Spacebomb’s Trey Pollard Announces Debut Record

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Big news yet again coming out of Spacebomb Studios with co-owner and in-house arranger Trey Pollard stepping out from behind the production booth and into the spotlight with his debut record, a contemporary classic release entitled Antiphone out November 16th via Spacebomb Records.

Recorded at Montrose Recording (a recording session that streamed live and can still be viewed here), this release will give listeners a first-hand glimpse into the compositional mind of Pollard, whose impressive credits include arrangements for Matthew E. White, Natalie Prass, Foxygen, Helado Negro, Bedouine, and even the S-Town Podcast.

Before the album release, Pollard will perform on November 12th at The Hofheimer in Richmond before heading off to another date at Brooklyn’s Rough Trade on the 15th.

You can get a glimpse of what the record holds by checking out the music video for the gorgeously tense composition “8 Pairs: Fugue VI. Very Slowly” below:








1. Fixed Ideas: I
2. 8 Pairs: Prelude I. Slowly
3. 8 Pairs: Fugue VI. Very Slowly
4. 8 Pairs: Prelude VI. Moderately
5. 8 Pairs: Fugue II. Moderately Fast
6. 8 Pairs: Prelude VIII. Moderately
7. 8 Pairs: Fugue V. Moderately
8. 8 Pairs: Fugue VIII. March
9. 8 Pairs: Prelude V. Slowly
10. 8 Pairs: Fugue VII. Gigue
11. 8 Pairs: Prelude III. Very Slowly
12. 8 Pairs: Fugue I. Moderately
13. 8 Pairs: Prelude II. Moderately
14. 8 Pairs: Fugue IV. Very Fast
15. Fixed Ideas: II

You can preorder through a variety of platforms now by clicking here.


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