Premiere: The Fan Cannonballs Into Summer Romance On “Single For The Summer”

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From shattered dreams to brief romances, summer has always been ripe with romantic imagery, as the blaze of passion tries to keep pace with the soaring temperatures. As heatwaves grow stronger, so does the intensity of these connections, making this music the ideal tribute to the timeless, exhilarating allure of summer love. Whether soaked in pensive synthpop or adorned with dreamy surf melodies, summer love songs always resonate, with each year bringing fans another chance to add a new banger to their favorite pool playlist. For those still in the middle of perfecting this year’s mix, look no further than the latest summer love anthem from Richmond’s pop-rock fanatics, The Fan.

“Single For The Summer” is a tribute to discovering that missing piece that transforms life from good to spectacular, filling every moment with excitement and passion. With its buoyant melody and lively rhythm, the song soars with power pop spirit, polished with a rich alternative tone. Heartfelt and evocative, the song simultaneously recalls the butterflies of youthful days and the cathartic vulnerability of maturity, both colliding in a head-first dive of melodic exuberance. Out everywhere on Friday, June 14th, The Auricular is excited to premiere this song a day early with an exclusive stream below as well as further detail into its starry-eyed resonance.


Echoing the whirlwind of emotions in a new romance, the song starts with a bold statement — a reverb-drenched guitar riff accompanied by an explosive drum introduction. As it settles into a steady, pulsing rhythm, it embraces the raw, unanticipated bond with open arms, celebrating its intoxicating allure. “I’m willing to forget all intentions, to keep your attention,” frontman Jim Ivins sings, letting his guard down in nervous excitement that this isn’t just a chance encounter. The lyrics unfold with a poignant willingness to let go of past intentions and mistakes, capturing the magic of the present moment. They explore the dichotomy between dreams and reality, suggesting that true fulfillment lies in genuine connections (“What’s in a dream, if life’s best awakened?“). Despite a hint of restraint, the lyrics culminate in a hopeful embrace of romance, trusting it to lead to further rapture and eagerly move beyond past burdens (“You make me never wanna be\ Single for the summer again“).

Recorded by Bill Leverty of the renowned hard rock band Firehouse, mixed by Marshall Bastin (3 Doors Down), and mastered by Raelynn Janicke (The Shins), the song showcases The Fan at their finest, capturing that classic aughts alt-rock radio sound with glee, while maintaining a spirited undercurrent that has long defined indie music’s appeal. Alongside Ivins are Steve Snider on lead guitar, Rob St. Amand on bass, Bobby Gary on keys, Joey Arias on drums, and Ryan Colton on saxophone, adding a final touch that propels the song from enjoyable to anthemic in its closing moments, a crafty flourish that mirrors the discovery of life’s missing piece.

“Single For The Summer” is the first new music from The Fan since the release of their debut EP, Nostalgia, in August 2023. Like the record, the band excels in capturing the nostalgic sounds of their youth while injecting it with fresh creativity. This latest track reveals there’s much terrain left uncharted as the band charges forward, guided by vibrant memories yet propelled by the timeless adventure that fuels their musical soul. More than celebrating the pursuit of new love, “Single For The Summer” embodies the band’s ethos of perpetually chasing passions and embracing life’s interests with a youthful spirit that never fades, something that will ensure “Single For The Summer” isn’t the last pool anthem we’ll get from the band.

“Single For The Summer” is set for release on Friday, June 14th and you can pre-save it now by clicking here. You can catch The Fan in concert next on June 27th at Imperial Lounge and July 16th at The Canal Club. To keep up to date on future releases and concert announcements from the band, make sure to follow The Fan on social media by clicking here.


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