Watch Leach’s Caffeinated Freak-Out On “Bean” Video

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Some people react very gradually to caffeine, letting it slowly build their energy level back up to 100. Others get an instant kick, a jolt of energy that wakes them up no matter what time of day. And then there are the members of local garage band Leach who, in their new music video for their single “Bean,” decide to put on white tracksuits and rock out in a performance space covered in prismatic fabrics.

The video, shot by the band alongside Orion Carroll & Kathy Castellon, captures the quintet in the aftermath of enjoying a “special” pot of coffee, with camera shots and antics that call back to videos by early ’90s punk bands that had a home late at night on MTV. After the short intro, the band rolls right into a performance of the song in the tight space, easing up on the antics and letting the billowing energy of the song carry the video. Don’t worry though — there are still some quirky caffeinated moments that pop out during the performance.

The song, originally released in 2019 as a stand-alone single, is built around a propulsive guitar riff that serves as a siren song that beckons rock fans of all backgrounds. From there, the group presents up a multifaceted view of rock music that offers sunny harmonies, fast spitting verses, and assertive rhythms that come together effortlessly. The lyrics may be tongue-in-cheek, paying tribute to the life fuel of countless people worldwide, but there’s no doubt that this is remarkably rich song to enjoy.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard from Leach in 2020 though. Back in early February, the group put out A Machine, It Seems, a six-track EP full of progressive garage rock that seemed to merge varying rock styles in a similar fashion as “Bean,” which offers a scopic vision of what melody can and should be from a garage band.

You can check out the video for “Bean” below, and if you like it, go ahead and give A Machine, It Seems a spin over at their Bandcamp. You can thank us later.


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