Richmond Music Roundup: January 12 – January 18

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for January 12th through January 18th.




After All by Night, Kid (Link)
Released January 13th

Guitar strums resound forcibly off the lo-fi recordings in this moving, assertive acoustic EP.

Key Track: “We Are”







Against The Fall Of Night by J Quarles (Link)
Released January 12th

Twenty-minute ambient composition capturing the wonder and sensibility of the night through field recordings & tempered tones.

Key Track: “Against The Fall Of Night”







Album Announcement Fail by Trauma Lavern (Link)
Released January 14th

Confounding release that connects punk, hip-hop, and electronica through an undercurrent of noisy chaos & impudent ingenuity.

Key Track: “Patriot”







AR-EP by Ruckus Aquinas (Link)
Released January 16th

Timely acoustic release answering the bleak demonstration with unifying activism. (Read more here.)

Key Track: “Newton”







Castalia by Castalia (Link)
Released January 13th

Wistful and expressive acoustic record that’s as lyrically dense as it is poignantly vivid.

Key Track: “Sing The Hits”







Computer Malfunction by Weeze_Juice (Link)
Released January 12th

Sixteen-minute composition focusing on the anamorphic levels of sonic deterioration through time.

Key Track: “Computer Malfunction”







Digital by SoundsBySoy (Link)
Released January 14th

Plush electronica with a robust hip-hop foundation that glistens in its cathodically sprawling pursuit.

Key Track: “Dancery”







Discovery by Poison Joy (Link)
Released January 17th

Avant-garde murmurs housed in drifting compositions that are decorated with capricious improvisational.

Key Track: “शतघ्नी”







Ether by Mark Morton (Link)
Released January 17th

Two covers pair with three originals on this delicate acoustic EP that flaunts the full range of its accomplished guitar & bevy of guest metal vocalists.

Key Track: “All I Had To Lose”







Good Times by hernon (Link)
Released January 17th

Radiant hip-hop tape featuring seven looping bursts that samples the wide range of classic music from art rock to soul.

Key Track: “Gas”







Handicap Paintings EP by Joe Norkus (Link)
Released January 17th

Austere power pop with a golden delivery reminiscent of the catchy pensive insight of New Wave and college rock.

Key Track: “Other Side”







If Not For My Demons (Original Motion Picture Score) by Jeremy Hook (Link)
Released January 18th

Gripping ambient score to Kenneth Ryan’s 2019 short film that offers up symphonic clarity & haunting realism.

Key Track: “Passacaglia Of The Pathologic”







Rage : The After Party by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released January 17th

Dusky vocals serve as an auxiliary instrument on this bustling rap record with a primal appeal.

Key Track: “Spark”







Rush Hour 420 – Li’s Locker by Koncept Jack$on x Heavy Slim (Link)
Released January 14th

Mostly instrumental beat tape fluctuating between grimey loops & soulful samples connecting the classic nobility with the modern underground.

Key Track: “Toad Medicine”







Solarism by MERCER (Link)
Released January 18th

Bright talent shines out of the dark techno swirl on this EP’s two adrenalizing tracks.

Key Track: “Chromosphere”







Stereoprints Of Home by LVTCS (Link)
Released January 17th

Dexterous emo rock overflowing with burning lyrics, stirring instrumentals, and purifying breakdowns.

Key Track: “ReContinued”







The ‘Burbs by Hazy Jay (Link)
Released January 18th

Sublime hip-hop carrying lively beats & captivating rhymes, all performed with surprising aplomb.

Key Track: “Better Off”







They Don’t Love You by Kaywan (Link)
Released January 12th

Impassioned rhyming conveys restless essence on this crooning hip-hop EP that’s poshly produced.

Key Track: “Murda Murda”







Untitled by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 17th

Grinding hip-hop spinning through overdrawn lo-fi beats & glitzy samples.

Key Track: “No Prolems”









“Alright” by 32Degrees (Link)
Released January 13th

Ariose hip-hop musings over a flickering beat & pensive back-and-forth string line.







