Piranha Rama Glisten & Gleam On New Video For “Golden Blues”

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Time to redo your Labor Day playlists — Piranha Rama has dropped a song that demands repeated air time at any cookout this coming weekend. Bright, funky, punchy, and deeply soulful, “Golden Blues” is the latest single from the much-loved local supergroup off of their upcoming record Omniscient Cloud Cover, out September 30th on Brokers Tip Records.

On “Golden Blues,” Piranha Rama is swinging for the fences, distilling sunshine pop with garage funk over a tight melodic line that’s colorfully accentuated by dreamy harmonies and sleek horns. The video, directed by Nick Woods, gives the performance a retro feel as the camera layers shots of the various band members into a psychedelic collage of moving shots and images. Front and center throughout is vocalist and bassist Chrissie Lozano (decked out with some choice Carole Kaye sunglasses) who directs the song’s brisk pace and inescapable charm.

This is the second single from Piranha Rama’s upcoming Omniscient Cloud Cover record, after the humid track “Placate” was released at the beginning of August with its own kaleidoscopic video. Style Weekly writer (and The Auricular contributor and friend) Davy Jones also published an excellent piece (link here) highlighting Piranha Rama’s journey to the new record, their follow-up to the fantastic 2019 album You’ve Earned It. Make sure to give that article a read, especially after you’ve spun “Golden Blues” a few dozen times.

You can watch the video for “Golden Blues” below and make sure to snag a copy of Omniscient Cloud Cover when it comes out on September 30th via Brokers Tip Records.


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