Richmond Music Roundup: December 9 – December 15

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A Cold Night | A Warm Heart by Attic Noises (Link)
Released December 13th

Holiday-inspired folk tracks full of tender attention and nebulous ambience.

Key Track: “Auld Lang Syne”






As My Roof Drips by Cousin Res (Link)
Released December 11th

Furtive instrumentals by a clever producer from the Haunted Trap collective.

Key Track: “Aqua Club”






Bad Music Vol. II by 卄乇尺 (Link)
Released December 12th

Empyreal instrumentals with gossamer textures and imaginative designs.

Key Track: “Forget”






Cloud Factory by Atom Rivers (Link)
Released December 9th

A cavalcade of jam band, indie rock, psychedlica, and power pop fuel this instrumental EP.

Key Track: “Cloud Factory”






Code 3 by Lil Whoadiiee & Ra$cal Grimez (Link)
Released December 4th (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

Hip-hop bangers and flowing contemplations performed in conjunction with a nice variety of producers.

Key Track: “Punch In”






Colorful Creature by Errol Bateman (Link)
Released December 12th

Smoky vulnerability deconstructed through dazzling melodies. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Point Break”






Damon: The Mixtape by Damon (Link)
Released December 9th

Cagey and bouncing hip-hop with personal revelations & brazen declarations.

Key Track: “Right Back”






Demos by Sibyl (Link)
Released December 11th

Cultivated psychedelic rock presented through doom and garage filters.

Key Track: “Spinning Webs”






Deuce Dayz by Infinitely Looping (Link)
Released December 13th

Electro rock creations that slide perfectly into any dance music mix.

Key Track: “Light Yearz”






Dhemo’s First Demo by Dhemo (Link)
Released December 11th

Quirky and fetching indie rock minimally designed and emotively performed.

Key Track: “The Same”






EP by Old S. High (Link)
Released December 10th

Vibrant, deep, and expansive hip-hop beat tape.







EXRRA by Gary Llama (Link)
Released December 15th

A rebellious spirit fuels this eclectic mix of songs ranging from funk jamming to expressive electronica.

Key Track: “A Synapse”






Fracture by VonnBoyd (Link)
Released December 9th

Two song release featuring detailed and refined ambient expeditions.

Key Track: “Kingdom”






HPD 2018 Demos by Half Past Dead (Link)
Released December 10th

Multifaceted rock demos brilliantly mixing emo, metal, punk, and power pop.

Key Track: “Another Shot For Failure”






Library Music IV: Return Of The End Of Time by Spacebomb House Band (Link)
Released December 14th

Latest, and perhaps most lavish, release from the prolific collective tackling avant-garde down to electronic fusion.

Key Track: “A Middle Distance”






Little Ease by Jonathan Vassar (Link)
Released December 10th

Chambered folk music with axiomatic melodies and genuine emotion.

Key Track: “I Can’t Make Up My Mind”






Live At The Broadberry by OUNO (Link)
Released December 10th

Live recording of 12/8/18 set containing house & EDM music.







Me And Jp Heal The World by GAR$ON (Link)
Released December 14th

Supply & pliant hip hop beats enveloped within a supernal ambience.

Key Track: “Stretch It Out”






Night Session (Live At Spacebomb Studios) by Sleepwalkers (Link)
Released December 13th

Live-to-tape Spacebomb recordings of Sleepwalkers’ recent sensational singles.

Key Track: “Never Enough”






Pageant Wave by Horsehead (Link)
Released December 14th

Thrilling Americana with timeless spirit, modern appeal, and splendid talent.

Key Track: “Everything That’s Wrong With The World Is Gone”






Physical Konnection [Her Tape EP] by allenANALOG (Link)
Released December 11th

Deeply soulful beat tape that grooves as proudly as it pops.

Key Track: “Planet Of Health [You’re My Knight]”






Pieces Of Songs That Remind Me Of Snow by Mikael (Link)
Released December 11th

Abstract December-themed sound collages with cunning “melodies.”