“Azrael (feat. Young Czech)” by OSMOSIS (Link)
Released January 10th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Vibrant R&B swirling around the concept of closure through impassioned crooning & dizzying production.







“Back To The Basics” by TaeMovi (Link)
Released January 14th

Polished R&B track colored by warm, soulful piano notes that back up the inceptual lyrical tone.







“Broken Promise” by Shakeen Mclean (Link)
Released January 17th

Poised MC skills highlight this doleful hip-hop cortege with an affecting hook & direct approach.







“Calling” by Emma Rack (Link)
Released January 12th

A desolate guitar line marks this yearning hip-hop dirge’s affliction & appeal.







“Cloudbursting” by Philip James Murphy Jr (Link)
Released January 14th

Cleansing guitar instrumental performed with intimate care & sublime talent.







“Coming Down” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 16th

Trilling hip-hop instrumental with a lofty melody and excavating rhythm, leaving the core wide open for creativity.







“Cowboy” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 16th

Twangy electronic tones dart wildly on this idiosyncratic beat that’s both modern & futuristic.







“Crook” by Uitare (Link)
Released January 12th

Umbral rap track that grips & impels through a coarse drum-beat & sparse saxophone melody.







“Don Toliver” by 804E (Link)
Released January 13th

Sharp hip-hop track careening off deep rhythmic valleys with a persistent, cogent flow.







“Dozier Dozing” by Nick & The Twist (Link)
Released January 16th

Twilight falls on this bright instrumental strolling through its sonic borough & pensive bridge.







“Drugz” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 16th

Psych-rap instrumental with a reserved snap providing the rhythmic compass guiding the kaleidoscopic mood.







“Enlightenment Through Music” by OSMOSIS (Link)
Released January 3rd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Musical wisdom distilled through recoiling hip-hop and intoning vocals.







“Even On A Monday” by The Toastmasters (Link)
Released January 14th

Soul-infused chillwave instrumental that pacifies with rich percussion & ebullient electronic flourishes.







“Forecast (feat. Sab & Pseudo)” by 38KEA (Link)
Released January 17th

Confounding & soulful sound collage with a perplexing charm that borders on neo-musique concrete.







“Goin Crazy” by Cellus (Link)Released January 15th

Wavy synth tones modulate as triptych pairs in this somber rap plea.







“Green Tea” by RJ $tackhouse (Link)
Released January 13th

A low melodic simmer trickles out of this placid & lenitive hip-hop track.







“Guadalupe” by Angelica Garcia (Link)
Released January 17th

The ground breaks underneath this dynamic, empowering anthem built on assertive vocals weaving through a diverse sonic labyrinth.







“Hate Me Or Love Me” by Demond47 (Link)
Released January 14th

Frenzied bars emerge from a simple hook on this dizzying rap single that swirls through an aural fog.







“Hibachi” by Tru Nyce (Link)
Released January 14th

Parading rap track that firmly glides & flows overtop a faint melodic siren.







“January 10” by Adam Jackson (Link)
Released January 10th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Relaxed percussion punctuated by glitzy synth sounds that accentuate fluid, pondering bars.







“Jewelry” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 17th

Rabid & jawing beats fuel this hip-hop instrumental that sparkles in tone.







“Jumpin” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 17th

Bouncing rap instrumental that distorts a playful chiptune strain into a roaming trap beat.







“Life Exit” by Half Asking (Link)
Released January 17th

Haunting blackgaze with a methodically distressing melody underscored by an afflictive feeling of panic.







“Like Me” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 15th

Synth tones dressed in midnight twinkle in the vast sky of this fetching rap instrumental.







“LTD – Rocky Road Edibles” by BIGHOMIE$LIM (Link)
Released January 17th

A virulent delivery marks this portentous rap track with a swirling lure.







“Make U Mine (Sora)” by Yeahman (Link)
Released January 18th

Symphonic illumination blooms over rippling percussion on this inviting hip-hop track.







