Richmond Music Roundup: September 1 – September 10

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

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Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for September 1st for September 10th.




Before And Through And Beyond All Time by Contact (Link)
Released September 9th

Penetrating hardcore that proudly and firmly builds on the 2000s scene with modern rage and commentary.

Key Track: “Silence”







Best Of DJ Xinfinite by DJ Xinfinite (Link)
Released September 8th

A musical skyline of electronic structures resounds across this collection by a nimble producer.

Key Track: “Dreaming Of A Future (2022 Remix)”







Dance Ourselves To Death by OsGood (Link)
Released September 9th

Deeply soulful instrumental record that stretches out the ambience between each snare hit and guitar note to maximum effect.

Key Track: “Semi-Smooth”







Digital Dust by IRD Sonic Research (Link)
Released September 9th

Collection of songwriting trials that put rock through the filters of krautrock, indie rock, lo-fi, and even nu rave.

Key Track: “Last Minute”







Early Medieval Art by Intercontinental Champ (Link)
Released September 3rd

Vexing noise fragments nettle and chafe on this aberrant electronic mélange.

Key Track: “Miss Princess”







EP2 (​Big Yield) by Dessimoz (Link)
Released September 5th

A dynamic parade of alt-rock threads unravels on this stirring instrumental EP.

Key Track: “Sundae”







Eternal Solitude by Ancestral Sword (Link)
Released September 2nd

Feudal ambient soundscapes illustrate the musical journey of this electronic tapestry.

Key Track: “Impressions Of The Legion’s Armament”







I Can Really Rap TF by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released September 9th

Smooth production contrasts an erosive flow putting the emphasis fully on sharp bars.

Key Track: “See Me Dead”







Life Of 2X by lloydo2x (Link)
Released September 1st

Propulsive bars drive this spirited rap album in a controlled, yet alarming fashion.

Key Track: “Hella Shit”







Mierna & The Circus Of Mysteries by SupaBon (Link)
Released September 5th

Whimsical and colorful soundtrack to an upcoming book series that promises adventure and joy.

Key Track: “Dance Of The Púca”







Moss Man by Moss Man (Link)
Released September 1st

Fun and charming noise rock record that begins on surfy strums before ending on glitchy meltdowns.

Key Track: “Bug Tomb”







Nemesis Virus by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released September 9th

Gruff hip-hop EP that travels through explosive stomps, tense qualms, and jazzy sways.

Key Track: “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death”







OOO YAH YAH AYE by Young Flexico (Link)
Released September 8th

Snapping hip-hop record utilizing glossy production underneath a grimy, cagey flow.








Perverts by Sleep Paralysis Social Club (Link)
Released September 2nd

Bedroom laments, alt-rock attacks, and noise mixtures find a home together on this affecting record.

Key Track: “I Put A Record Out”







Punk Love Plague by Supercharge (Link)
Released September 5th

Effusive rock record that feels like a punk love letter with clever hallmarks and memorable refrains.

Key Track: “Push”







Raw Power Vibrations Extended Play by Ohbliv (Link)
Released September 2nd

No matter how many Ohbliv beat tapes we listen to, we’re still in awe of his creative wonder. Six songs, all bangers here.

Key Track: “Reciprocity”







Send Them Love by Stephen Jacques (Link)
Released September 8th

Tender tunes penned by a singer-songwriter with folk and country persuasions.

Key Track: “Slowed Down World”







SolTape, Vol. 1 by BluSol (Link)
Released September 1st

Warm, lush beat tape that invigorates and inspires with creative rapture.

Key Track: “Feather”







Son Of Dad by Dead Panda (Link)
Released September 9th

You’ll be able to feel the static shake off your speakers and headphones with this new bristling EP from the fuzz rocker quartet.

Key Track: “Fistfight”







Soon I’ll See by Hernbean5150 & LIBC (Link)
Released September 7th

Glistening sounds stride in the background of this glossy, yet punchy hip-hop record.

Key Track: “Soon I’ll See Me”







The Kybalion by FutureProjektor (Link)
Released September 10th

Drawing inspiration from an early 20th century chronicle, this instrumental metal record offers seven movements exploring Hermetic principles and ambient cacophony.

Key Track: “Movement III”







The Rebirth by Tina Glasneck (Link)
Released September 1st

A vibrant collection of musical tie-ins for books by the bestselling author and Renaissance woman.

Key Track: “Vibe With Me (feat. Nicholas Berg)”







Valley Meditations by Fyt (Link)
Released September 1st

Experimental ambient record that leans on ascetic and gothic aesthetics to guide its wayward trek.

Key Track: “VM I”







0363 by Guy Without Shirt (Link)
Released September 5th

Contemplative ambient music with a revitalizing allure.