Key Track: “Santa Claus!”






Richmond27 by RVA.Dom (Link)
Released December 12th

Expansive hip hop instrumentals grounded with pensive technique.

Key Track: “Stacks”






Released December 15th

Feverish punk rock sharpened with a metal edge and polished with canny lyrics.

Key Track: “Always Never Again”






Sci Fi Goliath Mixtape by DiabloBandito (Link)
Released December 10th

Wildly eclectic beat tape including towering electronica, spliced EDM, and driving chimes.






Soundtrack To Being Confused About Love On An Out Of Tune Piano by Night, Kid (Link)
Released December 11th

Tender piano melodies carried along by poignant and resonant vocals.

Key Track: “Sucking On Limes”






The World Is A Saturday by Various Artists (Link)
Released December 12th

Abstract compilation full of glitch fragments and experimental observations from the FOIL collective.

Key Track: “Fame”






0237 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released December 11th

Pensive and boundless movements performed with a worldly grasp and personal touch.

Key Track: “0237 Part II”








“Aint No Part 2’s” by Don Karlo (Link)
Released December 5th (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

A brusque flow highlights this terse and bustling track.







“Auburn Highlights” by Mr. Paul Corusoe (Link)
Released December 9th

Spirited indie guitar track enhanced by some sublime layering.







“Body Whatever (featuring Cadillac Cat & KellyKpg)” by Dre King (Link)
Released December 11th

A rhythmic barrage highlights this rolling and rousing rap track.






“Chapter 1” by Don Karlo (Link)
Released December 8th (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

A brightly chiming single provides refined contrast to the gritty rhymes.






“Dan Marino” by BGG RCH (Link)
Released December 14th

Athletically inspired rap over a terse, yet rich beat.







“Dogs Will Bark” by The Insect Club (Link)
Released December 10th

Sound manipulations that give off a sense of otherworldly visitation.






“Dopewell17” by Richie Dtn (Link)
Released December 12th

Seesawing rap with a darting rhythm and candid rhymes.







“Enough” by DEADGXD (Link)
Released December 11th

Caustic and grimy rhymes that flow unguarded through a rumbling trap mix. (Read our full review here.)






“Game Of Thrones” by Don Karlo (Link)
Released December 11th

A stalking flow prowls over an elaborately murky backing instrumental.






“Gods Nation” by Don Karlo (Link)
Released December 9th

Driving flows push this crisply produced track.







“Heartless” by Jay Jovanitti (Link)
Released December 9th

Unobtrusive hip hop featuring a idiomatic flow and clean melody.






“Houndstooth” by Positive No (Link)
Released December 11th

Mathy and airy alt-rock track released to help raise money & awareness for The Trevor Project.






“IMA SHOOTAH” by Greenman Z (Link)
Released December 11th

Nebulous and vibrating melodies swirling around lamenting vocals.






“Inferno Snow” by Snow FGE (Link)
Released December 12th

Voltaic tinged flows galvanize this brisk and stirring track.







“Infinity” by 4notna (Link)
Released December 14th

Soulful instrumentation fills the backdrop of this tenacious rap.







“Its Rox” by Big Tyla (Link)
Released December 14th

A muted instrumental with a deeply resonant sound that borders on devotional.






“Juice” by Greenman Z (Link)
Released December 9th

Hauntingly reverberating rhyming overtop a crackling and bubbling beat.






“Life Snatched” by Don Karlo (Link)
Released December 7th (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

Clamorous hip hop with a guiding flow and abysmal beat.







“Lights Out” by Big Tyla (Link)
Released December 10th

An expansive instrumental fit for devout vaporwave or abstract rap.






“Lockjaw Remix” by Chasié (Link)
Released December 6th (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

Piping rhyme overtop a remix to French Montana’s 2016 single.







“Make Out Hill” by RVA.Dom (Link)
Released December 15th

Muted and anguishes hip hop with sparse and striking vocals.







