Richmond Music Roundup: January 1 – January 8

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

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Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for January 1st for January 8th.




Air Travel by KING PALM (Link)
Released January 8th

Pristine synthwave with a clear sonic theme propelling each piece to memorable heights.

Key Track: “Journey”







Beatz & Skatez 5 (Vibez Only) by Dj Pooh On Da Trak (Link)
Released January 1st

Stylish collection of assorted, sleek beats by a prolific producer with a keen ear for trademark originality.

Key Track: “Smoked Out Windows”







Bittersweet by Lum (Link)
Released January 6th

Fragmented, but striking alt-rock record with a timeless underground spirit and unmistakable avant-garde tilt.

Key Track: “Bittersweet”







Released January 7th

Quilted electronica with experimental patches of ambient, synthpop, vaporwave, IDM, and glitch pop.

Key Track: “dense_fog”







Cren 2021 Beat Tape by Crenshaw (Link)
Released January 7th

Collection of eight beats written in 2021 from a creative producer pulling from the past and present to create something new and bold.

Key Track: “Late At Night”







Demo by Broken Charge (Link)
Released January 7th

Three grinding metal instrumentals make up the debut release from this new thrash group.

Key Track: “Ferocious Endeavour”







Demos, Out Takes, And Alt Versions, ’19​-​’22 by Dead Panda (Link)
Released January 5th

Previously unreleased tracks from the fuzzed-out desert rockers which continue the trio’s penchant for strident, driving breakdowns.

Key Track: “86’d”







Dogs And Children Are Fascinated By Large Jewelry by Lydia Hearst (Link)
Released January 8th

Awry collection of loose punk songs stitched together by acerbic lyrics and thorny vocals.

Key Track: “Radiate Decade”







Drink, Smoke, And Swear Like A Sailor by Big Loud Awful Sound (Link)
Released January 8th

Garage spin on lighthearted reggae that soars on its abundance of lyrical charm and musical vigor.

Key Track: “Sailin'”







The Famicom EP by KingNeerrrd (Link)
Released January 2nd

Short, whimsical three-song release featuring chiptune covers of internet favorite, such as Kelpy G!

Key Track: “Never”







For Forever <3 by A$4 (Link)
Released January 4th

Yearning plugnnb songs that weave through a wistful daydream of smooth R&B hooks and romantic intentions.

Key Track: “4ever”







GRRRginia by Quietboi Shy.Meek (Link)
Released January 1st

Tempered musical mania flows through this hip-hop record chockful of exciting musical and lyrical twists.

Key Track: “Bag”







In/After by The Heavy Air (Link)
Released January 7th

Impressive debut EP from a duo converging at the epicenter of emo, pop punk, and post-hardcore with a fiery sound.

Key Track: “Hope”







Janet by Vintage (Link)
Released January 7th

The sounds and artistry of Ms. Jackson’s 1986 album Control inspire, guide, and inform this EP’s collection of playful and expansive songs.

Key Track: “Tell You”







Live At Beale’s, September 25, 2021 by Cleophus James (Link)
Released January 7th

Live recording of an electric 12-song set from Beale’s Beer featuring the groups signature jam blend of psychedelic, garage, and fun sounds.

Key Track: “Dark White”







my heels will never be soft by dawnathan (Link)
Released January 1st

Spectral vocals float through the sparse arrangements on this affecting ambient dream.

Key Track: “Humana Ex Machina”







Oldie Moldie Goldie Demos by oopf (Link)
Released January 3rd

Four song debut from a promising group with one foot in jangly garage rock and the other in intimate bedroom pop.

Key Track: “Okie”







A Party To Remember Vol. 1 by Kaywan (Link)
Released January 1st

A melodic and fiery flow cuts the middle between the deep bass grooves and lofty glistening melodies of this six-track release.

Key Track: “Which One”







Rough Draft by Honest (Link)
Released January 5th

Rumbling lyrics roll through each track on this dusky, shrouded hip-hop EP.

Key Track: “Streets Cold”







Seventy7 by Black Cat Crosses (Link)
Released January 1st

A brisk, energizing joyride of gritty southern punk rock songs.

Key Track: “Safe And Sound”







Sonsy EP by A$4 (Link)
Released January 5th

A loose, off-the-cuff feel gives these lo-fi hip-hop tracks a smoother vibe than their party style rhymes imply.

Key Track: “Night Dash”







Star In The Making by Hollywood Chance (Link)
Released January 8th

Forceful hip-hop statement full of creative & fulfilling samples and a MC wild & crazy enough to match the musical energy.

