Kavachiee Dee Offers Bright Twilight On “Double Back”

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Radiant and passionate, local musician Kavachiee Dee has a compelling sound that will definitely grab your attention. Recently featured in video producer HundoMadeIt’s Booth The Street series, her latest single “Double Back” is a romantic plea that will light up any room or space… even the empty space next to a Corner Market.

Sincerity is the key for “Double Back” with platitudes and generalities thrown out the window in favor of genuine emotion and reflection. “Them automatic blushes / They giving me awesome rushes” Kavachiee croons, making the playful and demure moments of romance just as soulful as the physical affection.

At first glance, a tender plea is not something you’d associate in a parking lot as people walk out with groceries. But what the video for “Double Back” captures is the brightness great music can bring to any place, and it’s Kavachiee Dee here lighting up the whole area around her no matter where she’s at. HundoMadeIt captures all the charm and spark of “Double Back” on this video, helping to make it a song that will linger in your head for days to come.

Watch the smooth video for “Double Back” below and make sure to follow Kavachiee Dee on social media for more news and updates. Don’t forget to follow Booth The Streets on YouTube and Instagram too!


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