Richmond Music Roundup: September 15 – September 21

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for September 15th through September 21st.




A Garden Full Of Trees by Yames (Link)
Released September 16th

Playfully clever folktronica release that ventures confidently through pop melodies & avant-garde designs.

Key Track: “Gorilla”







Aesthetics Vol. 1 by Jōki 蒸気 (Link)
Released September 19th

Intoxicating electronica mix dashing through dub, EDM, vaporwave, & more with a new, original track at the spearhead.

Key Track: “4AM”







Bungees ]​[​+ by Bungees (Link)
Released September 15th

Classic hard rock careening through glam, proto-punk, & arena rock with its gutsy runs & impellent melodies.

Key Track: “Raise Your Hands”







Demo by Black Button (Link)
Released September 18th

Pugnacious punk hell-bent on rupturing the levels of your speakers and headphones, not to mention your sonic comfort.

Key Track: “Bring The War Home”







Don’t Worry by Ethan Dunn (Link)
Released September 19th

Wayward indie rock that tours melancholy & restlessness with musical clarity & dexterity.

Key Track: “Face It”







Growing Pains by Ethan Hamilton (Link)
Released September 16th

Enigmatic electronic dissections that cut straight to the core of their pensive, stolid inspiration.

Key Track: “Shy”







“Handstied.” by DøøF (Link)
Released September 19th

Sharply sundry beat tape drenched in abstract ingenuity & methodical vision.

Key Track: “Skins.”







Invasions by Human Services (Link)
Released September 19th

Rhythmically driven noise tracks agitated by roaming ideology and bathed in pestilential tones.

Key Track: “Young Blood”







Issues by bigdummybeatz (Link)
Released September 20th

Chic hip-hop beat tape with a worldly timbre driving its rich, rhythmic soundscapes.

Key Track: “Dreaming In Reality 4”







Misgivings I by A.S.D. (Link)
Released September 20th

Improvised power electronic composition that channels its sonic eruptions through an expansive industrial filter.

Key Track: “Misgivings I Part II”







OASN 2 (On A Saturday Night 2) by Young Parker (Link)
Released September 21st

Succinct, but spacious mixtape offering up holy hip hop by means of drifting tones, inspirational words, & a deeply dulcet flow.

Key Track: “Reach The Surface (Interlude)”







Pyrex Don by Rah Scrilla & Fan Ran (Link)
Released September 20th

Latest Gritty City release that flaunts their thriving roster with explosive rhymes, savvy flows, and brisk production.

Key Track: “Strangers In My Corner”







Sodomized Seniors Greatest Hits Vol. 1 by Sodomized Seniors (Link)
Released September 16th

Grinding metal tones & feral vocals combine with elderly culture to create a new genre: seniorcore. Or boomercore. Take your pick.

Key Track: “Breakfast At Dennys”







The Florida Sessions by Mark Campbell & Sean Franco (Link)
Released September 21st

Splendid bluegrass conversations between a frolicking fiddle & bobbing banjo, recorded live-to-tape.

Key Track: “Washington’s March”







The Weekly Beat Vol. 7 by Destructoid (Link)
Released September 12th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Wonderful collection of errant hooks & samples, compiled as part of a weekly exercise that shrewdly cultivates this promising beatmaker’s finesse.

Key Track: “He Cried, He Died”







Volume Water by The Electro Lounge Project & Gutterwall (Link)
Released September 15th

Halcyon energy drives this surprisingly bright electronic release pursuing catharsis between drone and ambient.

Key Track: “Major Problem”







0278 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released September 16th

Long-form meditative contemplation that guides beauty through allaying consonance ever yearning for the apical resolution.

Key Track: “0278”







0279 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released September 18th

Sweeping & majestic soundscapes conveying rumination & catharsis fill up this fluid, upgradable record.

Key Track: “Part II”









“Ain’t Built Like Me” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 21st

An austere piano strain contrasts the vocal censure unloading on this deeply melodic rap track.







“All Me” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 21st

Slinking electronic tones construct the production of this flickering hip-hop single.







“Anansi, Anansi” by McKinley Dixon (Link)
Released September 20th

Side A of the ninth installment in Saddle Creek’s Document series that draws on the Akan folktale character to deliver an impassioned hip-hop commentary on encouraged resilience.







“Be Patient (Ladada)” by Kaywan (Link)
Released September 18th

Compelling hip-hop petition driven by a resonant instrumental with several stylish parts.







“Bigger” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 21st

Agile notes march in the background of this assonant hip-hop procession.







“Black And Mild” by Blacktah (Link)
Released September 9th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Synth strings dance to a thumping bass on this cagey hip-hop beat.







“Break Me” by TRXLLDAY! (Link)
Released September 15th

Madcap hip-hop chirping bounding off a pensive & buoyant instrumental.







“Chris Brown Type Beat” by Taylormade91 (Link)
Released September 17th

Somber tones walk through a guarded soundscape on this yearning instrumental.







“Clickin’ (On Down The Road)” by Billy Neptune (Link)
Released September 21st

Stirring hard rock that fills its space with clever turns, bright tones, scurrying tempos, & enticing energy.







“Come Over” by Mars Khan (Link)
Released September 19th

Wistful hip-hop yearning stretched out over a simple guitar line and scurrying flow.







“CYB3R_DRU1D” by M4DF4C3 (Link)
Released September 21st

Stray tones clink & rattle off each other in order to piece together this murky ambient composition.







“Dat Suicide” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 21st

Muscle Shoal keyboards glide up and down this vulnerable, swinging rap divulgence.







“Doug” by Shinobi The God (Link)
Released September 16th

Astral hip-hop reverie decorated with cathodic melodies and framed by an eroding metronome.







