Richmond Music Roundup: February 1 – February 8

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for February 1st through February 8th.




A Machine, It Seems by Leach (Link)
Released February 7th

Progressive garage rock from a group proudly wearing its influences while blazing a new unique path.

Key Track: “Spend The Day”







AD/HD by DatBoiRa (Link)
Released February 4th

Dashing hip-hop record with a myriad of styles that trickle out of the mind of a shifty, clever MC.

Key Track: “HD”







Anguish by Michael Andoh (Link)
Released February 3rd

A reclining flow ambles through three intriguing samples on this mismatched, but fetching EP.

Key Track: “Paranoia”







Artificial Sweetener by Circuitous Love (Link)
Released February 1st

Amorphous R&B sprawling through shifting soundscapes that dart quickly between warm melodies and moving grooves.

Key Track: “Lauren’s Song”







Batch From Concentrate: The Red Tape by wpeed (Link)
Released February 5th

Rosy hued beat tape offering splashy and savory instrumental loops & samples.

Key Track: “Carmine”







Broccoli Boy Beats by Destructoid (Link)
Released February 4th

Vibrant beat tape made with a wry ingenuity and paired with a peculiar refrigerator aesthetic.

Key Track: “Some Mushrooms”







Daily Certitude by Vacuum Shop (Link)
Released February 2nd

Fuzzed out ambient release with two songs examining the cagey and pensive aspects of the avant-garde and noise scene.

Key Track: “Similar Hesitations”







Demos by Kasnir (Link)
Released February 8th

Hip-hop vocals cut through knotty soundscapes of industrial clutter and noisy rot on this jarring, genre melting release.

Key Track: “Toxic (Unfinished)”







Demos by WifiPassword (Link)
Released February 2nd

Vivid rock record that delights in its simplistic brilliance with robust electric strums bracing gripping, forceful vocals.

Key Track: “Thigh”







Driving by Bashful (Link)
Released February 7th

Spry pop-punk carrying engaging lyrics through impudent vocals over bustling rock breakdowns that border on infectious.

Key Track: “On My Way Out”







E.J.2 by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released February 6th

Cruising hip-hop release fueled by an insatiable flow and glitzy production.

Key Track: “Long Run”







Encouraged To Explore Boundaries In A Safe Atmosphere Surrounded By Supportive Loved Ones by A.S.D. (Link)
Released February 2nd

An eruption of synthesized noise distilled from a stormy vision into a turbid torrent of sonic deluge.

Key Track: “Side C”







Foolish Things by Robert Van Zanten (Link)
Released February 5th

Shrouded singer-songwriter weaving through punk, electronica, and soul with daring conviction.

Key Track: “Pleasure”







Fuse by hankych1ef (Link)
Released February 4th

Experimental synthpop from the mind of a striking singer-songwriter offering cagey compositions that show an awry side of melody and groove.

Key Track: “Caution”







Greystone by Henny L.O. & Sycho Sid (Link)
Released February 7th

Dynamic rap EP driven by its soulful samples & enterprising talent that never fails to impress.

Key Track: “Dark Matter”







Infinte Worlds by arcosphere (Link)
Released February 2nd

Delightful “rock” jaunt with a bevy of impressive and endearing influences from gypsy and ambient to folk and progressive.

Key Track: “Moonrise”







Keyhole by Earthcradle (Link)
Released February 7th

Propulsive noise record that reimagines the cosmic ambience as one filled with distortion and ataxia.

Key Track: “Area 58”







Lovee Letters TU by B Lovee (Link)
Released February 7th

Resolute rap release from a diligent MC utilizing bright savvy to drive his privy, bouncy tracks.

Key Track: “Treason”







Minerva Music Mixtape II by Trevor Lawson (Link)
Released January 31st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Feracious production drives each avid track on this charismatic and winsome rap record.

Key Track: “Monday Blue’s”







Nice To Meat You by Meat Plant (Link)
Released February 5th

Furtive brilliance yields staggering instrumentals on this instrumental release with roots in electronica, ambient, and industrial.

Key Track: “The Inchworm Dance”







OG Profilling (A Maga Hat To Market Hate) by djradtipptoppp (Link)
Released February 5th

Intriguing pastiche from a DJ examining bullying and activism within 144 ambient minutes.







Old Stuff, New Release by Ryan Barrett Atchison (Link)
Released February 1st

A collage of personal recordings containing bedroom punk and alleyway folk with a dash of shifty electronica sprinkled on top.

