Richmond Music Roundup: July 1 – July 10

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

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Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for July 1st for July 10th.




Better Than Good Enough by CPDAPRINCE (Link)
Released July 4th

Brassy collection of vibrant, stylish rap tracks with forceful bars and effusive tones.

Key Track: “Canopies”







Botanica by missingsky (Link)
Released July 3rd

Lo-fi beat tape inviting for any anxious listener and endearing for any wandering heart.

Key Track: “Nightshade”







D.A.W. by Ty Fundamentals (Link)
Released July 10th

Frenetic vocals weave through this collection of underground hip-hop tracks that often offers more than sounds for a dim club and gritty alley.

Key Track: “Live For”







Diplomatic Immunity: Graymatter Edition Disc 1 by GRAYMATTER (Link)
Released July 4th

Granular creative power yields a lingering beauty from one of Richmond’s premiere hip-hop artists.

Key Track: “More Than Music”







Escapism by mysterrite (Link)
Released July 9th

A deeply constructed album of crafty electronic pop songs that yield an immersive journey of melodic and lyrical intrigue.

Key Track: “The Lone Thread”







For Closure’s Sake, Vol. 1 by HassanxNaji (Link)
Released July 2nd

Laid back beat tape with warm loops and genial percussion directed by a sharp production ear.

Key Track: “Dawn”







Live At The Swamp Summer Concert ’21 by Dead Panda (Link)
Released July 5th

Eight track live recording from the caustic punk band’s recent set at July 4th’s Swamp Summer Concert.

Key Track: “Sick”







A Moment In Time that Always Happens by Benjamin Mauch (Link)
Released July 2nd

Beautifully constructed compositions from a virtual orchestra that extends past ambience into the chamber with notes of Neoromanticism and New Simplicity.

Key Track: “Shallow History”







Over Again, Meanderings by Maria Snell-Feikema (Link)
Released July 8th

One bedroom folk & one dream pop tune with a wispy, obscured voice that paints the inner ether with dulcet secrets.

Key Track: “Mistake”







Resident Crustodian by Crustodian (Link)
Released July 8th

Brusque and terse hardcore punk from a phrenetic quartet with a knack for raw appeal.

Key Track: “Isotopes”







Richmond Gas by NDEFRU & Fan Ran (Link)
Released July 1st

A handful of Richmond’s elite hip-hop MCs and beatmakers converge on this engrossing celebration of VA’s legalization day.

Key Track: “Jet Fuel”







A Room Adrift (6X6) by Stephen Vitiello (Link)
Released July 2nd

Thirty minute ambient composition that patiently builds, stretches, and plays with musical and melodic tension in a stripped down environment.

Key Track: “A Room Adrift (6X6)”







Royalbaby EP by Royalbaby (Link)
Released July 4th

Effusive pop compositions distilled through modern productions while still keeping their glowing core and puckish spirit.

Key Track: “Selfish Ways”







Something We Believe In by Lonely Rooms (Link)
Released July 2nd

Sensational folk music with a glowing core that engulfs the listener with its inspiring ideology through dazzling tones and yearning words.

Key Track: “Something’s Got To Give”







Sound Check by Rah Scrilla x Profound79 (Link)
Released July 7th

A seven track dazzling heat check masked as an innocent sound check.

Key Track: “Shimmer”







Tiny Lights by Tiny Lights (Link)
Released July 2nd

Rosy rock and roll from a sharp power trio with a penchant for strong hooks and lively sounds that are bolstered by slick lyricism.

Key Track: “When I Was You”







You Freak Me Out by gnawing (Link)
Released July 9th

An exhilarating whirlwind of crunchy garage rock that wears its 90s underground influence proudly yet still reaches for something new… and grabs it triumphantly.

Key Track: “Swimming Pool”








“All Fall Down” by Sha Da Wondah (Link)
Released July 2nd

Warm, sleek bars flow out splendidly over this snug hip-hop song.







“Blue Hunnids” by TaeMovi x G Grimey (Link)
Released July 5th

Careening cathodic tones circle this vaunting yet tempered rap track.







“Cobra” by Riggz x muRTAH x F.O.U.R. (Link)
Released July 8th

A trio of electric MCs trade bars overtop a jarring buzzer that commands and earns attention.







“DirtySineCreeper” by Dust (Link)
Released July 2nd

Sprightly instrumental highlighted by a fluttering melody weaving through a dubstep beat.







“End Of Discussion” by Lil 804 x TSB JO (Link)
Released July 10th

Sprightly rap track perfect for fans of late 2000s R&B and electropop.







“Flatline” by John Sykes (Link)
Released July 6th

A cagey interpretation of the static end to modern mortality.







