Richmond Music Roundup: November 25 – December 1

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Barb + James 4ever by AGNARKEA (Link)
Released November 30th

Instrumental release with a fuzzy hip-hop foundation that supports some intriguing experimental & psychedelic wanderings.

Key Track: “psy SE”






Boy Of Ignorance by Modern Flower (Link)
Released December 1st

Avant-garde dissemination of an assortment of sonic & lyrical ideas, all set across a backdrop of caustic & nomadic tones.

Key Track: “Blissful Dream”






Creature by bigdummybeatz (Link)
Released November 29th

Melodically charged beat tape with robust rhythms and intrinsic blueprints for creative vocals and lyrics.

Key Track: “Soil”






Released November 26th

Latest release from the Haunted Trap collective. Grimey hip-hop with a sludgy flow and reverberating beats.

Key Track: “Sippin”






Discern by Having Keepstake (Link)
Released November 30th

Dusky rock amalgam rich with grunge ambience, emo expression, post-hardcore breakdowns, and indie rock design.

Key Track: “Self Wrecked”






Eclectic Binary Singles 1.0 by Rene Franco (Link)
Released November 28th

Two song instrumental release from the mastermind behind Citrus City that’s organically personal despite its allusive inorganic creation.

from an inorganic source.

Key Track: “Mean Machines”






Emergency Circus by Ethel Scout (Link)
Released November 27th

Gripping rock music with an ossified alt-rock frame encased within an expansive dream pop spire. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Lamp Post”






Experimental Practices by This Cosmic Everything (Link)
Released December 1st

Ambient experimentation that revolves around a spire of spoken word observations that are deeply fascinating.

Key Track: “The State (Of A) Fair”






The Fall Of Autumn And Spring by McKinley Claire (Link)
Released December 1st

Vaporous acoustic compositions overflowing with provocative lyrical examinations and dexterous musical execution.

Key Track: “Jesus Was Nothing Without Nails”






Jams From Years Past by Suvaditra (Link)
Released November 26th

Progressive rock release that’s explores technicality through the lenses of world music ambience and avant-garde structures.

Key Track: “Drowning Meadows”






Kingdom Heaven by Alex Mejias (Link)
Released November 30th

Majestic modern day worship music expertly supported and propelled by a lavish R&B sound. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Beams Of Heaven”






Life Of The Party by Kyle Flanagan (Link)
Released December 1st

Diffusive two song release containing experimental noise rock dissected through abstract deteriorations.

Key Track: “Standing In Reverse”






Noise Rock Romantic by Rest Your Head (Link)
Released November 28th

Recondite two song release that succeeds in subverting as much as it disconcerts, for a jarring yet broadening listening experience.

Key Track: “(Notes Scribbled In The Margin)”






The Orchid by James Tuck (Link)
Released November 30th

August piano confessionals fleshed out by weary subject matter and emo timbre, all presented through the classic style of singer-songwriter.

Key Track: “Dust”






Polonaise by Tater Fraterabo (Link)
Released November 25th

Fragmented confessionals spliced up with malfunctioning noise and fuzzed out overdrive.

Key Track: “A March Like Dance Chopin Show”






Rape Of Earth by Twin Aperture (Link)
Released November 27th

Jarring noise catharsis fully fleshed out until the disturbing becomes the affirming.

Key Track: “Death Of Future Prospect”






Safo Single, Rough Mix by Safo (Link)
Released November 29th

Concise two song release designed with lo-fi aesthetics and populated by silky layering and poignant vocals.

Key Track: “Virgo Moon”






Wanderers by Captive (Link)
Released November 28th

Progressive rock with familiar overtones of modern day post-hardcore inflated by the lavish, atmospheric soundscapes.

Key Track: “Sunder”






The Way We Go by Alice And The Reverie (Link)
Released November 22nd (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

Airy rock music with gauzy melodies and conversant instrumentation that’s presented in shades of southern rock, slowcore, twee, New Wave, and alt-rock.

Key Track: “Midnight Hour”







“Arise” by King Gid30n (Link)
Released November 28th

Towering fifty minute musical journey that wanders through the landscapes of ambience, psychedelica, trance, world music, and even glitch.







