Richmond Music Roundup: January 27 – February 2

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@Appalachian South Folklife Center by Lobo Marino (Link)
Released January 31st

Captivating live performance of Richmond’s premiere world music group expanding on their best-known songs and some familiar classics.

Key Track: “Holy River”







Released January 27th

Emo-rap that abstractly yet judiciously defines ennui within reverberating hip-hop and trap instrumentals.

Key Track: “Wait”







Dimensions by Severed Skies (Link)
Released February 1st

Boundless synth music with threads of darkwave, industrial, aggrotech, and dancehall weaving together to create something grand and imposing.

Key Track: “Orbit”







Feind by Son Of Sam (Link)
Released January 31st

Intriguing hip-hop led by murmuring vocal tones that are enhanced by the nuanced production surrounding its estranged message.

Key Track: “2 fAsT”







Fuzztime by Plastic Nancy (Link)
Released January 27th

Hard psychedelic rock impressions straight out of the garage, with a slight touch of a nearby wave in the guitar tone.

Key Track: “Other Side”







Hold Me Down by Hold Me Down (Link)
Released January 27th

Foggy darkwave with a tangible industrial element that contorts and inflates each nebulous soundscape.

Key Track: “Decoder”







Hotel Kanade by Johnny Ciggs (Link)
Released February 1st

Soaring hip-hop finesse over some sleek production from one of Richmond’s most gifted MCs.

Key Track: “Hotel Kanade”







In Stride by Trick Dice (Link)
Released February 1st

Two song release with a electronic core that supports hip-hop leanings and experimental wandering.

Key Track: “In Stride”







It’s Brick Outside by Scuml°rd (Link)
Released January 31st

Short but rewarding beat tape that offers relaxing instrumentals for a somber season, all from the astute mind of this Latinx producer.

Key Track: “Coffee Stains”







I’ve Never Been More Aware EP by Keely Burn (Link)
Released February 1st

Snug folk-pop compositions with endearing melodies relayed through an idiosyncratic vocal tone that’s unpredictable and charming.

Key Track: “When I’m Acting”







Je ne sais quoi by Ro$$eTTi (Link)
Released January 31st

Conversant hip-hop with rhythmic grace, heavy rhyming skills, and shimmering instrumentals. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Solitude”







Kill The Druid by Kill The Druid (Link)
Released January 29th

Vaporous rock music armed with a shade of fog as well as a breeze of unpredictability.

Key Track: “Forest Floor”







Live Set – ICE Out Of RVA Benefit by Hunting Dog (Link)
Released January 28th

Live recording of a recent set by this ambient artist with a penchant for abstract flavoring.

Key Track: “Movement 2”







NBT (None But Trappa$) by CuzzoSlimm (Link)
Released January 31st

Phrenetic trap music that blazes through its deep beats with an ambitious drive.

Key Track: “Beat It”







Noisea by This Cosmic Everything (Link)
Released February 1st

Eclectic spoken word poetry over top noisy glitches and undefined piano jaunts.

Key Track: “What’s He Running From?







NOW Vol 1 by Black Liquid (Link
Released January 31st

A rousing collection of impromptu freestyles from Black Liquid’s ten years spent on the radio in Richmond.

Key Track: “BlackTop”







Seasoned Greetings by Squid & Krill Taylor (Link)
Released January 27th

Acoustic bedroom songs with promising harmonies and an undeniable charm laid bare by the vacuous recording.

Key Track: “Prove Me Wrong”







Showing Up by Victor Haskins (Link)
Released February 1st

Delicate yet robust free jazz that gallops around compositional liberty with surprising dexterity and endless charm.

Key Track: “Grey”







So High I Never Land by mmafpolo (Link)
Released January 29th

Sleek mixtape that streams its way through melodies and flows to land on something concrete and resolute.

Key Track: “Ride”







Soulphonic by Ohbliv (Link)
Released January 25th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Fiery soul jumps straight out of yet another spectacular beat tape from the acclaimed producer’s rich discography.

Key Track: “You Are Not For Everybody ”







The Importance Of (Acoustic) by McKinley Dixon (Link)
Released January 29th

Five song EP containing acoustic versions of songs from the rising MC’s two remarkable mixtapes.

Key Track: “Bare Knuckle”







They Cannot Scare Me With Their Open Spaces by Attack Art, Hurt Art (Link)
Released January 31st

Tempered and ripened rock music relayed through coveted punk tones and familiar folk structures.

