Totem Releases Two Arcane Videos For “Mythologizing” & “Not The Same Fire”

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This past Friday, electronica duo Totem released their latest record, In The Dark, eight tracks we described as “ravishing electronica that’s intricately layered to support both the rich vocal harmonies and the bustling undercurrent of despair” in our weekly roundup.

But a record was not all the dusky duo had in store for us, as they also dropped two music videos on Friday for songs featured on the record: “Not The Same Fire” and “Mythologizing.”

Both videos are shot in an art-house style that gives off a slight Lynchian vibe, something enhanced by the electronic sound that could be viewed as adjunct to longtime Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti. Stark shots and tense nuance fill each video, which were shot by the duo alongside Sacha Louise, and feature Totem’s Blue Heron and Whitetail Doe in local woods examining their own personal totems in fire and having an obscured confrontation on train tracks.

The two songs appear as a pair on Totem’s new record too, with both showing off the duo’s penchant for building strained soundscapes that strive for resolution through patient synth tones and scattered melodies. “Not The Same Fire” opens with a pensive tone laid over somber lyrics, but as an electronic counter-melody rears its heads, the song starts to slowly shift from despair to hope. “Mythologizing” follows a similar path, but utilizes a rousing drum part and textural beauty to really bring about a sense of closure and resolve within the music.

Check both videos out for yourself below, and make sure to follow Totem’s Bandcamp and YouTube pages for future announcements and videos.



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