Richmond Rapper Corey Jah Admits To Lying About His Daughter’s Death For Past Two Years

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Local rapper Corey Jah made a shocking revelation on Friday when he announced in a live social media video that he had been lying about the death of his daughter for the last two years. Clips of that announcement, first made on Instagram Live, were saved and shared by popular organizations Room 804 and Glasxx leading to the video being viewed by over half a million people as of this writing, making it a viral moment that highlights the ill-guided way some musicians look to gain recognition.

The full video is unavailable at this time, but popular blog Room 804 posted the beginning of the video to their social media (link here) in which Corey Jah stated the following:

“On a serious note, I wanted to let everybody know that first off, I want to apologize to Seven, her mom, DJ TrapReem, Jasmine B from Supreme Talent, or anybody of that nature that I’ve been connected to musically out here in the music scene. Nobody was aware of the information that I’m about to drop. But like I said, my daughter is definitely still alive and she’s here in Richmond. And I just want to really, really let people know like I’m human. I made a mistake, coming from a place of hurt, a place of like not having nodody. I’m geniunely conscious of the mistake that I made. So I understand if people no longer want to support me.”

Corey Jah has made allusions to his daughter’s death in his music and performances over the years, such as in a SoundClash performance for RVA Rap Elite this past October. Both Room 804 and Glasxx reported an anoymonous account that the rapper’s manager recently uncovered Corey Jah’s deceit which caused the MC to reveal the news on social media himself. The Auricular has been unable to verify this report as of yet but can report that the story of his daughter’s death being false was starting to become known around town over the past year, leading to several artists distancing themselves from Corey Jah instead of becoming embroiled in a public dispute.

A small number of artists and fans have come to Corey Jah’s defense since the announcement was first made, but the vast majority of people have called out the exploitative nature of his actions, with some even issuing statements on their own platforms in order to distance themselves from the musician.

“I found out she was alive Friday evening and had no prior knowledge or involvement in the matter,” stated marketing specialist Jasmyn Buckingham in an Instagram post. “Although we are not responsible, the Supreme Talent platform was used to spread the lies. My heart goes out to his daughter and her mother for the pain the situation has caused.”

Recently, Corey Jah had been enjoying momentum in his career with featured performances at RVA Rap Elite, successful tours, and a recent set at the inaugural Something Indie Water event. Plans for a debut album were underway, with conflicting dates of June 7th and November 25th, per Hip Hop 87 in a recent feature.

Corey Jah has not released any other statement or made any social media posts since going live with the announcement on Friday. The Auricular will continue to follow this story and provide updates on any future developments.



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