RVATRACK23 Showcases Twain’s Tender Talent On “Nonah”

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For their first entry of 2019 and 23rd overall, the folks over at RVATRACK offer up an intimate performance of the tender song “Nonah” by Virginia balladeer Twain.

Featuring focused frames and direct shooting, the video captures the delicate grace of Twain’s songwriting, allowing the artist’s seraphic tones to come out on video as effortlessly as they do in song. The song itself is stunning in its sparse design, as Twain weaves in and out of a plucking guitar melody with the titular mantra as well as sweeping passion on the verses. Beautiful and stirring, it’s a welcome reminder to the melodic grace Twain yields with just voice and guitar.

Twain’s latest release, New Miami Sound E.P., is out now over at Twain’s Bandcamp page. Check it out as well as his fascinating RVATRACK performance below.


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