“My Balls & My Word” by Don Karlo (Link)
Released December 14th

Classic hip-hop underground with a jazzy instrumental and a barbed flow.






“My Own Devil” by Don Karlo (Link)
Released December 9th

A fragmented and climbing melody light up the backtrack on this grainy rap track.






“N111CE” by VF Shaolin (Link)
Released December 10th

Imaginative hip-hop with an ingenious instrumental and pulsating flow.






“No Remorse” by RVA_Slayer (Link)
Released December 14th

Soaring and driving hip hop instrumental that’s sublimely propitious.






“OMG (Fast)” by FastLane804 (Link)
Released December 10th

Cathodicly emotive vocals direct this brisk hip-hop song.







“Paper Stickers” by Deau Eyes (Link)
Released December 11th

Phrentic rock track featuring trenchant lines and dynamic musical energy. (Read our full review here.)






“Pick Up The Phone Remix” by Chasié (Link)
Released December 6th (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

Reformatory remix to Travis Scott’s 2016 single.







“Playa Swagg” by D.O.P.E. (Link)
Released December 12th

Bouncing rhymes launching off a tempered, glistening beat.







“Powerglide” by Co Cartel (Link)
Released December 10th

Punchy and declarative remix of Rae Sremmurd’s recent single.







“Purple (featuring Dom P)” by Django Starr (Link)
Released December 13th

Relaxing yet distorted vapor rap track with a compelling ambience.






“Pyrex Vision” by Foul Mouth Po$$e (Link)
Released December 9th

Golden age-inspired hip hop with a fundamentally splendid cadence.






“Quiet Dreams” by Big Tyla (Link)
Released December 15th

Luring instrumental tailor-made for a polished and creative R&B crooner.






“Rarries Rovers Jags” by D.O.P.E. (Link)
Released December 12th

Rippling melody and beat bubble underneath this churning rap.







“Remote Detachment” by The Insect Club (Link)
Released December 10th

Lo-fi noise corruptions that are deeply explored and experimented.






“Revolution” by RezonDaDawn (Link)
Released December 12th

Slinky and soulful hip hop featuring a charismatic and absorbing flow.






“Right Now” by U.G.L.Y. ELEMENT (Link)
Released December 10th

A jumping club banger enhanced by the quaking sounds. (Read our full review here.)







“Risk” by Cadillac CAT (Link)
Released December 12th

Auto-tuned trap with a dark vibe, deep beat, and urgent force.







“Seems Like” by GHOST (Link)
Released December 15th

Hazy hip-hop vocalizing that’s haunted by a foreboding beat.







“Seen It Comin” by Lil RUIII (Link)
Released December 9th

Swaying and genial rhymes flowing through tinny and rhythmic sounds.






“Snow In” by Big Tyla (Link)
Released December 9th

Hip-hop instrumental featuring a carbonated melody.







“Stay Winnin” by Don Karlo (Link)
Released December 5th (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

Deep beats pierce a mysterious melody in this insistent song.







“Steady LaFleur” by Monk (Link)
Released December 9th

Laid back and cavernous hip-hop that languidly unravels.







“Sweet Surrender (featuring Young Noah)” by Dave Hall (Link)
Released December 11th

Devotional hip-hop carried by a tender piano melody and percolating vocals.






“The Rewind Series: Part 1 – Just Friends (Freestyle)” by Chevaux (Link)
Released December 11th

Voluble freestyle with enhanced cordiality thanks to its homey instrumental.






“Tutankhamen” by Don Karlo (Link)
Released December 8th (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

Fuzzed out, deep vocals rumble around the crackling rhythm.







“With The Chauffeur (Freestyle)” by Lil RUIII (Link)
Released December 13th

A nimble cadence lights the spark in this impellent track.







“6%” by BGG RCH (Link)
Released December 15th

An emphatically unfurling flow overtop a spastic beat.







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