Key Track: “François Truffaut”







Trasmograph by Tobasco Fiasco (Link)
Released January 28th

Avant-garde rock music housed in a sprawling composition that hops and skips within proximal genres to deliver something expansive yet resolute.

Key Track: “Trasmograph”







Trinity by Billy King (Link)
Released January 29th

Eager rock music housed within intriguing instrumentals flaunting a pulsating core of vibrant dexterity.

Key Track: “Keep Up”







Waves by 3NZ0 (Link)
Released January 30th

Lush electronic musings distilled through R&B and hip-hop intuition with some abstract leanings hovering nearby.

Key Track: “Late Night Drives”







Year Of Dead Panda by Dead Panda (Link)
Released February 2nd

Fuzzy hard rock rooted between hardcore and thrash that pummels overtop its disconnected phonic samples.

Key Track: “Subtlety & Delicacy”







0247 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released January 29th

Meditative ambient music with a tense undercurrent that resolves itself beautifully.

Key Track: “0247”







5 From The Closet: Vol. 1 by Chris Hale (Link)
Released February 1st

A collection of solo studio recordings dating back to 2002 that feature delicate & impish guitar work that rises above its folk foundation with modern flair.

Key Track: “Funky Plenty”









“All Day” by Ra$cal Grimez (Link)
Released February 1st

Grimy and punchy rhymes unfurl on this twitching and resonant rap track.







“Bahamut” by Nephilim (Link)
Released February 1st

Final Fantasy inspired dubstep track that clangs and bangs its way into dancehall lore.







“Boxing Ring” by Billy Bacci (Link)
Released January 30th

Breezy folk-rock tune that inflates with discerning musical fills and warming vocals.







“Cailou” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

The cheeky, bald-headed toddler provides the sample and base for this pointed rap confrontation.







“Can’t Stop Me (Remix)” by C-Nyce (Link)
Released January 31st

Unbridled rhymes flow out of this lofty remix of Jadakiss’s 2009 single.







“Carefree” by Auto RVA (Link)
Released February 2nd

Jaunty and rascally pop track that breezes by with its endlessly appealing message.







“Changed Up” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

A husky rap flow dusts itself off through this remarkably sleek instrumental.







“Click Now For Your Free Life Path Reading” by Help! I’m Stuck In The Computer! (Link)
Released February 1st

Euphoric electronic instrumental with gauzy instrumental lifts that illuminate the yearning core.







“D End” by Mars Khan (Link)
Released January 31st

Vocal defense that wins the game through its bustling flow and intriguing instrumental.







“Dark Knight” by Yung Kc (Link)
Released January 30th

Rattling rap track that offers a time dichotomy with the crawling beat pulling back while the fervent flow pushes forward.







“Do This Shit” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

Fuzzed out tones and a distorted loop mask distend the sonic space on this spurring hip-hop directive.







“FNAF” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

Protracted choral tones provide the foundation of this agitating hip-hop jangle.







“For The Clickk (feat. Westend Youngin)” by Therealkillaki (Link)
Released January 29th

Clamorous tones highlight this cavernous hip-hop single also featuring a bobbing flow.







“Gloomy” by JAM (Link)
Released February 1st

Classic tones turn ghostly over a riveting vocal flow on this eidolic track.







“Go Hard” by Tave Getem (Link)
Released January 29th

Sleek trap musings burst out on top of harmonic vocal lifts and a thundering instrumental.







“Groovy (feat. Larry Byrd)” by SlimRiq (Link)
Released January 28th

Twinkly tones hop in the ether of this cutting and billowing rap track.







“Gucci Gang Remix” by Yung Bomba (Link)
Released January 25th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Impudent and daring remix of Lil Pump’s iconic 2017 hit single.







“Horror Type Beat Instrumental” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 29th

Repeated organ tones give this phantasmal rap beat new life and spirit.







“I Know Why” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

Querying rhymes swell around the lo-fi beat on this thirsting rap track.







“Infamous” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

An extemporized aura swirls around this home recording of ardent rhymes over familiar beats.







“Infinity Of Now” by Yogamuffin (Link)
Released February 1st

Rubbery, profusive music supports a surprisingly grounded vocal flow and genial melody.







“K” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

A jagged deconstruction over the barbed and fidgety 11th letter within the context of hip-hop restlessness.







“Krown (feat. Dre King)” by Samurai Syd (Link)
Released January 31st

A hustling rap flow outraces the delicate instrumental on this remarkable rap single.







