Richmond Music Roundup: January 5 – January 11

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for January 5th through January 11th.




Ain’t No Way Ain’t No Weight by Dameetis Brown (Link)
Released January 7th

Cagey hip-hop featuring a candid flow firmly prowling through gravelly compositions.

Key Track: “noname”







Ataraxy by Bee Boisseau (Link)
Released January 5th

Granular samples & textures give this hip-hop release a classic feel with a modern resonance.

Key Track: “Cheat Code”







Big No by Big No (Link)
Released January 10th

Aphotic rock that dazzles from beneath its shroud with fiery melodies & binding talent.

Key Track: “Pile It On”







Big Ups Remix Competition EP by AKRUX (Link)
Released January 5th

EDM release featuring six remixes of the same track, each with their own unique, voltaic spin.

Key Track: “Dark Mattah Remix”







Burnished Cortex by Burnished Cortex (Link)
Released January 8th

Searing noise-punk that embraces annular distortion in two separate, but equally imposing keys.

Key Track: “II”







Content Barrage 1 by NovedRemmah (Link)
Released January 7th

Compilation of all syrupy freak-pop tracks written and recorded in 2019 by the recondite artist.

Key Track: “Song 4”







Covers by Philip James Murphy Jr (Link)
Released January 8th

Two track release containing elegant covers of classic folk rock tracks recorded with tender grace & exalted sincerity.

Key Track: “Buckets Of Rain”







End Of Days Radio by Black Pop / Dad Mage (Link)
Released January 10th

Portentous release featuring creative soundscapes bouncing between ambient electronica and shifty hip-hop.

Key Track: “Spacey Lauren”







Fizzy Cola by Big Baby (Link)
Released January 10th

Saccharine melodies fill up this wonderful indie rock EP that goes above & beyond to keep twee relevant into its fifth decade.

Key Track: “Cherry Coke”







Freshman Year by Jane Migraine (Link)
Released January 11th

Magnificent bedroom rock that elevates from its enclosed space with lofty compositions expressing intimate desires & reflections.

Key Track: “Wallflower”







Gold Teeth​/​Fundamentally Different by Net Negative (Link)
Released January 10th

Two track lo-fi release featuring grungy melodies that serve as a great cross-section of modern rock.

Key Track: “Fundamentally Different”







ID Showcase 2019 by Nephilim (Link)

Released January 9th
Rabid compilation of 2019 mixes featuring slick EDM produced by a canny & cagey mind.








III by VV (Link)

Released January 10th
Art synth-punk bucking the notions of all three styles with a caustic sound fueled by raging technicality.

Key Track: “Spies”







Murda 1 by Murda Marc (Link)
Released January 11th

Splashy hip-hop that boldly careens through its grooving and reflective tracks.

Key Track: “OG’s”







MXC Winter Sampler 2020 by Henny LO x Mirtaw x Sycho Sid x Grt Sctt!! (Link)
Released January 9th

Ample hip hop appetizer from a rabid clique exploring brassy tunes with assertive rhymes.

Key Track: “Suspenders”







No Mercy by Tave Getem (Link)
Released January 9th

Street proselytizing hip-hop release flowing out over trembling beats with piercing words.

Key Track: “No Matter”







Poetry Acoustic Bongo Joy by Bat Synth And Tambourine (Link)
Released January 10th

Instrumental record featuring canvas compositions built around folksy percussion fit for candid poetry.

Key Track: “Somba Retro 80s Synth Bongo Tambourine 6”







Powerstep by Orisha (Link)
Released January 10th

Spastic electronic release with gritty & gutsy tracks all fueled by a classic Roland sound.

Key Track: “Lagonda Trot”







Rage by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released January 9th

Ample bass sounds crowd the tracks on this teeming and rousing rap record.

Key Track: “Limo Lover”







Should’ve Been An Album by Nakhee x Kayson (Link)
Released January 5th

Finely produced hip hop that smoothly flaunts its addictive melodies with effortless charm & rippling talent.

Key Track: “Luv Lottery”







Sides by Flvme Gvwd Ace (Link)
Released January 10th

A limber & dashing flow stands out on this record featuring a variety of sonic backgrounds, each rhythmically vibrant & melodically vivid.