Key Track: “This Person”







Powerful Society Demo by Ulmeyda (Link)
Released February 7th

Lively garage rock written with surf sensibilities and pop harmonies that charms from start to finish.

Key Track: “Are You Better”







Real Deal by GZ Finest (Link)
Released February 5th

Brisk rap record from an agile MC with an ear for timeless sounds & modern-day flair that yields tracks teeming with musical clout.

Key Track: “To The Top”







See You In Hell by Jimmy $wank (Link)
Released February 8th

Fiery condemnations command this smoldering rap record that careens wildly down it’s molten path.

Key Track: “Hellboy”







Showing Insomic Shorts Of School District Lieing To Keep There Reputation by djradtipptoppp (Link)
Released February 2nd

A jarring ambient look at local injustices distilled through the mind of an intricate and conflicted DJ.

Key Track: “89 Ways Of Hanover County School Insomia Bullying”







Skirbee We Miss You (Vol. 1) by Agee804 (Link)
Released February 2nd

Buzzing hip-hop EP housing cheeky samples and musing observations in service of a fallen friend.

Key Track: “All In”







The Ghost House by Robert Van Zanten (Link)
Released February 5th

Protean rock music that is as circumspect as it is brash on this illusory record.

Key Track: “Lady Lazarus”







Thoughts Aligned by Fight Cloud (Link)
Released February 7th

Intrepid math rock proudly defined by its ruminative scrutiny and complex, enticing melodies.

Key Track: “Hideaway”







Work Of Art by Artvegas (Link)
Released February 1st

Spirited hip-hop release shifting between crooning melodies and frenetic rhymes all propelled by assertive emotion.

Key Track: “Fall For Me”









“Around The Bend” by Philip James Murphy Jr (Link)
Released February 5th

Warm fingerstyle strains give way to direct lyrics flowing through dulcet harmonies on this moving acoustic track.







“Asshole (feat. MoneyxMeesk)” by infj (Link)
Released February 8th

A disparaging modulating revelation drives this electronic faerie with an innate pull.







“Astral” by 804Bandit (Link)
Released February 8th

Nebulous vocals match the cosmic aesthetic on this awakening rap track.







“Brand New” by 804E (Link)
Released February 4th

Clandestine sounds build up a sly appeal on this stealthy rap single.







“Broad Street” by Will! (Link)
Released February 7th

Hip-hop musings revolving around a purling instrumental loosely set to the backdrop of one of RVA’s central roads.







“Butter Pecan” by PhenomFromThe804 (Link)
Released February 4th

Hip-hop ode to a late-night comfort food in the form of cold, shortening, nutty emulsions.







“Checkmate” by Lamb Of God (Link)
Released February 6th

Local rock heroes and national metal gods return with a ravenous track built on a mauling groove and bellowing vocals.







“Chickennns” by 808Frank (Link)
Released February 2nd

Simmering hip-hop instrumental with a spectral hook flickering around a composed beat.







“Conscious Collective (feat. Young Czech)” by OSMOSIS (Link)
Released February 4th

Bubbly tones are spaced out judiciously in the background of this glossy hip-hop track with a polished melodic consonance.







“Cool Breeze” by Ben Ferrell (Link)
Released February 7th

A relaxed gust of jazzy charm framed in a sleek neo-soul package.







“Culdesac” by Lovely Losers (Link)
Released February 4th

Austere rock reverie disclosing observations and critiques of everyday life through warm vocals & proggy acoustic sounds.







“Das Alright IV” by Cancerous Moon (Link)
Released February 6th

A coarse R&B soul built on listless murmurs accepting the dismal fate of the world.







“Dior Shades” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released February 7th

A futuristic soundscape illuminates the backdrop on this gnawing and adumbral hip-hop single.







“Dirty Money (feat. Reppa Ton)” by OG ILLA (Link)
Released January 31st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Radiant rap track built on a smooth flow and a winsome hook playing out over a sweet island melody.







“Diva (Remix)” by LanchaBoi (Link)
Released February 6th

Tempered and cushioned remix of The Kid LAROI’s recent single.







“DK Freestyle (feat. Yung Dinero)” by DiabloKane (Link)
Released January 31st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Gruff rap track punctuated by a flashing hook beneath a pair of blustery MCs with raving rhymes.







“DONTWANT2BEFRIENDS” by 32Degrees (Link)
Released February 8th

Dreary hip-hop remarks that lull over a somber, pulsating instrumental.







