Spacebomb Unveils Golden Ticket Giveaway For Free Studio Time

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Inspired by either Gene Wilder or Michael Scott, Spacebomb has announced a golden ticket giveaway, starting today, for a free day inside their studios.

The first golden ticket is available now, hidden inside one of the cassette packages for the Spacebomb House Band‘s latest album, Library Music III: For The Sun And Waters. The third release this year from the House Band, copies are available through Spacebomb’s on-line store and at select record stores.

The winner of the golden ticket will be rewarded with a full day to record in Spacebomb’s spacious Richmond headquarters, which equals 8 hours of studio time that also comes with a complimentary engineer for the session, something that’s bound to be priceless for many Richmond musicians.

Spacebomb has confirmed that plans exist to do a second ticket giveaway in the future, but for now, if you want a chance to record in the hallow halls of Spacebomb, make sure to grab a copy of Library Music III: For The Sun And Waters. If you need some more pushing, here’s a taste as to what’s on the album:


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