Richmond Music Roundup: January 13 – January 19

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A Long While by All Of The Sudden (Link)
Released January 19th

Idiosyncratic rock that ripples through twisty and shifty structures to deliver a sound that’s surprisingly engaging and appealing.

Key Track: “Grenadine”







Agua Ballads Vol. 1 by GAR$ON x Yung Slurpy (Link)
Released January 14th

Vivid hip-hop with lavish beats that are grounded by the direct tone and refined by the expansive feel.

Key Track: “Ocean Spray”







Angel by GAWD (Link)
Released January 13th

Existential angst deconstructed through abstract hip-hop over crumbly beats, sharp melodies, and candid words.

Key Track: “Doomsday Blunt”







Bounty by Patrick Toter (Link)
Released January 15th

Guitar theatrics over two songs that yield a surprisingly robust surf rock slant that’s endlessly charming.

Key Track: “Face It”







Cocoon by David david (Link)
Released January 14th

Abstract experimentations with a hard rhythmic slant that give this sonic exercise a hip-hop audience.

Key Track: “Columns”







Con Anima by Aidan Giuffre (Link
Released January 15th

Looped beat tape full of relaxing and composed grooves that are passed through a granular filter.

Key Track: “Light”







Demo by HotSpit (Link)
Released January 13th

Tantalizing three song rock permutation from Richmond’s latest surging and buzzworthy band.

Key Track: “Red Egg”







Demo by The Vertigos (Link)
Released January 13th

Live EP capturing a recent performance of a rising band sharpening their talent.

Key Track: “Zombie”







Farewell by GHOST (Link)
Released January 19th

Portentous rap record full of pulverizing beats, attritive rhymes, and pounding melodies.

Key Track: “Turn”







Fountain Of Uth by The Uth (Link)
Released January 16th

Vigorous rap music that swings hard through party atmospheres and brooding detachment with some canny melodies and beats.

Key Track: “The Wave”







Goliad by Kristeva (Link)
Released January 19th

Textural rock music that’s cathartic in its swirling grace and captivating in its technical prowess.

Key Track: “Goliad (Or, One Million In An Open Air Prison)”







Heron (Wrapped In Your Enveloping Patience) by Giugno (Link)
Released January 17th

Gorgeously dark electronic ruminations utilizing aqueous and feral runes to relay its absorbing sounds.

Key Track: “Showering Through Semitranslucent Glass And Steam”







Hi Pressure by Twin Drugs (Link)
Released January 18th

Sharpened shoegaze that aims to carve out the walls of dream pop to allow in plenty of noise and grunge to support its unique approach. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Even If You Are”







In The Dark by Totem (Link)
Released January 18th

Ravishing electronica that’s intricately layered to support both the rich vocal harmonies and the bustling undercurrent of despair.

Key Track: “Furniture”







Love Like Lust by Creeping (Link)
Released January 18th

Jumbled noise discord fueled by propulsive pulsations and colored by an ashen hue.

Key Track: “Beautiful Bracelet Body”







M4T3_S33K1NG_BR34TH by M4DF4C3 (Link)
Released January 18th

Bubbling glitch presentations that carry a rhythmic core and fractured soul.

Key Track: “SQU4T_T0RN_UND3RW34R”







Moments by Capture Culture (Link)
Released January 18th

Dual ambient movements that rise above drone theatrics with an undercurrent of musical wonderment.

Key Track: “Moment B”







My Sex Life Matters Not To Me by Black Liver (Link)
Released January 16th

Somber and elastic emo music with a displaced sound that enriches the rich lyrical tone and the canny melodic marvels.

Key Track: “Know You”







Nap City by Socializer (Link)
Released January 18th Demure rock music with a folk tone and slowcore appeal that’s deeply stirring.

Key Track: “Hey Nina”







Narcissistic Death by GAWD (Link)
Released January 13th

Tonal gravitas cuts through the abstract nature of this wildly experimental hip-hop record and makes it intriguingly relatable.

Key Track: “In My Bones”







One Man Band by Hundred Grand (Link)
Released January 18th

Reclining grooves and melodies help anchor the lofty declarations found in this impudent rap record.

Key Track: “B O L D”







One Way Trip by BADTRIIP (Link)
Released January 11th (Omitted From Last Week’s Roundup)

Smooth but thrilling hip-hop with a relaxed impact that comes through the stylish beats and oscillating flow.

