Broken Glowsticks Find Musical Relief While “Sleeping Through A Car Crash”

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Car accidents are an often-forgotten piece of rock mythology. Six decades ago, Wayne Cochran penned a haunting tune about one entitled “Last Kiss,” which would become the signature song for J. Frank Wilson And The Cavaliers as well as an unlikely hit for Pearl Jam. Twenty-five years after that song was written, Morrisey told the tale of a heavenly way to die in a collision with a bus on “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.” Fast forward to today and AJ Perdomo has added another evocative entry in the lore of rock and roll car crashes with “Sleeping Through A Car Crash,” released under the moniker Broken Glowsticks.

Perdomo, also of beloved band The Dangerous Summer, doesn’t just notch an entry in that lore — he sets himself apart from the rest with a lyrical testament to trauma and restoration. “I’m sleeping through a car crash / And dreaming of you here” he proclaims while running through a litany of emotions, stuck between hope and despair unable to move.

The video, spliced together by Perdomo himself, matches that dream from the titular lyric, with a memory loop of past life experiences that have led to this moment. Just like the lyrics, they are stuck between joy and sadness, humor and anger, boredom and revelry. The shots help the lyrical power of the song soar even higher, with lines like “There‚Äôs holes inside your conscience” and “See through pain that brought you here” hitting fast and hard as the song picks up steam towards its climatic finish. Thrilling from start to finish, it’s a brilliant display of Perdomo’s songwriting, part of many reasons why The Dangerous Summer are so beloved.

“Sleeping Through A Car Crash” is the third single released by Perdomo under the Broken Glowsticks moniker, after “Funeral Song” in November 2020 and “Dancing On My Own” in September 2020. On top of that, Perdomo also recently lent support to local duo The Heavy Air for the lead single “Motions” off their new EP In/After. (You can check out the music video for that song here.)

If you want to keep up-to-date on future releases by AJ Perdomo under the Broken Glowsticks name, make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In the meantime, enjoy the moving video for “Sleeping Through A Car Crash” below.


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