Premiere: Hearts In Exile Deadpan A Psych-Garage Breeze In New Video For “Hardcore Master”

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Richmond psych-rockers Hearts In Exile have been hard at work over the last year and a half putting the finishing touches on their debut self-titled album. While fans have been treated to sneak peeks of the record online and at various gigs around the Richmond scene, today marks another exciting step towards its release with the unveiling of their latest twangy, lo-fi single, “Hardcore Master.” Short, sweet, and to the point, the band packs all their effortless charm into this playful song, something that radiates through the accompanying music video, which The Auricular is proud to premiere today!


“Hardcore Master” is a 100-second melodic puff of the band’s natural charisma, nimbly blending their sharp musical prowess with a whimsical artistic vision. The song evokes nostalgia for the origins of pzyk rock, reminiscent of the rapid-fire expressions crafted by proto-bands of the ’60s. This track is more acutely perceptive and keenly written, but it still slides in neatly thanks to its free-spirited approach and sharp guitar jangles. It’s a track that will immediately delight the ear, concluding almost as swiftly in a way that leaves a lingering allure, enticing listeners to instantly crave more.

In the video, shot by Lindsay Carlin and Piper Strasel (also responsible for the upcoming album’s artwork), drummer Jon Reed takes center stage sporting the iconic turtleneck and chain combo synonymous with absurdism. The only absence from his attire? A well-placed fanny pack, though perhaps he’s on a quest for it amidst his errant wanderings, seeking the final puzzle piece for his sartorial statement. Reed’s dry humor sets the tone, echoed by Graham Brouder, Ben Nelson, and Rob Daubenspeck, who deadpan their way through an outdoor performance, their synchronized formation fostering an undeniable sense of camaraderie. Embracing the ethos of “commit to the bit,” the video infuses an additional layer of wit and levity to the already carefree musical landscape.

“Hardcore Master” serves as the second single from Hearts In Exile’s anticipated self-titled album, following the release of “Language Is The House” in late 2022, accompanied by its own blithe music video. While “Language Is The House” offered a more detailed exploration of the band’s fusion of psychedelic and garage rock, intriguing listeners with its lo-fi magnetism, “Hardcore Master” presents a concise reverberation. Together, these tracks epitomize the band’s versatile sound, effortlessly evoking swift reflections and contemplative musings while maintaining their engrossing essence throughout. As we eagerly await the full album release (first teased back in 2022!), “Hardcore Master” offers a bright addition to the band’s repertoire, sure to uplift every morning playlist until the album’s arrival.

“Hardcore Master” is out now via YouTube. You can catch Hearts In Exile in concert next on Friday, May 17th at the Hofheimer alongside Babe Lewis and Nabeel. For ticket information, click here. To keep up to date on future releases and announcements, make sure to follow Hearts In Exile on Instagram.


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