Watch Sid Kingsley Deliver A Forceful Cover Of Jackson Browne’s Timeless Song “These Days”

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From Nico to Duane Allman to Cher to Drake, Jackson Browne’s “These Days” has traveled all across the musical spectrum & zeitgeist while continuing to captivate us over 50 years after it was first written. Earlier this month, it was Richmond’s own musical powerhouse Sid Kingsley ushering the song into a new decade with a soaring cover featuring his signature poise and prowess, as evident by the accompanying video.

Gripping. Dynamic. Unforgettable. This cover has all the makings of the trademark Sid Kingsley sound — passionately driven by his warm & powerful voice while amplified & decorated by soulful piano melodies, patient percussion, tender backing vocals, and a burning, purifying slide solo (courtesy of Nate Cowing).

The video, shot by Gabrielle Silvers and Sid Kingsley at Cornelius Studios in Lubbock, TX, captures all of this sonic magnificence, and even contextualizes it for the modern world by including the immortal words of Allen Ginsburg right after the credits. Take it all in — the striking music, poignant visuals, and galvanizing words — because it’s a motivating and enriching experience we all need to start the new year off on the right foot.

Watch the video for “These Days” below and make sure to keep up-to-date on all things Sid Kingsley by visiting his website.


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