No BS! Brass Encounters Undead Horror On “Bad News”

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No BS! Brass are normally putting smiles on our face with their joyous, flashy music, like you can find on their latest record Undying, but today, the skillful musicians are keeping that spirit alive in a different way, with a snappy new video for “Bad News” that provides some spooky, wacky Halloween fun.

Directed by Tyler Scheerschmidt and Dillon Douglasson and produced by the team at Hourglass Sessions, the video opens up with a chipper feel as a restaurant prepares for a foreboding lunch rush. Something’s off for sure and before long, prepwork turns into a battle as Bryan Hooten fights off a detached arm while the front of house finds customers-turned-monsters terrorizing Reggie Pace (who also provided creative direction). Manic and fun throughout, it’s a ghastly retelling of the band’s great, swinging track. We don’t want to spoil the whole video for you here, but let’s just say not all members of the band get attacked and one street performer got a pulsating offering in their tip jar.

“Bad News” is the third track off of Undying to receive a snappy music video, after “Applause” this past March and “Undying” in April. Each give a fun look at the warm, flashy sound of the new record which came out this past June and immediately cemented itself as one of the best releases from the group’s boisterous catalog.

Take a look at the video for “Bad News” below and make sure to pick-up a copy of Undying if you haven’t already (link here), or, you know, just give it another listen like it deserves.


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