Richmond Music Roundup: January 26 – January 31

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for January 26th through January 31st.




At The End Of The Day. by Fly Anakin (Link)
Released January 26th

Dynamic hip-hop declarations easily eclipse the star-studded line-up of rappers & producers featured on the gifted MC’s latest solo record.

Key Track: “Don’t Smoke”







Collaboration With Peyton Burnham by Infinitelylooping (Link)
Released January 30th

Electro-rock fueled by restless ingenuity that unfolds through seamless collaborative instrumentals, each chasing an elusive & rousing melody.

Key Track: “Tropic Of Cancer”







Cream Dream: Forever by Cream Dream (Link)
Released January 29th

Awry charm highlights this jangly rock record that swings proudly between indie musings & garage precision.

Key Track: “Get Over”







Demo by The Iron Sleep (Link)
Released January 28th

Thrilling goth rock built on rich, portentous synth tones that are carried by demure grooves & patrolling rhythms.

Key Track: “Let Go”







Hell In A Cell by BIGHOMIE$LIM (Link)
Released January 29th

Pounding hip-hop delivered with corrosive confidence that vault over trembling rhythms.

Key Track: “Stone Cold”







Identity Crisis by CrushaCren (Link)
Released January 31st

Ingenious remix record that rebuilds classic R&B and rap singles into expansive house expressions.

Key Track: “Ready For Whatever (Cren Flip)”







Infection by bigdummybeatz (Link)
Released January 27th

Cerebral beat tape with a grainy polish & surreptitious charm.

Key Track: “Oxygen”







Laughing Gas by Wild Nothing (Link)
Released January 31st

An ode to ’80s pop-rock that’s beautifully framed with amorphous synth melodies & modish funk grooves.

Key Track: “The World Is A Hungry Place”







Live @ WVCW by Poison Joy (Link)
Released January 28th

Live set of the peculiar “rock” band anchored by rock lucidity and avant-garde abreaction.

Key Track: “Final Observation”







Make It Count by Kyle Davis (Link)
Released January 31st

Gorgeous return-to-form from a striking singer-songwriter conveying a sweeping message with visceral resonance.

Key Track: “Make It Count”







Nuclear Masturbation by Lipid (Link)
Released January 31st

Virulent hardcore music delivering reflections of abandonment & repudiation through piercing tones & impelling rhythms.

Key Track: “Punish”







Ro Time by Ferroo (Link)
Released January 26th

Internal and external strife dissected through chirping tones, cursive beats, and cutting rhymes.

Key Track: “Extortion”







Telepathic by Midlife Pilot (Link)
Released January 31st

Dynamic rock EP that seeks to unravel itself from the circuitous distress with the help of pensive songs built around resonating hooks and emotive lyrics. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Never Show”







Trashcan by VÉTRO (Link)
Released January 26th

Rippling hip-hop EP with each coasting track connected by a stealthy strand of affecting reticence.

Key Track: “Acid Eyes”







Year Of The Horse by Year Of The Horse (Link)
Released January 26th

Pithy garage rock EP offering a cacophony of noisy pop melodies as imagined by a pious grunge conviction.

Key Track: “Never Come Back”







10 Days by Monday Night (Link)
Released January 31st

Sleek rap poise decorates this scenic hip-hop record built on genteel instrumentals and potent bars.

Key Track: “Perry Ellis”









“Artistic Insomniac” by Amethyst Midnight (Link)
Released January 30th

Cinematic synth instrumental with twists & turns analogous to any great action climax unfolding in a twilight skyline.







“Autumn Leaves / Coastin On Clouds” by Yogamuffin (Link)
Released January 30th

Glitchy electronic jaunt bolstered by a soft jazz undercurrent and encouraging lyrics.







“Backwoods” by BountUp Johnny (Link)
Released January 28th

Swirling hip-hop revolving around brash bars and bustling rhymes with a snappy groove.







“Big Tymer (feat. Jason Aro & Young Nittz)” by DEBEA$$I (Link)
Released January 31st

Jostling hip-hop from a swarm of hungry MCs shrewdly exploiting the driving backing track.







“Bologna” by Burt AllWyld (Link)
Released January 30th

Scheming tones illuminate the flaring rap talent on this cunning & moving single.







“Cement” by Nick & The Twist (Link)
Released January 27th

Percussion clicks and cracks over this tender, grave rap instrumental.







“Chowder (feat. Melathono)” by VF Shaolin (Link)
Released January 31st

A prowling instrumental spur the cutting bars on this probing rap track.







“Crave” by The Firnats (Link)

Released January 26th
Sensational indie rock track featuring remarkable lounge vocals paced with a doo-wop sway to help bolster and fortify the emotive lyrical pull.







“Crewsville Night” by Teon The Beat (Link)
Released January 28th

Electronic string tones seesaw up and down over this brimming & calming instrumental.







“Earned It” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released January 29th

Airy piano tones skip around the stormy rhythm on this blustering rap track.







“Face Card” by Myles Beatz (Link)
Released January 26th

Zooming hip-hop instrumental with a wavering rhythm supplanted by dashing tones and solemn strings.







“Feels Like” by Devon Floyd (Link)
Released January 31st

Sprawling charm unravels from this fetching rap track built on roaring beats and burgeoning talent.







