Wine & Warpaint Release Fluid Video For Debut Single “Spitefully Alive”

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Joining Richmond’s vibrant scene today is the nascent rock outfit Wine & Warpaint who have just released their debut single, “Spitefully Alive,” the first track off of their debut EP Homeless due out November 2nd. The band released the single alongside an expressive and fluid music video, shot and edited themselves, that matches the emotion and intensity of the song, and gives listeners a glimpse of what to expect from this rising band.

Wine & Warpaint is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Brandon O’Neill, who began the project after a period of uncertainity.

“Wine & Warpaint is what happened to me when I realized that everything I thought I knew no longer existed, or at least not in the way it used to,” O’ Neill states. “Since I was super young I’ve tried to be true to the path, wherever it takes me. At a certain point I realized I was pretty far off from where I used to be.”

Wine & Warpaint approaches rock music with a fervent mentality filtered through a variety of influences, spanning post-hardcore, emo, and even Christian rock, though O’Neill states that last semblance may be inverted in execution. “The themes of the EP surround Christianity,” O’Neill states, “but if anything, it’s more of a critique.”

The band’s debut single is a cathartically punchy offering, and gives listeners a perfect entry into the band’s expansive sound. “I think this song represents my particular blend of alt-rock, which I why I wanted to lead with it,” O’Neill explains. “Other songs may lean towards different styles, but I like how this one has a little of everything: moody verses, spoken word, some chiller electronic elements, and a nice big hook.”

On the song’s meanings, O’Neill futher elaborates: “‘Spitefully Alive’ is borne out of the frustration I have with having to explain or fit myself into other people’s expectations of what I should think or believe. It’s like I have to constantly prove that I’m okay to other people, even though I’m totally comfortable with how I feel about myself.”

The song along with the rest of the EP, was recorded at Glow In The Dark Studios alongside producer Matt Goldman, known for his work with Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, Anberlin, and other prominent rock acts. Speaking of the the recording options available, O’Neill states, “The whole list was Glow In The Dark. Too many of my favorite records were tracked there, so it really was the only option.”

Pre-orders for Homeless are available here, and enjoy the video for “Spitefully Alive” below.


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