Richmond’s Own Gallery5 Receives The Rivers and Roads Foundation Award

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In honor of their significant contributions to the arts, Richmond art center and music venue Gallery5 has been chosen by the acclaimed band, The Head and The Heart, to receive The Rivers and Roads Foundation award. This foundation, initiated by the band in 2021 and named after a beloved song on their 2011 debut album, serves as a means of giving back to local communities by offering support to music programs and initiatives, with a focus on ensuring equitable access to youth music education and providing essential mental health resources for musicians.

The award bestowed upon Gallery5 aligns with the collective effort to revolutionize arts education. Their aim is to foster a more diverse, inclusive, and inspired community of art supporters, ultimately catalyzing positive social and economic change and awareness through the arts. The Foundation primarily generates funds through various channels, including the band’s annual benefit show at the Showbox in Seattle, auctions, tour-ticket add-ons, and other endeavors. In a press release, the team behind Gallery5 had this to say in acceptance of the award:

“We would like to humbly express our appreciation and gratitude to The Head and The Heart’s Rivers and Roads Foundation, to all of our supporters, community partners, and all involved in supporting Gallery5’s continued mission of engaging and uplifting communities and individuals from all walks of life through visual and performing arts, music, educational workshops, panel discussions, social gatherings, and neighborhood outreach programs.”

Gallery5’s recognition is not only a testament to their commitment to the arts but also a nod to their role in promoting a transformative approach to arts cultivation. The Head and The Heart member Tyler Williams echoed these sentiments in his own statement within the same press release:

“Since I’ve lived in Richmond, Gallery5 has always been an incubator for arts, music, and all forms of expression. From giving so many friends a place to show their work to changing my own life with the countless incredible shows I’ve seen and been a part of there…the Gallery is truly a beacon for the community, and it was a no-brainer to present them to our Rivers and Roads foundation for consideration this year. I and everyone in The Head And The Heart hope this funding award contributes to helping keep the gallery thriving for many years to come. Long Live Gallery5!”

This partnership highlights the transformative influence of the arts in instigating positive change, emphasizing the critical role of nurturing accessibility and backing for the upcoming generation of creative thinkers. It symbolizes a mutual vision shared with The Head and The Heart, aiming to shape a richer and more inclusive cultural environment. The financial resources generated by the foundation are purposefully allocated to arts and music-related nonprofits, meticulously chosen by the band. This deliberate selection process serves to magnify the constructive influence within both artistic and musical communities.

To learn more about Gallery5’s current initiatives as well as their upcoming event schedule, you can find them online at or on social media. You can support the Rivers And Roads Foundation by clicking here and by following them on social media.


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