“Droptop” by BroZay x BigSteppa2x (Link)
Released February 2nd

A melodic coil entwines around this serpentine rap single.







“Earth Chant” by PXL (Link)
Released February 5th

Droning tones bore their way through this reverberating instrumental exercise.







“Easier” by addy (Link)
Released February 6th

An incandescent promenade offering insight into the labyrinth of life through a scaling, patient composition.







“Fake Luv” by Kayson x Rizzie x Nakhee (Link)
Released February 3rd

Oscillating hip-hop track with a refreshing hook dissecting hollow emotion.







“Fiend” by DiabloKane (Link)
Released January 24th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Rumbling vocals form an erosive flow that contrasts the palatial hook on this gliding rap track.







“Fly Me To The Moon” by LUQ. (Link)
Released February 6th

Lustrous modern cover of the timeless jazz standard made famous by Frank Sinatra that moves from its lounge home to an inviting lo-fi setting.







“Get You Gone” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released February 1st

A flurry of chimes make up the memorable hook on this biting rap sneer.







“Got You” by Nakhee (Link)
Released February 3rd

Beaming, modulating vocals surge on this longing hip-hop entreaty with stylish production.







“Groove Mind” by QUAN $ENSE! (Link)
Released February 6th

Strutting dance track that revolves around swaying instrumental verses connected by an infectious groove.







“Grown Black Kids (Cover)” by Sensei○Dre (Link)
Released February 7th

Hectic and robust remix of Chance The Rapper’s defiant 2016 single with Alex Wiley and Mick Jenkins.







“Hail Of Doom” by Left Cross (Link)
Released February 6th

Strident death metal blitz that deafens as much as it radicalizes with its vocal mortar and rhythmic pestle.







“Hard Fried” by Johnny Ciggs (Link)
Released February 6th

Teetering piano notes make a sprightly hook on this grainy and compelling rap single.







“Here I Go Again, Dreamin (feat. Demond47)” by 804E (Link)
Released February 1st

Intriguing hip-hop single built on churning, sorrowful voices creating a soundscape of shrewd affliction.







“I Can’t Think Straight” by vossnos (Link)
Released February 6th

Jittery, distrait vocals lose themselves in the flurry of this flashy electronic gambol.







“I Want It” by Baraka (Link)
Released February 2nd

Offbeat vocals highlight this peculiar, but engaging hip-hop single built on pop culture references and innate charm.







“Ian With It” by Jay Bugg (Link)
Released February 1st

Smooth and mellow R&B affirmation wafting over a sparkling, lively beat.







“Insane” by Amethyst Midnight (Link)
Released February 8th

A measured piano melody scales into a dramatic neo-soul rumination that yields a stout, but elusive appeal.







“Insomnia Hours?” by AMQCATARACTS (Link)
Released February 7th

Snarling rap broadcast conveying frantic vocal perils over a trembling beat.







“Kids Next Door” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released February 6th

Swinging vocal bluster trudges through a flighty melody on this stomping rap track.







“King” by Michael Andoh (Link)
Released February 7th

Noble hip-hop instrumental built on ruffled, vintage tones that join together for a timeless hook.







“Lack Of Guidance (feat. Dre Person)” by VF Shaolin (Link)
Released February 7th

A skewed chime punctuates the resounding beat on this spirited and tenacious hip-hop track.







“Lay Me Down” by Soopcanz (Link)
Released February 4th

Crestfallen emotions break against ascending guitar melodies on this afflicted rock track harkening back to the radio heyday of emo.







“Love Eyes” by Golden Ours (Link)
Released February 6th

Flourishing chamber pop focused on the idiosyncratic voice of a dazzling musician conveying arcane lyrics and exhilarating melodies.







“Mad Men” by James, The Younger (Link)
Released February 5th

An Eastern string melody gives this swinging rap track an intrinsic allure.







“Malicious” by AYOB (Link)
Released February 7th

A lurching rap instrumental built on a cavalcade of windpipes directing a steady, stout beat.







“McKinley Claire & Robert Van Zanten” by Escaping The Party (Link)
Released February 5th

Bluesy rock elegy built on textural guitar tones, anxious percussion, and soaring vocal distress.







“Me Berry” by Brer AP (Link)
Released February 8th

A mundane dial tone is spliced up and giving vibrant life on this sleek, dashing rap track.







“Mental Space (feat. Josh Teed)” by Yogamuffin (Link)
Released February 7th

Fluttering electronic instrumental that houses a plethora of anodic flourishes weaving in and out of a pensive violin solo.







