Richmond Music Roundup: November 11 – November 17

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Abstract Motion by VonnBoyd (Link)
Released On November 13th

Stirring electronica instrumentals rich with atmospheric ambience and playful tangents that are intriguingly colorful.

Key Track: “Timelapse”





Anonymous by A Step Below (Link)
Released On November 13th

Rock music caught between the appeal of hard rock and contemplation of alternative, all bolstered by a surprisingly rich bass-heavy sound.

Key Track: “Slightly”





Antiphone by Trey Pollard (Link)
Released On November 16th

Stirring contemporary chamber arrangements built around tense movements that resolve in harmonious clarity. (Read our interview with Trey Pollard here.)

Key Track: “8 Pairs: Fugue IV. Very Fast”





Bonjinski by Bonjinski (Link)
Released On November 17th

Heavy rock release featuring two songs: one with a direct discharge and the other with a more abstract, almost chaotic release.

Key Track: “Stop Lighting The Audience”





Demos by Brain Drain (Link)
Released On November 12th

Pristine garage rock full of stylistic dynamism and X factor charm. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Bitches And Stitches”





Detestations by MUTWAWA (Link)
Released On November 12th

Cacophonous experimental electronica, split up into two movements with the first half jarring the listener and the second half inspiring.

Key Track: “Part 2”





Funnel by Hankychief (Link)
Released On November 11th

50 track release full of fragmented experimentation that explores soundscapes with a terse blueprint and clever mindset.

Key Track: “False”






Party Up Pokemon by DJ Mordecai (Link)
Released On November 15th

Two song release featuring instrumental covers of DMX and the Pokemon anime theme, all set to some odd, yet spectacular instrumentation.

Key Track: “Party Up Break”





Pascano Suites At Volterra by GAR$ON (Link)
Released On November 11th

Chillwave hip-hop instrumentals with a polished sheen and plenty of surprises (including some familiar video game samples).

Key Track: “Plenty More”





Permanent Tableau, Unabridged by David David (Link)
Released On November 13th

Hermetic glitch ponderings with shades of neurohop and breakbeat, but a devotion to sample degradation and manipulation.

Key Track: “Dome”





Petrified Entity by Petrified Entity (Link)
Released On November 13th

Pulsating two song release that returns to the post-punk roots of darkwave and goth rock, while modernizing it with bold synths and haunting samples.

Key Track: “Ad Noctum”





Pure Gold 4 by allenANALOG (Link)
Released On November 15th

Beat tape boasting a relaxed ambience, smooth rhythms, and a silky feel. Perfect for the exuberant overlap between hip-hop and R&B.

Key Track: “Reviving Old Love”





Rave Warning by Ethan Glass (Link)
Released On November 13th

Viscous EDM overflowing with rave beat drops, surreal samples, and bombastic rhythms. A faithful cross between dubstep and acid house.

Key Track: “DandyFlip”





What Isn’t Embarrassing? by Lowry (Link)
Released On November 12th

Drum machine fueled guitar shredding that seem attempted as musical sprints helping to train for a future sonic marathon.

Key Track: “Shredding In The Name Of”





Windfalls by bbw (Link)
Released On November 15th

Sobering music that flits with lo-fi and slowcore by showcasing austere songwriting and resonating instrumentation.

Key Track: “Molly”





2018 Demo by Delicate Whip (Link)
Released On November 12th

Thundering rock instrumentals capable of glistening with a glossy finish or pummeling with a stubborn onslaught.

Key Track: “Everything Fucks”





III: Nocturne by Rack SquareSoft (Link)
Released On November 17th

Vaporwave hip-hop with extraterrestrial soundscapes and luxated atmospheres all grounded by the idiomatic rapping.

Key Track: “Forever”







“The Boy Who Swallowed The Sea” by Half Asking (Link)
Released November 16th

Delicate and mournful instrumental that’s contorted and distorted through sampling and reverb. (Read our full review here.)





“(Dys)Functional” by Max Light (Link)
Released November 13th

Agitated soundscape that slowly builds its apprehension with sinister intensification.






“No 1” by Opin (Link)
Released November 16th

A gripping electrorock groove featuring hazy melodies and even a spirited jazz section. (Read our full review here.)






“Radiation” by The Pioneers (Link)
Released November 11th

Minimalist chip tune with a distended melody and fractured rhythm.






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