Watch Johnny Ciggs’ Bask In Copulatory Delight On “Hotel Kanade” Video

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You can scream sex and grab everyone’s attention for a moment (unless you’re Michael Scott circa 2010), but why stop there? Why not flaunt it? Why not exude it? Why not go the Johnny Ciggs route and shoot a sultry music video for a rap track already steaming with humid production?

Well, that’s just what the Gritty City member did with the help of BC Music 1st, releasing a simple, risqué video for the title track to his 2019 EP, one that elevates the song’s ambience and Johnny Ciggs’ own commanding presence to impressive heights.

“Hotel Kanade” is yet another offering from the Gritty City crew who have released several music videos over the last two months, including “Strangers In My Corner,” “Wild Orchid,” “Keith Sweat,” and “Gauntlet Pt. 2,” which all goes to show that when it comes to the Gritty City Crew, blink and you’ll miss it. And trust us when we say you don’t want to miss it.

Catch the video below for “Hotel Kanade” (warning: NSFW) and make sure to keep an eye on Johnny Ciggs (Instagram, Twitter) and the rest of the Gritty City crew for what will undoubtably be a busy & provocative 2020.


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