Key Track: “Stain”







The Discard Pile by Weeze_Juice (Link)
Released January 5th

An absorbing & impressive collection of industrial-themed ambient pieces that evasively dart between conceptual songs & abstract collages.

Key Track: “4”







The Harmony Of Spheres by KT (Link)
Released January 10th

Circular accord is distilled through sublime soundscapes built on ambient textures, peculiar samples, and sly electronica.

Key Track: “Autoscopy”







Thug Tear by Big Kahuna OG & Monday Night (Link)
Released January 5th

Mellow beats carry potent bars & verbal memorandums on this rap album from Richmond’s elite.

Key Track: “Lymph Node”







We Are What You Eat by ONION (Link)
Released January 10th

Combative & impudent rock record that’s punk to its core while incorporating some strong overtones of sludge and hardcore.

Key Track: “Fuck 7-11!”









“A Lot Of Thoughts” by MAD Monty (Link)
Released January 10th

Reflective & assertive rhymes flow over this sullen and self-aware freestyle.







“A New Day” by Teon The Beat (Link)
Released January 5th

Glossy piano arpeggios breathe bright color into this whirring instrumental.







“All I Had To Lose (feat. Mark Morales)” by Mark Morton (Link)
Released January 10th

Effusive acoustic melodies enrich this tender & moving ballad positioned on the cusp of hard rock.







“Angelito Negro” by byanybeatnecessary (Link)
Released January 9th

Shadowy rap instrumental built on a spliced up vocal sample energized by its noodling melody & trap rhythms.







“Attic” by John Canada (Link)
Released January 11th

Springy string notes flit and flicker flippantly on this chipper rap instrumental.







“Bad Trip” by 804Beats (Link)
Released January 10th

Pop punk riffs string their way this lively, bobbing instrumental rap track.







“Bizzare” by Akicita (Link)
Released January 11th

Simple but rousing rap instrumental built on coiling cathodic notes that ring with sonic acumen.







“Born Into This” by Akicita (Link)
Released January 8th

Finely-tuned production yields this chalky and pleasing hip-hop instrumental.







“Bothsides” by BigSteppa2x (Link)
Released January 11th

Recoiling beats make up the sparse, driving melody on this sharp rap single.







“Brothers” by Yung Zlime (Link)
Released January 6th

Fraternal strength is distilled in this rap track featuring a breezy melody & imposing beats.







“Cannot Stop” by 32Degrees (Link)
Released January 11th

Modish hip-hop vaulting off its thumping rhythm with a modulating vocal line.







“Chalice” by Akicita (Link)
Released January 9th

Musing rap instrumental harkening back to soul outros looping through a lo-fi radio.







“Cock Ring Jones” by Ultra Kombo (Link)
Released January 8th

Hedonistic hip-hop featuring an anodic melody, pulsating rhythms, & a brief shout-out to the legend Billy Paul.







“Cold Blooded” by byanybeatnecessary (Link)
Released January 4th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Intensely colorful boom bap instrumental overflowing with subtle glitzy tones over a gentle yet firm rhythm.







“Cosmic Re Birth” by PXL (Link)
Released January 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Hip-hop instrumental utilizing a relaxed house sound to give life to its direct vocal samples.







“Dear Thot Bitch.” by LUQ. (Link)
Released January 10th

Distressed R&B vocals lament fiscal love in this detached melodic lark.







“Disconnect (Acoustic)” by Gravebound (Link)
Released January 10th

Spacious & intimate version of a blistering hard rock track tempered by its modulating journey.







“Disdain 2 (RIP Freestyle)” by Mavo (Link)
Released January 7th

Rhymes derisively ricochet over a throbbing beat in this imposing rap track.







“Distance (feat. Curt Cane)” by anxxiouswreck (Link)
Released January 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Mellow tones clear the way for assertive bars in this silvery rap track.







“Drip” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 11th

Yayue is yanked into the 21st century on this reverberating trap instrumental.







“Electric” by 804Beats (Link)
Released January 10th

Itinerate synth notes form a longing melody in this pensively moving hip-hop instrumental.