“Flawless” by John Sykes (Link)
Released July 6th

Playful snare hits pepper this scheming and twisty rap instrumental.







“G Shit” by John Sykes (Link)
Released July 6th

A spliced up piano melody gives a fractured appeal to this shaking hip-hop instrumental.







“Get Away” by Mello (Link)
Released July 6th

Absconding feelings flow out feverishly over this longing track.







“Get It And Go” by YourMomsFavPlug x LDP Pari$ (Link)
Released July 1st

Piano notes descend in a scuttling furry quietly behind a fuzzed out hip-hop assertion.







“Getting To It” by Precise Himself x 804DOUGH (Link)
Released July 8th

Rabid bars gnaw at a brawny and sturdy hip-hop beat.







“GOTY 2” by VA Pete (Link)
Released July 1st

Stuttering percussion accents a smooth flow of barbed rhymes.







“Greedy” by Dobetterwill (Link)
Released July 8th

Caustic bars dart wildly through the strobe notes on this flickering rap track.







“Handsome” by derm (Link)
Released July 8th

Steel drum notes and a crackling beat dance in the background of this gasconading track.







“Heater” by Mello x RVA Noise (Link)
Released July 7th

Spurned animus drips over the cascading strings on this hip-hop grudge.







“I Like Flutes, But Not Like This” by Civil Service Exam (Link)
Released July 4th

An irregular & foreboding drumbeat informs this sparse & jagged ambient twelve minute movement.







“Its Your World” by The Survivalists x Gypsy Rose (Link)
Released July 8th

Polished hip-hop that lingers in your head with flavors of classic boom bap and memorable alternative rap.







“IWSWWI” by TaeMovi x G Grimey (Link)
Released July 5th

R&B and synthpop notes fill the ether of this crackling hip-hop plea.







“Menace4L” by TaeMovi x G Grimey x AlaCoppin (Link)
Released July 5th

Deceptively clever track that merges a bobbing beat, wispy flute melody, and weaving rhymes into something illusive and buoyant.







“Midas Touch” by Almighty Sonoxo (Link)
Released July 10th

Unremitting rhymes unfurl over a soulful loop in this pertinacious track.







“Phone Ring” by EZ Longway x Mack Ben Widdit (Link)
Released July 1st

Rolling reminiscence spurned on by a familiar ring and wheeling backing track.







“Quiet Storm” by Riggz x muRTAH x Analyzz (Link)
Released July 8th

A pensive instrumental tempers the hip-hop fire roaring through a stylish flow.







“Red Dot” by YoungLurk x Lil804 x Bape Draco (Link)
Released July 6th

Thudding bass looms over a shaking beat while a trio of defiant MC unleash peculiar bars.







“Relax” by John Sykes (Link)
Released July 6th

Drafty digital notes boundy all over this throbbing rap instrumental.







“Remember” by 53rdMinute x 804Queezy (Link)
Released July 9th

Glowing tones skip melodically behind erupting beats and head-bobbing flows.







“Richmond26” by GOODE! (Link)
Released July 3rd

Sportive hip-hop instrumental with a elastic notes providing a festive looped melody.







“Rick And Morty” by OG DustyDick x 804YungMari (Link)
Released July 1st

An unrelenting MC powers through this thumping track of little relation to fans of Mr. Meeseeks.







“Savage” by John Sykes (Link)
Released July 6th

Ruminating hip-hop instrumental built on a snapping beat that underscores a solemn, fuzzy melody.







“See Me Now” by Sha Da Wondah (Link)
Released July 9th

Surreptitious rap track with an absorbing beat & melody directed by a tenacious MC.







“Show No Love” by 4Brotuu (Link)
Released July 10th

Gular vocals inform the reverberating flow of this granular rap track.







“Spaceship” by BIGHOMIE$LIM (Link)
Released July 1st

Roaring bars explore the innerspace of this thundering hip-hop track.







“The Chase” by Richmond John (Link)
Released July 3rd

Auspicious country tune with a sober melody contrasting lyrics full of hope and admiration.







“Too Up” by Mello (Link)
Released July 10th

Antsy hip-hop track examining overwrought thoughts over a meditative melody.







“Who Am I” by Rodney Stith (Link)
Released July 2nd

Classic soul fuels this melodic journey of self-discovery full of vocal poise and passion.







“Who Gone Stop Me” by Jrob.804 (Link)
Released July 8th

Thermionic vocals twist around a pulsating hip-hop quake.







“804th Of July” by ODIATO (Link)
Released July 4th

Local spin on a national holiday provides the inspiration for this lurching hip-hop trek.







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