Demond47 Designs A Glitchy Hip-Hop Prism On “PMW” Video

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Demond47 Designs A Glitchy Hip-Hop Prism On “PMW” Video

Don’t adjust your screen’s resolution — the new video from Demond47 for his single “PMW” is a spurtive, pyschotropic affair with images and scenes that glitch in and out of focus. Despite its gaudy presentation, the video is a rather simple affair, but one that deftly flaunts the murky musical appeal of the song.

This may be Demond47’s first video of the new year, but “PMW” is one of seven tracks released from the local rapper this year alone, and it might just be his most mesmerizing. Recorded with a haunting drawl that prowls a diffusive instrumental, the song is best described as a looming trance that draws you into Demond47’s methodical, absorbing sound.

Catch out the video for “PMW” below and make sure to stay tuned to Demond47’s social media (Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube) for more updates.


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