Key Track: “The Grind”







Season by Skinquarter (Link)
Released January 13th

Metal and jazz distilled through abstract and noise compositions that yield a ferociously ingenious record.

Key Track: “Quarry”







Sweet Beast by Illiterate Light (Link)
Released January 18th

Long awaited debut EP from the alt-rock duo with a penchant for folk sensibilities that yields a striking and singular sound.

Key Track: “Growin’ Down”







Tha Bridge Strangler by DooF (Link)
Released January 18th

Peculiar samples and instrumentation give this skillful MC a slight noir hue and makes this record a strong notch in the rich discography of Gritty City.

Key Track: “Plates”







Tha Dank Tapes Vol. 1 by Django Starr (Link)
Released January 16th

Fluid rap that glides through a myriad of sub-genres on the back of a talented MC with a shrewd and broad musical palate.

Key Track: “Anxiety”







The Files by JamesbondKevon (Link)
Released January 17th

Two part rap affidavit with a direct tone that relays the MC’s sharp wit and ingenious phrasing.

Key Track: “File1”







The Heartbreak Tape by Lil’ Rose (Link)
Released January 19th

Tortured and confrontational R&B examining the complicated and raw nature of heartbreak.

Key Track: “Can She Realize”







Ugly Muscle by Ugly Muscle (Link)
Released January 14th

Pumping and throbbing punk songs that grind the memorable notes and words into pebbly noise.

Key Track: “P.U.M.”







Views From The Sticks by $LiiM Ace & KAMAKAZi¡i Kei (Link)
Released January 13th

Hard-hitting rap that grooves as much as it bites with discernible style and splashy bars.

Key Track: “Stiick Shiit”







0243 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released January 14th

Pensive musical beatitudes contrasted by a stark middle section that relays the formidable path that leads to true peace.

Key Track: “0243”







0244 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released January 18th

A 45-minute aural meditation through gorgeous soundscapes that shine as bright inward as they do outward.

Key Track: “0244 Part 4”







1hr Beat Challenge – Jan. 15 2019 by RVA Beat Challenge (Link)
Released January 15th

Shining example of Richmond’s talented producers, coming together to create unique and interesting beats in just 60 minutes.

Key Track: “Dale”









“All Girls Are The Same” by 804Beats (Link)
Released January 18th

Recoiling rhymes mirror the melody overtop a clapping and snapping beat.







“As Long As I Have You” by Dominic Chasse (Link)
Released January 19th

Imperative vocal compulsions over a gentle and familiar guitar sway.







“Asthma!” by YesJasper (Link)
Released January 10th (Omitted From Last Week’s Roundup)

An abrasively tuned beat provides a sweeping foundation for this sly & unsparing MC.







“Blue Wings” by Wild Nothing (Link)
Released January 16th

Shimmering and polished offering from Virginia’s resident king of orchestral dream pop.







“Boom Bap Legend” by Rocstagis (Link)
Released January 19th

A roaring rap assertion from one of Richmond’s most vivid and thrilling MC’s.







“Boss Moves” by Kidd King (Link)
Released January 14th

A boundless flow following a nomadic trajectory highlights this lavish rap track.







“Bow – La – Dank” by King Rich x Murrda Boo (Link)
Released January 13th

Hazy hip-hop performed through a dripping melody that stabilizes the grimey tone.







“Broke Boy Blues” by JAM (Link)
Released January 8th (Omitted From Last Week’s Roundup)

Destitution surrounds the words, but not the rewarding flow and cheeky melody in this rich rap track.







“Carousel” by Appeal To Heaven (Link)
Released January 19th

A dreamy amalgamation of musical passion expelling cathartic emotion through a swirling motif.







“Clippies” by artonthewall (Link)
Released January 16th

Spastic cadence and imperative words bolstered by a foundation of droning bass. (Read our full review here.)







“Come With Me (feat. Jigg)” by 804E (Link)
Released January 16th

Inflated and gusty melodies swarm around this persuasive rap track.







“ComeUp” by Uk_Mac (Link)
Released January 17th

Rhapsodic hip-hop assurance tailor-made for both hectic dancefloors and cathartic examinations.







