Richmond Music Roundup: January 1 – January 5

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Coldest Winter by James, The Younger (Link)
Released January 1st

Deeply pensive hip-hop relayed through a seasonal lense that’s affecting even in its more bombastic, dancey moments.

Key Track: “Floating”







Demo by Cane Corso (Link)
Released January 5th

Two-song grinding thrash EP that deals a great deal of sonic damage in its short, but dynamic runtime.

Key Track: “Sunken Continent”







Dig Drift by Jahfree Jones (Link)
Released January 1st

Lively and dexterous folk rock that intrigues with a great deal of enthralling mystery and masked melancholy.

Key Track: “Dumb Luck”







Final Fantasy 7 Shyt by Astral Trap (Link)
Released January 3rd

A delicate, fantastical offering from the grimey Hauntxd Trvp collective that still offers a bite as it glides and glistens.

Key Track: “Streetpiece”







Grand Opening EP by JacksonBrewCo (Link)
Released January 3rd

Four-track beat tape that slowly but surely rises above the confines of hip-hop into lofty, compelling ambient trance.

Key Track: “Resolute”







In The Shadows Volume 6 by Sleeping Awake (Link)
Released January 4th

Assorted collection of trip-hop, house, and electronic instrumentals all nimbly executing the record’s futuristic aesthetic and timeless appeal.

Key Track: “Make Me Glad”







Minerva Music Mixtape Starter Pack by Minerva Music (Link)
Released January 5th

Assertive and bouncy hip-hop full of creative beats and a charming tone, all firmly bolstered by the savvy flow.

Key Track: “Minerva Music” (







MPWRD by Mr. Black Mage (Link)
Released January 1st

Circular instrumentals teetering between experimental ambience and outre hip-hop, all built on a wide-ranging selection of samples.

Key Track: “Devil Music”







Roses Come In Multiple Colors, Violets Are Purple​.​. You Idiots by Scottie SixPack (Link)
Released January 1st

Dense and elastic hip-hop beat tape overlaid with verses from rap icons ranging from Biggie Smalls and Snoop Dogg to Kendrick Lamar and Common.

Key Track: “Change My Dear w/ 2Pac”







Rumors by Newscaster (Link)
Released January 2nd

Lo-fi krautrock with aberrant shifts and jazzy parts being fueled, almost compelled, by the post-punk grooves.

Key Track: “Acrylic Tuner”







The Company We Keep by Padfoot (Link)
Released January 4th

Bert Macklin & Maxine Caulfield approved emo rock that rouses and bulldozes with its enterprising tone.

Key Track: “Chloe Price Deserved Better”







This Is Not Science EP by Gemini Love (Link)
Released January 1st

Expansive power rock with a ruminating tone and reserved flair. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Needs”







Time by cron (Link)
Released January 4th

Ear-splitting house music with an ominous tone that cuts through the imperative dark party atmosphere.

Key Track: “Tilted”







Tunnel Vision by J. Clyde Morris (Link)
Released January 3rd

Lo-fi garage rock that breezes through a fuzzy collection of pop-rock melodies, bluesy jaunts, and glam rock avowals.

Key Track: “I Like Wat Ya Say”







Vita: il Significato Della Musica by Suvaditra (Link)
Released January 3rd

Scorching prog-rock relayed through a space-rock ambience that carries an urgent resonance, all enhanced by the talent bubbling underneath.

Key Track: “III. Realities Collide”







মশ্তিষ্কের কণ্ঠশ্বর | Voices In My Head by Tavishi (Link)
Released January 4th

Sprawling soundscapes built on droning tones & prudent sampling that textural explores the hostility of immigration and inclusion in today’s world.

Key Track: “Desert Mirage”







Whoozi D.I.S.K. EP by Don Camo (Link)
Released January 2nd

Recoiling hip-hop with a stomping presence enhanced by the polished & gliding instrumentals.

Key Track: “Whoozi”







0240 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released January 1st

The 60th lucubratory release from the prolific musician in the last year that still strives for blissful lucidity.

Key Track: “0240 Part II”









“1st & Main (Instrumental)” by Wolf (Link)
Released January 5th

Bobbing EDM instrumental from the ingenious mind of a talented producer.







“Blink Of An Eye” by Amalia Kondeti (Link)
Released January 1st

Marvelous pop instrumental built on a ravishing piano melody that’s augmented by prudent auxiliary tones.







“Effected (ft. DoubleR)” by $akchasa (Link)
Released January 1st

Twinkly grime with a tender piano melody and a effusive flow.







“Fireman (Flip)” by Help! I’m Stuck In The Computer! (Link)
Released January 5th

Structural hip-hop with a breezy flow and cognizant tone that’s endlessly charming.







“Girl I Like Ur Style” by Q U A N + $ E N S E ! (Link)
Released January 1st

Snapping hip-hop instrumental with a warm, poignant melody that’s instantly appealing.







“Good Measure” by LOS (Link)
Released January 3rd

A slinking instrumental with a resounding hip-hop beat enhanced by the murky, mischievous sample.







“Goodbye Sunrise” by Suvaditra (Link)
Released January 3rd

Surprisingly tender acoustic offering from an adept musician normally looking to fuse the prog and world genres.







“IONCARE” by 4notna (Link)
Released January 4th

Analoged rap track teeming with its lofty instrumental and mellow tone.







“Kenshin Freestyle” by tmdsni (Link)
Released January 3rd

Vociferous freestyle from a zealous MC proudly proclaiming his talent.







“Living Life” by James, The Younger (Link)
Released January 3rd

Dripping, bright tones contrast the curtailed tone of this reflecting track.







“LT (ft. Steph & Logic DaPoet)” by Heavy Gripp LT (Link)
Released January 3rd

A protracted glissading melody pushes this assertive rap track into remarkable territory.







“Patience” by xyeahmanx (Link)
Released January 3rd

Another soulful offering from the ruminating rapper that conveying a grounded, affecting tone.







“Pichu.” by Korporal K (Link)
Released January 3rd

A compelling hip-hop loop with soulful samples and a choppy, rousing rhythm.







“Right Off” by Cleophus James (Link)
Released January 5th

Garage rock instrumental with enough twists and turns to intrigue, and enough spirit and talent to impress.







“Sometimes (feat. Jabs)” by Chris Mattison (Link)
Released January 2nd

Poise and presence overcrowd the placid, soulful instrumental on this striking hip-hop single.







“Stockton (Joki Flip)” by Jōki 蒸気 (Link)
Released January 1st

A flickering and winding remix of Death Grips’ bustling 2012 single.







“Thru Tha Storm” by FLACCO (Link)
Released January 5th

Soulful rap single containing a forceful flow that cuts hard through the dazzling sounds in the background.







“Touch Of Magic” by Nick Scott (Link)
Released January 4th

A resonant hip-hop instrumental from the prolific trouper of Rosser Records.







“Trauma_Cell” by DEADGXD (Link)
Released January 1st

The prolific Hauntxd Trvp member returns with a spiritually inspired single highlighted by its gloomy trampling.







“Uproar Freestyle” by Ca$e Clo$ed (Link)
Released January 2nd

Overblown freestyle with scowling tone and searing flow that flaunts the MC’s talent.







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