Watch Nervous Nothings Through Canine Eyes In The Video For “Rat”

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In one of the more unique concepts to come out of Richmond in quite some time, Nervous Nothings released their new music video for “Rat” this past Monday, a video framed from the vantage point of a canine companion wandering the intimate performance space.

Okay, the video isn’t 100% from the perspective of a dog, but for the most part, the camera, filtered through grey scale to mimic a dog’s vision pallet, follows a roaming pet surveying the bedroom performance. In between these tracking shots, the video opens up with a rainbow of colors letting the viewer decide which presentation the band fully soars in, or perhaps purposing the idea that it resonates strongly through both.

“Rat” comes from the band’s self-titled EP released on the last day of 2018, a record we described in our final 2018 roundup as “Indie rock with an unmistakable slowcore edge, all supported by a shrewd folk foundation and delusive emo passion.” A mathy hitch also works its way into this song, broadening the scope of the music even if our vision is limited to not only the dog’s vision, but the narrow confines of the performance space.

Watch the video for “Rat” below and keep your fingers-crossed the band returns with something else unique and special in 2019.


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