“Helplessly Hoping” by John Newton (Link)
Released January 28th

Intimate and reverent cover of the 1969 acoustic single from Crosby, Stills & Nash.







“I Can’t Decode You” by Amethyst Midnight (Link)
Released January 30th

Imposing soundscape that traipses through industrial settings and quiet foyers with a faint, bustling melody.







“I Wanna See Blood” by Emma Garell (Link)
Released January 24th (Ommited From Last Week’s List)

Anthemic rock directed by commanding vocals that wash over a rootsy swing with gritty distortion.







“January 28th” by Dameetis Brown (Link)
Released January 28th

A jazzy cadence highlights this drafty rap single that glides over a fluttering instrumental.







“Juggin @Da Trap” by Richie Dtn (Link)
Released January 29th

Low tones overflow in this booming rap track that lurches with stone cold assurance.







“Kill Radio (feat. Ben FM & Byrdie XY)” by Ant The Symbol (Link)
Released January 31st

Stirring yet soothing hip-hop single built on tempered rhymes that lean proudly on the timeless, soulful instrumental.







“Lamp” by ⚡️Skirbee⚡️@skexrh (Link)
Released January 29th

Intoning hip-hop bars dash through a rich instrumental containing opulent tones & a bobbing rhythm.







“Late Nights (feat. ATO)” by Chuck Dolo (Link)
Released January 31st

Midnight contemplation funneled through a murky instrumental and roving rhymes.







“Man On The Moon” by Rico Bando (Link)
Released January 31st

Introspective strings adorn this surging rap single built on shaking rhythms & somber tones.







“My 65” by 64 Crayons (Link)
Released January 31st

Classic heartland sound steered by a modern country swing that celebrates perennial charm and spirit. (Read our full review here.)







“No Bullshit” by Da Chief (Link)
Released January 31st

Inimical bars flow out unrestrained on this agitated and trembling rap track.







“No Competition” by Luh Kiddo (Link)
Released January 27th

Plucky spirit pops out of this impish & sprightly hip-hop track that also features a spectral allure.







“Nobody Controls Me” by PhenomFromThe804 (Link)
Released January 31st

Sovereign clout informs this contemplative hip-hop single.







“Number 9” by ⚡️Skirbee⚡️@skexrh (Link)
Released January 30th

Layered hip-hop reflections construct a fervent whirl of disorienting charm on this turbulent & melodic single.







“Old Skool” by Ju? (Link)
Released January 30th

A bright piano flourish serves as the backdrop for this fetching & sliding rap track.







“Out The Mud Freestyle” by ladylike_804 (Link)
Released January 31st

Impressive skill unwinds on this compelling freestyle from an exceptional MC with plenty of sublime bars and rhymes to offer.







“Pavement” by ARKAZA (Link)
Released January 31st

Expansive prog-rock that sharply moves from sweeping ambience to soulful probing before arriving at a climax of thrashing rock theatrics.







“Pressure” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released January 30th

Nebulous hip-hop brilliance permeates this furtive and reflective single.







“Rambo (feat. DrekoJosh)” by RayBandz (Link)
Released January 28th

Bouncy bars weave in and out of a twinkling hip-hop soundscape directed by the swinging rhythm.







“Regardless” by ⚡️Skirbee⚡️@skexrh (Link)
Released January 30th

A throbbing pendulum of rap fervor rushes out of this terse, salient single.







“Reverse” by odysseas (Link)
Released January 26th

Crooning hip-hop vocals fill the space on this simple yet posh instrumental awash with somber tone and rabid talent.







“Rich Gang Freestyle” by Johnny Alkada (Link)
Released January 26th

Combative filters and layers decorate this pugnacious freestyle from a warring MC.







“Russia! (feat. DiabloKane)” by YesJasper (Link)
Released January 31st

Shrouded piano tones relay a perilous mood on this sinuous hip-hop track.







“Self Made Monster 2020” by Gunnar (Link)
Released January 31st

Buoyant bass notes inflate and instruct this coasting hip-hop track from a brazen MC.







“Stay Out My Business” by onQue (Link)
Released January 26th

A calm, patient instrumental provides the perfect backdrop for this striking rap track built on a reclining flow from a gifted MC.







“Stopping Me” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released January 30th

Rabid and menacing bars pierce this trap track built on a peculiar, babbling melody.







“Straw Man” by The Donalds (Link)
Released January 29th

Tempered thrash punk offering a searing takedown of hollow theatrics and misdirection that’s far too common in society today.







“The – Vibe” by Yeahman (Link)
Released January 30th

Cursive and calming hip-hop track with an irresistible groove buoyantly carrying its murmuring MC.







“The Truth” by (Link)
Released January 30th

A cavorting melody spurs this swarming hip-hop track that packs every bit of the bristling instrumental with vocal gusto and flair.







“Wonderland (Houston Remix)” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released January 28th

The 2018 single is garnished with bright piano notes, resounding rhythm, and fleeting harmonic murmurs.







“[Unfinished Leak]” by 804E (Link)
Released January 28th

A striking approach to splicing melodies and beats help make this steep hip-hop track instantly memorable.







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