Frsh Who Bounces In The Studio To “Sentimental”

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Last October, local MC Frsh Who burst into our eardrums with the thumping record NVSTD and almost a year later, he’s back with a new track that he recently debuted in one of the latest sessions at Opp Talk.

The sound of “Sentimental” is familiar, yet enjoyable. Clacking drumsticks snap over pacing, thunderous bass notes. It’s a straightforward instrumental, but one that gives the hungry rapper plenty of room to lyrically and rhythmically stretch out into. “Can’t afford to be sentimental,” as the chorus opens up, pointing less to a stoic nature and more towards the hectic spirit Frsh Who brings to his music.

You can watch the video for “Sentimental” below and keep an eye out on Frsh Who’s Instagram (link) for more updates, including new music coming hopefully in Spring of 2023!


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