“D.R.U.G.S.” by 804Beats (Link)
Released January 18th

Gliding R&B that croons and punctuates its message over a cursive instrumental.







“Dick In Her Mouth” by Hundred Grand (Link)
Released January 14th

Misanthropic confessions uttered through a twinkly and buzzing beat.







“DJ Mustard Type Beat – Friday Twerk” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 18th

A jazzy flute highlights this memorably thumping hip-hop instrumental.







“Dreams” by Kidd King (Link)
Released January 15th

A gushing outpour of emotion through a blistering hybrid of R&B and hip-hop.







“Dusty Jewels” by Dead God (Link)
Released January 15th

Dulcet string tones adorn this instrumental with tender, yet firm grace.







“Feel” by Ty Sorrell (Link)
Released January 15th

Complicated hip-hop empathy surrounds the swirling layers of prudent harmony.







“Flowerbox” by Erik Phillips (Link)
Released January 14th

Airy house music with a pastel melody that’s robust in its simplicity.







“Fuck You” by Gary Llama (Link)
Released January 14th

Impudent and cantankerous folk-punk from a prolific Richmond veteran.







“Girl From Focused Inquiry II” by Q! (Link)
Released January 16th

A playful yet booming melody gives this MC’s roving observations plenty of clout.







“Go N’ Get It Freestyle” by Young Kodeine (Link)
Released January 18th

Mellow and stout freestyle over Ace Hood’s tense and vibrant 2011 single.







“Guitar Rap Beat Insturmental – Kut Em Off” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 13th

A tender acoustic melody provides the backbone of this sprawling instrumental.







“Gummo Remix” by Yung Bomba (Link)
Released January 19th

A searing and alarming remix of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s 2017 single.







“Habit” by Kidd King (Link)
Released January 17th

Snapping hip-hop that leans and mounts through some slick verbal talent.







“His And Hers” by Uk_Mac (Link)
Released January 17th

A rap observation on the complicated conciliations of modern day relationships.







“Hitta I’m (Windows Down)” by 804Judean (Link)
Released January 19th

A rolling hip-hop marvel with a cleansing flow, inviting melody, and dazzling backdrop.







“Hold Down The Fort” by Young Kodeine (Link)
Released January 17th

The acrid flow guides the undulating music on this bright freestyle.







“I Love It Remix” by Yung Bomba (Link)
Released January 19th

Brazen and blunt remix of the blocky 2018 single from Kanye West and Lil Pump.







“I’m Up Now Freestyle” by Young Kodeine (Link)
Released January 17th

Fuzzy vocals peek through the ascending tones on this divergent freestyle.







“In Tha Cloudz” by JT Harris X Thirtytwodegrees (Link)
Released January 19th

A lofty aerial promise backed up by the fluttering cadence that carry these tight bars.







“Infinity Stone” by Awkward Shaman (Link)
Released January 14th

Sleek R&B that sees its timeless melodic appeal sashaying through a futuristic soundscape.







“Left Right” by Uk_Mac (Link)
Released January 17th

Brisk cadence applies to both the MC’s talent and this song’s rousing message.







“Leopold” by Ben-Oni (Link)
Released January 19th

A gushing lyrical flow contrast hard with the sustained notes filling the background.







“Let Down” by Sam Scott (Link)
Released January 13th

Illusory chillwave that breezes through the lucid beat with wispy talent.







“Let’s See It All” by Dominic Chasse (Link)
Released January 19th

An striking itinerant message shines bright in this rich folk track.







“Marvin Gaye” by Overbrook (Link)
Released January 13th

An intriguing jazz fusion sound that fits into the confines of art-rock thanks to its interesting recording and execution.







“Mercy” by Truly Everything (Link)
Released January 19th

Emo stripped down to its bare core with a rich acoustic sound supporting its lyrical authority.







“Money In The Bag” by 804 Wavy (Link)
Released January 19th

A teetering flow pierces the trembling beat on this nodding track.







“Money On My Mind Freestyle” by Young Kodeine (Link)
Released January 17th

Restrained but careening freestyle over Lil Wayne’s 2005 thumping single.







“Napalm” by 804Beats (Link)
Released January 18th

A delicate yet perilous instrumental zeroes on in the imperative tone of this chugging rap track.







“Need It” by Hundred Grand (Link)
Released January 13th

Assertive and suggestive words through a sloping tone over a springy beat.