“Mercy” by Don Chase (Link)
Released January 27th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

A snapping rap delight housing a dexterous MC exerting his electric and forceful flow.







“Mind Gone” by Zero (Link)
Released February 4th

Sprinting rap track that features an incessant flow that unfolds over a moving and spunky instrumental.







“Mini Mo” by Famous Dex x Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released February 1st

Frantic hip-hop affirmation with wry harmonies and sharp detours, braced by an inviting soul sample.







“Moment Of Truth” by PhenomFromThe804 (Link)
Released February 2nd

A contrast of filters highlight this strutting rap track with a glossy instrumental and blurred vocals.







“Muses” by Amethyst Midnight (Link)
Released February 6th

Gentle guitar musings over a pithy, tender instrumental.







“My Gyrla (feat. Prestigious 804)” by Santi Massflow (Link)
Released February 7th

A blazing and deluged rap track built on gushing synth notes, strapping rhymes, and a sleek flow.







“N x t L v l” by i x r a (Link)
Released February 1st

Rousing chiptune instrumental with a timeless melody distilled through outmoded yet timeless tones that thrill and delight.







“New York Queen” by vossnos x Naeem Large (Link)
Released January 31st (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Distraught tones fade in and out of a spliced up coastal rhythm on this consuming hip-hop lament.







“No Hospital” by 804Mafia (Link)
Released February 5th

A glancing string melody gives color to this swinging and jabbing rap track.







“Notice It” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released February 1st

Irradiating tones rise and fall in the background of this briery hip-hop track.







“On & On Freestyle” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released February 3rd

Deep beats and booming vocals blow out the levels on this roaring hip-hop single.







“Overnight” by Sensei○Dre (Link)
Released February 7th

Enticing rap overture offered up over a dazzling instrumental featuring piping tones playing with fluid, vibrant rhythms.







“Pattern Recognition” by Skinnyy Hendrixx (Link)
Released February 2nd

Tempered rap brilliance distilled through a shroudy beat containing potent rhymes and smoldering bars.







“Prada Me (feat. Zay Blaze)” by RJ $tackhouse (Link)
Released February 3rd

Artistic and individual dignity distilled through a rolling melody on this bright hip-hop single.







“Purpose Eventually” by Ghxst Figures (Link)
Released February 1st

Incisive post-hardcore single that resonates strongly through repining lyrics and harrowing textural work that build to a lustrating climax.







“Reflective Phobias” by Amethyst Midnight (Link)
Released February 2nd

Melodic stream-of-consciousness conveyed through a grainy lo-fi recording.







“Slide Musik” by Xgce (Link)
Released February 2nd

Coercive beats drive this careening hip-hop single from a madcap MC with a brash flow.







“Something’s In The Water” by Demond47 (Link)
Released February 1st

A cascading mélange of agitated hip-hop samples and hooks make up this balefully enticing track.







“Sorry Pt. 2” by anxxiouswreck (Link)
Released February 7th

Harmonious anguish that uncovers light hidden within the doleful instrumental and gripping vocals.







“TBAFWM” by Niah (Link)
Released February 6th

A paced and assertive flow highlights this pulsating rap track with a magnetic pull.







“TLC” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released February 6th

Snapping beats compel a sauntering melody that’s adorned and haunted by lingering vocals.







“Trade Up” by Chris Mattison (Link)
Released January 27th (Omitted From Last Week’s List)

Rancorous lyrics surge out of the emotional wreckage of this therapeutic hip-hop single.







“Tree (feat. Ody)” by Nine (Link)
Released February 2nd

Twinkling electronic chimes orbit a hypnotic flow in this dramatic and astonishing hip-hop track.







“Use My Love” by Tom Seidita (Link)
Released February 2nd

Emphatic vocals pair with a tinny slide guitar melody for this somber, touching plea.







“Warm Night In Winter” by Nick & The Twist (Link)
Released February 8th

Dusky instrumental offering up evening rumination through a bright, swirling hook.







“Wow” by LazahDaKing (Link)
Released February 1st

Striking rap track illuminated by a dynamic flow and sharp rhymes delivered by a canny and nimble MC.







“Your Night” by Teon The Beat (Link)
Released February 7th

Scurrying synth tones create a pulsating foundation on this dashing instrumental.







“20 Min (Remix)” by FastLane804 (Link)
Released February 1st

Accelerated remix of Lil Uzi Vert’s 2017 single.







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