Try A New Local Brand In Noah-O & Fan Ran’s Video For “Cereal & Silk Milk”

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This past October, local MC Noah-O teamed up with Gritty City producer Fan Ran to put out Dirty Rice: Deux, one of the absolute best hip-hop records to come out in 2019 that was full of persistent talent unfolding through rhythmic bars overtop sensational beats. Now, the duo is giving us all reason to revisit this record with a new video for the album’s most opaline track, “Cereal & Silk Milk.”

The track features mellow introspection from the versatile MC that’s framed by a spacious instrumental marked by tinny percussion hits & a sparse, scurrying bass line. The accompanying video, directed by BC Music 1st, opens up the landscape of the song, rooted firmly in the everyday routine of life where thoughts like this roam freely in our minds while we’re just running through the motions of chores and meals.

The video’s most striking moment comes as Noah-O sits down to enjoy the titular meal, with a Noah-O’s cereal box hitting the screen, adorned with package descriptions like “made with dirty rice oats” and “Noah-O action figure inside!” The Cheats Movement recently published a brief interview with Noah-O about the video, touching down on the custom cereal box at the end. (Read that interview by clicking here.) No mention of the action figure though, so we’ll just keep our fingers crossed for another video that features a toy-sized version of the local MC tumbling out into a cereal bowl to an awaiting fan.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the video for “Cereal & Silk Milk” below, and check out Dirty Rice: Deux if you haven’t already.


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