Key Track: “Dawn Afterparty”







0364 by Guy Without Shirt (Link)
Released September 8th

Dense and scattered collection of 37 electronic exercises and maneuvers.

Key Track: “AUM #4”







2K23 – Shiesty Edition by K4 FrFr (Link)
Released September 9th

Ringing vocals recoil around tight beats & ringing sounds on this rattling rap record.

Key Track: “Da Guys”









“Burn Richmond” by Anti Sexual (Link)
Released September 8th

Brooding hip-hop track that smolders with murky vocals and spectral sounds.







“Can’t Explain” by ShotClock (Link)
Released September 7th

Peppery A-Side of the new careening single by this slick pop-punk trio.







“Chase The Lean” by Topaz (Link)
Released September 7th

Tinny percussion sputters in the background of this cavernous hip-hop lesson.







“Come And Get” by Topaz (Link)
Released September 7th

Boom bap open invite for anyone looking for a fresh new MC.







“Drilling” by Tr36ixx (feat. SteffThaCheff) (Link)
Released September 10th

Frenzied bars unload on this fraught yet bumping rap track.







“finees23 ” by Quickgrizza M.P.M ENT (Link)
Released September 5th

Chiming tones and a clicking beat give this lurching rap track a clandestine feel.







“Freestyle Shit” by Topaz (Link)
Released September 7th

Musical loops purl around surging bars on this crisp track.







“Golden Blues” by Piranha Rama (Link)
Released September 1st

Dreamy harmonies and sleek horns accentuate this bright sunshine pop single with a funky slant. (Read our full review here.)







“Great Man Singing” by Timothy Bailey & The Humans (Link)
Released September 9th

Brilliant and scathing musical commentary on blind celebrity worship. (Read our full review here.)







“Hayley Williams” by Chandler (feat. Fellaair) (Link)
Released September 2nd

The pop-punk princess provides inspiration for this jawing rap stomp.







Released September 7th

Stormy track that erupts around a patient piano line with flaring rap bars.







“JB Mix” by Mudgee (Link)
Released September 3rd

Spliced up 10-minute mix of the hardest working man in show business.







“Last Days” by Ginya Boy (feat. Relly The Emcee) (Link)
Released September 6th

Enthralling hip-hop track with smooth production that holds up an exemplary flow and memorable hook.







“Levitating” by 804 babykhaki (Link)
Released September 2nd

A steady, tempered flow hovers above a pensive piano line on this inspirited rap track.







“Life Changing Feel Like” by Topaz (Link)
Released September 7th

A fuzzy loops points to the disorienting lyrical theme relayed through a rolling flow.







“Lockaway My Pain” by Rosegoldtemple (Link)
Released September 1st

Captivating EDM track built on ’80s deep percussion and ’90s glitch manipulations.







“Low As I Ever Want To Feel” by Sincerely, Iris (Link)
Released September 9th

Sonorous silvery sounds give this shaking rock stroll an extra layer of rhythmic charm.







“Lows” by TYTY REXX (Link)
Released September 3rd

Intriguing rap track built on a glitchy melody and beat that pulls the vocal mix into its fray.







“Make It Home” by Quagen! (Link)
Released September 2nd

Electronic modulations control the pace on this smooth trap lament.







“Molly (16 Candles)” by ShotClock (Link)
Released September 7th

Piercing and dashing B-Side to ShotClock’s latest single.







“My Demons Sing” by 804Beats (Link)
Released September 1st

Dashing rap track that dances on a sentimental guitar line with impassioned words.







“Nite Time” by 804hoodiezay (feat. IndigoVon) (Link)
Released September 9th

Hazy midnight drifts around forceful bars on this flashing hip-hop romp.







“P2 Freestyle” by TYTY REXX (Link)
Released September 4th

Smooth flow filtered through a dreamy mix of humid and plush tones.







“Rinnegan” by Topaz (Link)
Released September 7th

Bright tones retract through this punchy rap track.







“Running” by Kate Bollinger (Link)
Released September 7th

A breezy folk jaunt that reveals sincere truths through its patient timbre.







“RVA Drill” by RxkStxr Txdoe (Link)
Released September 2nd

Corybantic bars spill out overtop of Carl Orff’s magnum opus on this feverish track.







“Sega” by Prisun x 804Reek (Link)
Released September 2nd

Bobbing rap track that confidently weaves through a tight beat and whirring melody.







“Soul Tied” by Topaz (Link)
Released September 7th

Deep echoes swirl around the ether of this hypnotic hip-hop haunt.







“Talk About Me” by Ice Water (Link)
Released September 3rd

Bouncy rap track that drowns out the noise over a patient, chirping melody. (Read our full review here.)







“Why Not Let God Be Your Dentist” by Discrepants (Link)
Released September 2nd

Churning rhythms and saw-like guitars fume in the background of this distressing track. (Read our full review here.)







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