“Ethereal” by Arkitekture (Link)
Released January 1st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Glitch artillery unloads on this furtive and turbid electronic single.







“F.Y.M (Front Yo Move)” by TaeMovi (Link)
Released January 2nd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Cursory rap unwinding over relaxed rhythms, ringing bells, and errant samples.







“Fashion” by Dre King (Link)
Released January 4th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Swanky electronic tones construct a dancing maze of flashing hip-hop.







“Find You” by QUAN $ENSE! (Link)
Released January 8th

A sparse loop yields a relaxing instrumental that even sedates the buoyant rhythms.







“Flowers” by Akicita (Link)
Released January 9th

Delightful samba-canção instrumental with a slight modern twist & airy vocal refrain.







“Foyer” by Wild Nothing (Link)
Released January 7th

Opulent tones form arrestable melodies that fill up this sonic palace radiating with textural grace.







“Front Porch” by Nick Scott (Link)
Released January 10th

Sprawling pop ditty featuring rich production organically marrying a folksy message with an R&B swing.







“Getting Drunk With You” by Chris Barr (Link)
Released January 10th

Lo-fi country ode to intoxicated courtship fueled by a timeless shuffle and sharp twang.







“Harvest” by S. Preston Duncan (Link)
Released January 6th

An imposing soundscape reveals itself in this experimental song-poem highlighted by an apparitional vocal melody that’s striking in beauty.







“HD” by Mavo (Link)
Released January 10th

A frayed string melody provides color & direction to this frenzied hip-hop single bolstered by a pulsating rhythm.







“Hoes Be Lyin” by xxthealchemist (Link)
Released January 10th

A distressed guitar melody ripples underneath this inimical hip-hop mantra.







“Home Alone” by Fight Cloud (Link)
Released January 10th

Stately post-rock that gently utilizes the space in between instruments to prop up its ornate melody & slick talent.







“Hood Story” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 11th

Siren loops soundtrack the sonic cities in this scampering rap instrumental.







“Hot Foot Powder” by Mister Earthbound (Link)
Released January 11th

A thick bog of blues rock & psych overtones drives this torrid track. (Released as a split 7″ on Hypnotic Rhythm alongside SIBYL.)







“HotPocketNoSleeve” by AMQCATARACTS (Link)
Released January 11th

Meaty pastries & their nuking vessel inspire this surprisingly stout rap track.







“Iris” by Enzian (Link)
Released January 10th

Robust folk-rock track replete with rich harmonies, ample production, and exalting vocals.







“Know Me” by Ferroo (Link)
Released January 1st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Antagonistic rap track with a crisp, flippant rhymes flowing over a swinging instrumental.







“Late Nights (feat. ninetyseven)” by anxxiouswreck (Link)
Released January 9th

Reticent relationships distilled through melodic & combative vocals cutting through a hazy beat.







“Let Her Go” by QUAN $ENSE! (Link)
Released January 8th

The space between bass and snare is inflated on this billowing hip-hop instrumental.







“Lightning Bolts” by Yogamuffin (Link)
Released January 8th

Shifty composition that threads the needle between relaxed hip-hop instrumental & jarring EDM banger.







“Lilgotit Type Beat” by That’s Fuego (Link)
Released January 8th

Spectral hip-hop instrumental highlighted by an eerie melody crawling through the buoyant beats.







“Looking Ahead” by Teon The Beat (Link)
Released January 11th

Bustling guitar notes highlight this surreptitious instrumental with an enigmatic appeal.







“Make It Rain” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 1st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A simple, yet fiery guitar line gives life to this leaning trap instrumental with a deep reach.







“More” by Wellz (Link)
Released January 11th

Succinct R&B track that builds to an invigorating euphonic verse over a patient, somber beat.







“Motion” by Rad Win$ (Link)
Released January 8th

Hip hop kinetics distilled through a glistening melodic strain that illuminates in between expansive beats.







“Movement” by Teon The Beat (Link)
Released January 4th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Cracking rhythms let a subtle electronic strain knot its way through this polished instrumental.







“No Mask” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 1st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Layered tinny bells create a menacing atmosphere on this shadowy trap instrumental.