“Boulevard Of Debt And New TVs” by Young Kyle (Link)
Released November 26th

Pulsating trap song that effortlessly enhances the groove, even while subverting the sonic premise.







“Can’t Deny” by Eugene Batiste (Link)
Released November 26th

Deeply bountiful soul instrumental with a memorable groove that’s endlessly relaxing.







“Deathwatch” by Send A Raven (Link)
Released November 28th

Acerbic metal single heavily armed with rap-distorted verses and a feverish chorus.







“Fo’ Shiggity” by Hit Clique (featuring Dutch, Blu 22, B.O.G., & Tez) (Link)
Released November 29th

Throbbing and declarative hip-hop fueled by Jules Winnfield rhetoric and biting commentary.







“F##k Trying” by 804-E (featuring Slick Coup) (Link)
Released November 29th

Rippling hip-hop single with an urgent cadence and galvanizing message.







“G Shit” by Flacco (Link)
Released November 24th

A dark, chiming hip-hop deliberation featuring a commanding flow that orates proudly over a model beat.







“Going Bad (Remix)” by Cadillac CAT (Link)
Released November 30th

A ravenous flow overtakes this local reimagination of Meek Mill’s blazing new song.







“Hot Like Soup” by Will Steezy! (Link)
Released November 30th

Smooth, yet punctuated words over a reclined rhythm perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.







“Huh Cut Off” by LilWhoadiiee (Link)
Released November 23rd (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

An unlikely sample opens up this surprisingly agile single that feels tonally colloquial yet sonically estranged.







“JoPeche Mode” by Discrot (Link)
Released November 27th

Cheeky electronic tune with a cyclical melody and frantic rhythmic counter-melody.







“Imstillinrichmond Freestyle” by LilWhoadiiee (Link)
Released November 23rd (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

A local affirmation espoused over an earsplitting rhythm that makes it all compelling & coercive.







“Legend” by Chevaux (Link)
Released November 25th

Bouncy single with some intriguing lyrical groupings that fuel the confident commentary.







“Letter To The Fans” by odysseas (Link)
Released November 29th

Perplexing flow and deeply personal subject matter effortlessly glide overtop this melodically guarded instrumental.







“Love 1.0” by jooviemuzik (Link)
Released November 28th

An Afro-Latin rhythmic touch bolsters the fuzzed-out conversational tone of this memorable single.







“Money Count” by Young Kodeine (Link)
Released November 26th

Electronic-tinged vocals unfold overtop this subtle, yet voltaic rhythm.







“Mule Kick” by Richie Dtn (Link)
Released November 30th

Reposed affirmation propelled by a rich rhythm that’s soulfully charged and vibrantly explored.







“No Analog” by RVA Sha (Link)
Released November 25th

A nimble piano melody is warped by a thundering rhythm and a brisk cadence in this clipped single.







“On The Blood (Reharm)” by Julio Taylor (Link)
Released November 29th

Brief piano composition in the vein of modern day hymnal work that surprises with a broadly appealing melody.





“Parkingbrake” by JHN$N (Link)
Released November 24th

Immersive rap single with a scopic backdrop and enigmatic, canted vocals.







“[Redacted] Demo” by Eric Kalata (Link)
Released November 30th

A rugged folk single with melodies and instrumentals that feel purposefully serrated in order to steer clear of polished harmony.







“Regular” by JaySyke (Link)
Released November 23rd (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

A cryptically cyclical instrumental haunts the perfectly reverbed flow.







“Robo Bussin!” by RVA Sha (Link)
Released November 25th

A churning flow accentuates this quaking rhythm previewed in this snippet of a song.







“Sicko Mode (Flip)” by Help! I’m Stuck In The Computer! (Link)
Released November 23rd (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

Remix of Travis Scott’s latest hit, with an inverted ambience and instantly engaging samples.







“Where Richmond At? (FL4G Freestyle)” by Radio B (Link)
Released December 1st

Blistering freestyle from a sublime MC still performing at his peak.







“24/7” by castle og (featuring June Pastel) (Link)
Released November 30th

Expansive and illusive electronica song featuring a soulful wingspan and absorbing melodic grip.







“112720182” by RVA_Slayer (Link)
Released November 30th

Bold instrumental overflowing with electronica flourishes that glide overtop a fundamentally sound hip-hop groove.







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