“Nicole” by The Insect Club (Link)
Released January 13th

A prodding noise romp guided by a giddy melody contorted and enforced by its textural surroundings.







“No Wings (Live)” by Real Daggers (Link)
Released January 15th

Live recording of electronic detachment pursued through darkwave machinations.







“Obstacles Freestyle” by Young Kodeine (Link)
Released January 17th

Zippy freestyle that clears the hurdle with its relaxed poise.







“Off Da Meter Remix” by $tunna (Link)
Released January 13th

A chiming orchestral sound undercuts the gritty, grinding tone of this hustling rap track.







“Oj Da Juiceman Mob Ties Trap Type Beat” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 15th

Laser tones zip through this orchestral trap beat that’s richly layered.







“Oj Da Juiceman Trap Boss Type Beat” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 15th

Symphonic sounds housed within a tight rap instrumental that glistens as strongly as it bobs.







“Pain Run Deep” by Lil Coolie (Link)
Released January 18th

A swerving flow dashes through this profusive instrumental with a very grounded and august tone.







“Perfect” by GBT (Link)
Released January 14th

A booming rap broadcast split into two equally coercive parts.







“Rap Beat Instrumental – Red Kush” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 14th

A smoldering ambience swirls around this effusive instrumental.







“Real One” by RayRay804 (Link)
Released January 15th

Hip-hop sincerity explored through sparse words and a crisp piano melody.







“Reaper” by Bclai (Link)
Released January 17th

A bright melody cuts hard overtop the furtive beat in this hip-hop instrumental.







“Riot” by Trevor Lawson (Link)
Released January 13th

A frenzied and startling flow emerges proudly from of this lucidly chiming rap track.







“RN” by Kidd King (Link)
Released January 16th

A twinkling and bouncing rap track showcasing the depth and talent of this young artist.







“Roaming Around Freestyle” by Young Kodeine (Link)
Released January 17th

Gliding and declarative freestyle over Kevin Gate’s driving 2013 single.







“Rockets!” by YesJasper (Link)
Released January 16th

Consonant rap musings over a thumping beat and blissful melody.







“Running Up Da Check” by 804E (Link)
Released January 16th

A scampering beat provides a perfect foundation for this elucidative hip-hop single.







“Stagecoach” by JAM (Link)
Released January 18th

Old-school approach meets modern flair on this unassuming, yet memorable rap track.







“Tatt My Name” by 804E (Link)
Released January 14th

Fuzzy tones contrast the gleaming instrumental, all bolstering the declarative words and bars on display.







“The Lifting” by Julio Taylor (Link)
Released January 15th

A solemn melody is amplified and magnified through grandiose effects and marvelous talent on this astonishing instrumental.







“These Days (feat. ft. Jigg x Astylez)” by Acaprii (Link)
Released January 14th

A rap pendulum of bluster and skill over a punchy and vibrating beat.







“Tight Booty” by Hundred Grand (Link)
Released January 13th

A punchy and groovy beat constructs a lofty space for the reposed MC to work in.







“Touchdown Freestyle (Say Na Remix)” by LazahDaKing (Link)
Released January 19th

A gridiron and boastful remix of Moneybagg Yo’s 2018 single.







“Video Game Trap Type Beat – Savage” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 19th

Chiptune steps out of its shallow confines in this coercive hip-hop instrumental.







“Waka Flocka FL Studios 8 Trap Beat” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 14th

Chimes coordinate with stomp to galvanize this sharp hip-hop instrumental.







“Wake Up In The Morning” by Cellus (Link)
Released January 16th

A surprisingly rhythmic flow weaves in and out of the sharp beat with a striking tone.







“Walk (Remix)” by Vertigon (Link)
Released January 14th

A modulated remix on Comethazine’s bobbing 2018 single.







“What’s Wrong?!” by Ca$e Clo$ed (Link)
Released January 15th

Nuanced vocals loom large over this gothic rap track.







“2 Bodybags” by Breeze Money Mane 804 (Link)
Released January 17th

A caustic and bold take on MoneyBagg Yo’s recent hip-hop challenge.







“2010 Waka Flocka Flame Rap Beat – Pow” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 17th

Strobing sounds dazzle in this club banger of a hip-hop instrumental.







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