Richmond Music Roundup: November 18 – November 24

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Blue Ether Sound by NDEFRU The Player Day (Link)
Released November 23rd

Hip-hop that calls back to the golden age with its ever-flowing cadence, but grounds itself in the present with its polished, modish production.

Key Track: “No Modesty”





Both Ends by Terrific Liar (Link)
Released November 20th

Terse, lo-fi release that rings with a beguiling concave tone and a surprisingly resolute message

Key Track: “Vigil”





Fount Of Every Blessing by Molasses (Link)
Released November 23rd

Experimental release that plays along with noise manipulation, tonal exploration, and compositional degradation.

Key Track: “Sistern”





Futility by Wess (Link)
Released November 23rd

Gloriously emotive electronica that briefly alludes to a dark undercurrent, but mostly displays wide-eyed expressionism.

Key Track: “Futility”





God Flow Vol 2 by Rocstagis (Link)
Released November 24th

Bombastic beat tape that’s deeply creative and rhythmically compelling.

Key Track: “Yemeya 82bpm”





Heavy Mistress by Heavy Mistress (Link)
Released November 21st

Industrial experimentation that returns to the erratic and cryptic root of the sound while shying away from the rock infusion of the ’90s.

Key Track: “Irreversible”





Peaking by Escort Service (Link)
Released November 22nd

Two song glitch electronica release that’s hypnotically jarring and melodically distorted.

Key Track: “Cash Fetish”





Sudadera Amarilla by Scuml°rd (Link)
Released November 23rd

Multifaceted beat tape compiled from Latinx influences and other-worldly imagination.

Key Track: “Leaky Roof”





Underage Thinking by Skumboyz (Link)
Released November 19th

Eruptive hardcore thrash more preoccupied with ideological venting than musical friction.

Key Track: “Crucifixated”





Untitled by Dry Swallowing Painkillers (Link)
Released November 16th (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

Two-song release featuring a ten minute wall of noise offered through different doses, one of which is eerily calming.

Key Track: “40 Milligrams”





Where The Tragic Happens by Pleasuremad (Link)
Released November 23rd

Robust songwriting run through the filters of polished psychedelic, dancy college rock, and Kevin Barnes-esque glam rock, all of which just magnetic.

Key Track: “Words For A Poet”





0236 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released November 18th

Another wildly intricate and deeply moving composition from a prolific musician focused on mediation and armed with ingenuity.

Key Track: “0236”





11/18 by Snugg Robinson (Link)
Released November 19th

Hip-hop with smooth, punctuated rhymes overtop deep, soulful beats, all of which lines up nicely with the Scram Jones, RZA, and Mathematics discography.

Key Track: “Spring Cleaning”







“Drifting” by Manatree (Link)
Released November 19th
(Omitted From Last Week’s Roundup)

Lush electo-rock that beautifully creates space between the notes & tones. (Read our full review here.)






“louisa” by ben madlinger (Link)
Released November 23rd

Poised minimalism armed with knotty harmonies and a deeply profound message. (Read our full review here.)






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