hip-hop instrumental.







“Who Run It 2020” by Lexi Dash (Link)
Released January 1st

Head snapping bars proudly stride through a brief, yet dashing instrumental.







“Your Way” by Honest Debts (Link)
Released January 3rd

A swinging track combining ’70s sonic flair with natural Americana ambience, highlighted by a savory guitar line and courtly vocals.







“2020 Vision” by Richboy J (Link)
Released January 3rd

Plain-spoken modulation drives this rap track’s hopeful and declarative plan for the new year.







“21 Savage x Slaughter Gang Type” by That’s Fuego (Link)
Released January 3rd

Airy rap instrumental featuring a piping melody that marches along to the shifting, yet assertive beat.







“3rd Arm’s The Charm” by M X 7 3 (Link)
Released January 4th

Finding the acid between trance and rave, this techno track provides a vibrantly decorated tunnel of electronic dance music.







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