Premiere: Keely Burn Glares & Shines On Video For “Come Down Love”

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This past February, singer-songwriter Keely Burn released her latest EP, I’ve Never Been More Aware, a four-song record we described as “snug folk-pop compositions with endearing melodies relayed through an idiosyncratic vocal tone that’s unpredictable and charming.” Armed with surprising sounds and dynamic vigor, it’s quickly become one of our favorite Richmond EPs of 2019 thus far, with each re-listen uncovering more about it’s curious compositions and original approach. Today, we at The Auricular, are proud to premiere the music video for one of the stand-out tracks from that EP, the compelling and capricious track “Come Down Love.”

Featuring Burn’s signature vocal style, “Come Down Love” is a track that instantly makes an impression on the listener, but as you make your way through the song, it’s less the lyrics and vocals that catch your ear, and more the unusual instrumentation that’s dancing in the background. Regular rock instruments like guitar and bass pop up, of course, providing a forceful and familiar foundation, but with the addition of tamboruine, glockenspiel, and ocarina, the song stretches further than normal singer-songwriter affair, giving depth to normal proceedings with melodies that nearly haunt in their tone and structure.

“The arrangement came about more out of practicality than creative spirit,” Burn explained. “I needed a high-voiced instrument to balance the heavy low end, and considered using trumpet, but couldn’t find an authentic sounding brass MIDI, so I chose the glockenspiel. Because we didn’t record the backing track with a metronome, it was difficult to program a full drum set, so I used a tambourine for rhythm. Then the ocarina was used to bring out the Western vibe that I felt the song had. I love using ‘unconventional’ sounding instruments, especially since digitally-programmed sounds like MIDI offer so much to choose from.”

“Of course it has its drawbacks,: she continued, “like the inauthentic sounds I mentioned, but it’s freeing not having to seek out musicians who play these very specific instruments. I’d like to be able to feel that nothing is off-limits.”

Burn admitted the song isn’t “entirely indicative” of her EP, as the other three tracks lean more on pianos and keyboards than guitar, but she did mention it was her “favorite song on the EP” and one she was excited to see brought to life in a video in order to “see the story and musical aesthetic visually represented.”

And it does just that. Shot at Isley Brewing Company, Sound Of Music Studios, and Bryan Park by Angela Huckstep and John Morand, the video relys the song’s lyrics with a subtle, yet distinct narrative that plays through sleek shots of Burn performing.

“My initial idea was much more heavy-handed,” Burn stated, “but it changed in the days leading up to the shoot when I was relaying the concept to John Morand (who shot the scenes at Isley), and we started focusing on the characters in the bar scenes. I imagined a man bringing his new girlfriend around to make the singer jealous, but how would the woman feel knowing she’s being used? In the end, I tried to frame those scenes as more sympathetic to this character. I like more abstract imagery in videos that makes it easier to interpret the song for one’s self and is less about forcing the thoughts of the songwriter or videographer on the audience.”

Keely Burn performs next in Richmond tonight, Friday, April 12th, at Sound Of Music Studios alongside musicians Amira and Moss. For more information on the show, click here.

Until then, catch out the piquant new video for “Come Down Love” below:


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