“Mia Khalifa” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 13th

Safe for work hip-hop instrumental with an ethereal sound & resounding rhythm.







“Mister Mosquito (ps2)” by M X 7 3 (Link)
Released January 17th

Insectile techno track that burrows deep with a buzzing ambience & prodding rhythm.







“Money Chaser” by Demond47 (Link)
Released January 15th

Twitching rap single with a distinct electronica vibe that contrasts a grainy vocal flow.







“My Fault” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 11th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Distressed hip-hop weaving through a pulsating synth cloud of reproach & regret.







“Naïve” by Adam Jackson (Link)
Released January 17th

Remarkably creative hip-hop track featuring sleek production that creates a dreamy club ambience.







“No Camp” by Will! (Link)
Released January 17th

A trio of sustained notes whir curiously in the background of this tenacious rap track.







“No Idea” by Ultra Kombo (Link)
Released January 18th

A patrolling melody commands this stately & oblique hip-hop instrumental.







“Oh My” by Sam Scott (Link)
Released January 17th

Funk instrumental built on a rootsy rhythm decorated with electronic arpeggios and fills.







“Out My Body” by Kay Mvla (Link)
Released January 17th

Windy notes & thin bell tones make an enticing melody on this pushy rap romp.







“Pharoah’s Wisdom” by Lil Steezzy (Link)
Released January 14th

Slithering, arid tones set the humid stage for this bristling hip-hop track.







“Playground (feat. Licui)” by Azlo Raps (Link)
Released January 16th

Striking hip-hop track that haunts with a shadowy hook & imposing flow.







“Refresh” by Brer Ap (Link)
Released January 9th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Bubbly hip-hop with a smiling charm that floats on a vibrant pipe melody and reeling rhythm.







“Rise Of Richmond Rap” by Radio B x Fan Ran (Link)
Released January 17th

Richmond’s rap scene is blowing up according to this elite & assiduous MC on this striking track.







“Shine” by Retrosphere (Link)
Released January 8th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Thorny prog instrumental with a jazzy swing that’s boldly sharpened by hard rhythms, madcap runs, & roving talent.







“So Strange” by GHOSTS (Link)
Released January 18th

A jolt of pure rock energy bursts out of the garage with sauntering wit & dancing rhythm.







“Some Niggas Try Not To Die But They Die Too” by LOS (Link)
Released January 13th

Daydreaming hip-hop instrumental that loses itself in the clouds of creative production.







“Take A Minute” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 16th

Euphuistic rap instrumental utilizing crowd shaking rhythm to rouse and excite.







“The Wave” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 17th

Rich coastal vibes chopped up and spliced into a swanky, enticing hip-hop instrumental.







“Totality (Reality Remix)” by akicita (Link)
Released January 17th

Spliced up samples drive this loose & nimble remix of Adriana Evans’ 1995 debut single.







“Uh (feat. FamouSavage)” by VF Shaolin (Link)
Released January 18th

A familiar sample flutters beneath this briery hip-hop track carrying a hardened flow.







“Untitled” by M4DF4C3 (Link)
Released January 16th

Grainy crackling revs itself up in this foreboding composition.







“Virgina’s For Lovers” by Lydell Williams (Link)
Released January 17th

Homestate pride beams out assuredly in this argent R&B track with a dashing groove.







“Wake Up” by Nick Scott (Link)
Released January 12th

Pithy pop strain made up of simple moving parts that are intricately & creatively weaved together.







“Welcome To My Party” by PhenomFromThe804 (Link)
Released January 16th

A deliberate instrumental contrasts with a feisty flow on this inviting yet surly rap track.







“Who Knows Where The Time Goes” by Mark Mumford (Link)
Released January 13th

Inspired by Nina Simone, this tender folk cover carries Sandy Denny’s signature song into a new, lofty decade.







“Will I Die Today” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 12th

Mortality dissected through lo-fi hip-hop musings that contrast with a dark flow & twinkling loop.







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