“La Vie En Rose” by Lucy Dacus (Link)
Released January 31st

Rousing. Soaring. Spectacular. Perhaps the best version of Edith Piaf’s signature 1947 single ever recorded.







“Low Battery” by Moss (Link)
Released February 1st

Electronic rock track with a dozen moving parts buzzing together to create something dashing and buoyant.







“Mama Remix” by Yung Bomba (Link)
Released January 29th

Boisterous and clamorous remix of 6ix9ine’s recent collab with Murda Beatz.







“Mazi (feat. TraiSwag)” by Kidd King (Link)
Released January 31st

Murmuring rap tones run rampant on this unbridled and surprising rap track.







“Millionaire’s Row” by Lil’ Rose (Link)
Released February 1st

Creative remix and imagined collab of Lil Wayne’s recent single.







“Mistica” by Aido (Link)
Released January 30th

Brisk hip-hop instrumental built on splicing and jolting a waltzy sample.







“Moon Rock” by Bclaii (Link)
Released February 2nd

Reverberating hip-hop instrumental with a call/response melody played over intriguing tones.







“Mors Voluntaria” by SEPPUKU 187 (Link)
Released January 27th

A subdued beat enhances the grimy ambience of this sprawling hip-hop single.







“Off The Map (feat. Amaha)” by Woo Dinero (Link)
Released January 28th

A dusky flute melody slithers under the exigent flow on this contrasting rap track.







“Out Of Time (feat. Tazz)” by Slaughta_RVA (Link)
Released January 30th

Wobbly tones bubble under this brassy rap track driven by a pushy vocal flow.







“Out The Pot” by JamesbondKevon (Link)
Released February 2nd

An intriguing twang sets the melody on this biting and impelling hip-hop single.







“Pikachu” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

An intoxicated instrumental and flow match the prescriptive abuse tone of the lyrics.







“Pre$$ure” by Fendi Flavor (Link)
Released January 27th

Gauzy hip-hop posturing over a shifty instrumental with some chirpy vocal moments.







“Pull Up” by Baraka (Link)
Released January 30th

Ambitious track pulling from alt-rock and hip-hop to create something piercing and galvanizing.







“Rap Beat Freestyle Instrumental – New Fire” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released February 2nd

An airy and disjointed sax melody give this trap beat a jazzy, avant-garde polish.







“Rap Beat Instrumental – Good Life” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 30th

A scratchy digital tone provides the melodic impetus for this gliding hip-hop beat.







“Rap Radio Friendly Type Beat – UK” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 31st

An eerie, buzzing melody hovers in the air of this intriguing rap instrumental.







“Real” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

Disjointed rhythms and filtered melodies offer a corporeal contrast in this gloomy rap track.







“Runnin’ Out (feat. Loser)” by LUQ. (Link)
Released February 1st

Reclined rap relayed through smooth snaps and a crisply harmonized vocal flow.







“Scumbag” by SEPPUKU 187 (Link)
Released February 1st

Thudding rap track with chimes weaving between the beats and brazen flow.







“Speak On It” by 804 Collective (Link)
Released February 1st

Prattling rhythms and brief symphonic tones bolster this furibund hip-hop track.







“Stop Hatin'” by Lil’ Rose (Link)
Released February 1st

An itinerant flow offers an irenic message over stomping beats and chirping tones.







“Superman (feat. Blaze)” by 804 Wavy (Link)
Released January 27th

Dauntless rap assertions under the guise of invisibility relayed through a cunning flow.







“System Error” by rabidmilk // 804 (Link)
Released January 30th

Short but copious ambient symphony with separate movements exploring glitches, loops, and grooves.







“Thanateros” by Hunting Dog (Link)
Released January 28th

Ambient instrumental that explores and dissects a melodic engine throughout its movements.







“The World” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

Protracted rhymes and melodies flow out of this drifting hip-hop song.







“Understatement” by King Zal (Link)
Released January 27th

Harmonized rhymes spiral over top of this shifty beat and polished production.







“Wat” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

A bellicose tone pops out of this urgent home recording.







“2012 Young Jeezy Rick Ross Trap Type Beat – Fa Da Lo ” by YoungRell804 Beats (Link)
Released January 29th

Clapback tones bookend the operatic phrases of this mantra-like beat.







“44 Xans” by Artonthewall (Link)
Released February 1st

Fuming hip-hop energy unloads itself on this springy and vibrant rap track.







“804 Pt 2 (feat. Father)” by Lil Otie (Link)
Released January 23rd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Elucidatory hip-hop track offering the identity and moxie of this young MC.







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