“No More Xanax” by Shinobi The God (Link)
Released January 10th

Bluesy electronic tones wobble lively on this abstinently driven rap track.







“Oasis” by Noah (Link)
Released January 7th

Disorienting anodic dance track convulsively seeking its sonic haven.







“Off Another One” by Sam Scott (Link)
Released January 7th

Sashaying rhythms and a bright flute melody engage in crisp call-and-response on this sharp rap instrumental.







“Paradise” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 6th

Breezy and brassy tones go tit-for-tat on this relaxing, yet shaky hip-hop instrumental.







“Pure Fuckery” by Akicita (Link)
Released January 8th

Sparkly tones clink avidly on this gleaming rap instrumental.







“Ratchat Intro (feat. Skuno Uno)” by SakchasinTM (Link)
Released January 10th

Silvery tones & brazen rhymes chirp out on this scuttling rap song.







“Real Friends” by xxthealchemist (Link)
Released January 10th

A droning string melody sets the stage for this trance-like rap diatribe.







“Release Me” by Matt Rooks (Link)
Released January 6th

An acoustic wave carrying a sense of encouraging liberation through laid-back music.







“Rene” by Akicita (Link)
Released January 10th

A subtle melody chimes behind a punctuated drum beat on this calming rap instrumental.







“Respect My 8’s” by QUAN $ENSE! (Link)
Released January 8th

Shroudy tones loom over a worldly funk beat creating an intriguing contrast on this slick rap instrumental.







“Revolutionz Pt 2” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 10th

Gnawing hip-hop rested on a subtle rhythm and narrow hum resulting in a harrowing tune.







“Rise Up” by Teon The Beat (Link)
Released January 11th

Animated instrumental built around an inspiring melody relayed through sparkling rhythmic tones.







“Rock The Boat (Remix)” by That’s Fuego (Link)
Released January 8th

A modern production spin adds to the searing nature on this remix of Aaliyah’s 2002 single.







“Rottweiler Smile” by SIBYL (Link)
Released January 11th

Psych, blues, doom, & hard rock swirl together to form this trudging, caustic musical twister. (Released as a split 7″ on Hypnotic Rhythm alongside Mister Earthbound.)







“Salad And Sluts” by John Newton (Link)
Released January 8th

Scenic stroll through a bluesy-jazz promenade with tongue-in-cheek subject matter.







“Show Out” by QUAN $ENSE! (Link)
Released January 8th

Pulsating rhythms pump out this skating instrumental decorated with terse rhythmic vocals & glissading tones.







“Sixth Sense” by Sam Scott (Link)
Released January 7th

Soulful guitar notes pensively ring out proudly on this husky rap instrumental.







“Sk8 Sensation 2” by QUAN $ENSE! (Link)
Released January 8th

A rubbery melody makes this clapping instrumental a jaunty downstep affair.







“Smooth 100s” by Ultra Kombo (Link)
Released January 3rd (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Drifting hip-hop track guided by financial pursuit and a snapping rhythm.







“Spontaneous Pt. 1” by Teon The Beat (Link)
Released January 1st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Musical fragments unfold in this stream-of-consciousness music exercise.







“Spontaneous Pt. 2 – Harmony Worship” by Teon The Beat (Link)
Released January 1st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Tranquil exploration stretched over an inviting instrumental with cleansing tones.







“Symmetry” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 11th

An unnerving melody stalks the jittering rhythm on this eerie trap track.







“Voyage 1” by PXL (Link)
Released January 8th

Cosmological ascent provided by an industrious and zealous drum ‘n’ bass track.







“Watch Me” by Elkridge Chase (Link)
Released January 7th

Club rattling party anthem built on an infectious holler chorus that would excel in any hip-hop era.







“Whiskey Altar” by Danny Kensy (Link)
Released January 7th

Country ballad in the classic sense relayed through a solemn drawl over burnished tones.







“Who Story You Telling?” by byanybeatnecessary (Link)
Released January 4th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Powerfully broad hip-hop instrumental with deeply moving rhythms and an reticent melody enforced by flighty & brassy fills.







“Winter” by Dog The Pilot (Link)
Released January 8th

Warm, breezy guitars fill up this billowing rock jaunt built on effortless charm.







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