Key Track: “Arriba”







Tribe 95 Collection Vol. 1 by Tribe 95 (Link)
Released January 1st

Dense compilation of hip-hop, R&B, and electronica from the canny collective that features some of the brightest stars in Richmond.

Key Track: “I Believe”









“Act Like Dat (Feat. Quando)” by Big Baby Stacks (Link)
Released January 6th

Glowing tones stretch out in the background of this melodic, questioning rap single.







“Big Daddy” by RVLS (Link)
Released January 7th

Cascading electronic roars combine for a hard-hitting dubstep track inspired by a surreal audio clip.







“Bookbag (Remix)” by 804 HELLBOI (Link)
Released January 1st

A persistent flow torments this remix of Bigkaybeezy’s 2020 single.







“Cancun” by oopf (Link)
Released January 3rd

Airy indie pop tune full of warm, catchy melodies that insulate a wistful lyrical core.







“D.N.A.” by PINOT (Link)
Released January 5th

Hard hitting bars provide an anchor to the twinkling synth sample on this surprising hip-hop track.







“Don’t Reach (Freestyle)” by Priceless Prodigy (Link)
Released January 2nd

Short freestyle snippet featuring spinning bars and stormy rhymes.







“First Battle” by Rva.Marlon (Link)
Released January 3rd

A towering instrumental built on ascendant chimes, raging percussion, errant sonic whispers, and a haunting digital melody.







“Frenesi Goin Dumb In The Gabbertrap (Remix)” by ARCHANGEL (Link)
Released January 3rd

A frenzied, shaking mash-up of Rico Nasty’s 2017 single “Party Goin Dumb” and Machine Girl’s 2014 remix of “Frenesi.”







“Fuck The Lease” by AB BADD (Link)
Released January 1st

Swirling bars bounce over a truncated horn and percussion sample in this wobbly rap track.







“Fuck Wit No Feelings (Feat. Test)” by Big Baby Stacks (Link)
Released January 6th

Sultry sounds and imposing bars petition for noncommittal harmony in this insistent rap track.







“Keeping It Real” by 804 Jay (Link)
Released January 2nd

Ruminating hip-hop built on a yearning guitar melody and fuzzy rhymes that speak to the struggle of authenticity.







“Lucky” by Drano (Link)
Released January 8th

A forceful instrumental march are led boldly by hardened bars on this determined rap single, a bonus track to the 2021 album All Money.







“Money And Power” by iLoveBlizzy (Link)
Released January 7th

A smokey instrumental drifts through the background of this knotted rap single.







“Pain (Feat. Shanemurda)” by Big Baby Stacks (Link)
Released January 6th

Blazing lyrics drive this therapeutic rap track with voltaic vocals.







“Paranoid (Remix)” by RDFRD (Link)
Released January 4th

A dreamy and reflective remix (or reimagination) of the 2008 single from Kanye West and Mr Hudson.







“Passing Time (feat. Korporal K)” by xyeahmanx (Link)
Released January 7th

Vibrant organ runs and raspy vocals countdown the seconds on this watchful hip-hop track.







“Recipe” by Mike Banks (Link)
Released January 3rd

Calm, jaunty acoustic track with a smooth, inspirational charm.







“RIP Sean Harlow” by 804Beats (Link)
Released January 2nd

Delicate strings ring out boldly on this passionate ode to a fallen friend (June 7, 1999 – December 21, 2021).







“SKRRT!” by 804GHIDORAH (Link)
Released January 4th

Stomping beats and darting tones combine with a caustic flow to make this shaking rap single.







“Slip Away” by Just Dean (Link)
Released January 6th

Awry piano notes trip through clacking beats and gusty atmospherics on this potent instrumental.







“Stay Together (feat. Phantom)” by xyeahmanx (Link)
Released January 7th

Steamy vocals unfold under the melodic covers of this balmy and sly rap single.







“Struggle” by Mainey Babyy (Link)
Released January 3rd

Diary entries turn into declarative bars on this assertive ode to the daily grind.







“Sunshine (Freestyle)” by xyeahmanx (Link)
Released January 7th

Gleaming tones ebb and flow over this pulsating rap plea.







“Tokyo, Paris” by King Kaiju (Link)
Released January 7th

Mellow yet invigorating rap single that uses Lupe Fiasco’s 2007 single as a warm, creative foundation.







“100 Baby (Feat. Test)” by Big Baby Stacks (Link)
Released January 6th

Impassioned hip-hop plea for truth and sincerity in the battlefield of love.







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