“Grace” by Cadillac CAT (Link)
Released September 18th

Tense strings build the shrewd scenery of this nodding, scurrying rap affirmation.







“Home Away From Home” by Realms Collide (Link)
Released September 21st

Punchy instrumental that branches from its downtempo core into a tonally articulate composition that alleviates & rejuvenates.







“How I’m Living” by Zay BeTheOne (Link)
Released September 20th

Strong bars dart with conviction through the chiming hook on this nodding rap track.







“Interlude” by Caro (Link)
Released September 18th

Terse, flourishing instrumental with curling tones and harmonies, and a cheeky, motivational coda.







“Iron Dog 2 : “The InfernØ​.​” by DøøF (Link)
Released September 8th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Scaling hip-hop composition conveying a deep lo-fi aesthetic through its cryptic design & delivery.







“K.O.T.F. Freestyle” by YoJefé (Link)
Released September 20th

Quaking bass notes & frantic flourishes draw out the rabid nature of this assertive freestyle.







“Look What You Did” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released September 18th

A shroudy pulse lingers in the background of this comminative rap epistle.







“M.O.B” by Lil’ Rose (Link)
Released September 20th

A stingy hook drives this straightforward rap track built on curling tones & insistent harmonies.







“Message From A Bottle” by Trey Burnart Hall (Link)
Released September 17th

Gleaming Americana bristling with restless folk melodies, wayfaring storytelling, & cathartic reflection.







“Never Seen A Drought” by TaeMovi (Link)
Released September 14th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Sashaying hip-hop that dashes through airy harmonies, twinkling tones, and a snapping beat.







“No Mercy 1999 (feat. Ardy4Chainz)” by TaeMovi (Link)
Released September 14th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A placid instrumental gives life to this biting rap single, loosely inspired by the preeminent grappling video game.







“Not From This World” by Mr. HitWonders (Link)
Released September 15th

Lurking chimes cascade in this slyly thumping hip-hop beat.







“Pain In My Eyes” by Mr. HitWonders (Link)
Released September 15th

A twinkly melody carries a subtle sense of distress on this keen rap instrumental.







“Pennyroyal Verse” by TaeMovi (Link)
Released September 17th

A glassy rap verse serving as an addendum to Joey Bada$$’ nimble 2012 track.







“Pick Up The Phone” by Randy Emillio (Link)
Released September 16th

Warm synth keys & tinny notes paint a beachy portrait for this imploring hip-hop single.







“Please Don’t Come Back Pt 2” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released September 18th

Derisive words float firmly over this wavy track rippled by radiant tones & serene beats.







“Pop It Off (feat. LEEK3STACCS)” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 21st

Bombastic rap striding over a simple earworm and throbbing beat.







“Premium Quality” by Taylormade91 (Link)
Released September 17th

A scopic bass melody fleshed out with rousing hip-hop rhythms & lavish electronic garnishes.







“Pyrex Don” by Rah Scrilla & Fan Ran (Link)
Released September 19th

Title track of the latest Gritty City release that relays the hard-working ethos of its two dexterous MCs through grainy production and gripping rhymes. (Read our full review here.)







“Rake It Up (SolMix)” by Tru Sol (Link)
Released September 17th

Biting rhymes unravel boldly on this sleek remix to Yo Gotti’s 2017 single.







“[Redacted] (Revised)” by Scumbag Kalat (Link)
Released September 20th

Feedback sprawling along to a coarse rhythm that’s driven by punk spirit & experimental flair.







“Restart” by Taylormade91 (Link)
Released September 17th

Vapory tones drip off brisk brass tones onto a scuttling snare kit on this clever rap instrumental.







“S.I.P Jacob Jones804:Rva” by Taylormade91 (Link)
Released September 20th

Ethereal harmonies drift through this fluttering instrumental that pays tribute to a local resident.







“Sky Scraper” by Blacktah (Link)
Released September 19th

Skittering hip-hop beat shaped by three simple parts that interlace into one snappy melody.







“Starfish Fever” by Andy Jenkins (Link)
Released September 20th

Spry folk musings unfolding over sprightly guitar tones in a delightfully crafty song. (Read our full review here.)







“Sticks And Stones” by Joel Worford (Link)
Released September 18th

Congenial vocals carry uplifting words on this rock track sparked by an emotive, percussive guitar melody.







“Stra8 Up G” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 21st

Synthesized woodwinds float in the ether of this sheer hip-hop projection.







“The City” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 21st

Wistful hip-hop ponderings dodging the painful imagery of reality.







“Track (feat. L804)” by MXG (Link)
Released September 17th

Fuzzed out vocals and beats contrast the gleaming melody on this disparate rap track.







“True Story” by Lil’ Rose (Link)
Released September 20th

Poignant hip-hop track that searches for musical clarity in a patient, palatial soundscape.







“U Know What I Like” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 21st

Doting rap track adorned with dreamy melodies & starry-eyed rhyming.







“Untitled 2” by Dead God (Link)
Released September 18th

Twilight sax tones color the sly beat on this covert hip-hop instrumental.







“When The Leaves Turn Gold” by Caro (Link)
Released September 15th

Musical & lyrical soundscape built on spacious layering, patient rhythms, and sparse samples from The Beatles, Lorde, and more.







“Wit These” by McKinley Dixon (Link)
Released September 20th

Side B of the ninth installment in Saddle Creek’s Document series that pays tribute to a childhood friend through venerated memories & galvanizing messages.







“2 Octaves” by Blacktah (Link)
Released September 17th

Jittery rhythms dodge between an oblique melody on this rolling rap instrumental.







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