Watch Loony YSF & Kingno YSF Jaw & Berate In “Big Rat” Video

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“I’m back and they mad,” proclaims recently released turncoat 6ix9ine. And he’s right. The hate across the country for the rapper runs deep, especially in Richmond as local MCs Loony YSF and Kingno YSF boast about on their new song and video, “Big Rat.”

Shot and edited by the Blood Brothers Production group, the video finds the duo bouncing around a video with countless insults and jabs directed at the controversial musician. Different hues and animated effects fade in and out, but the focus is kept entirely on the words flowing out and the deep rage from which they come from.

This is hardly the first we’ve heard from Loony and Kingno in 2020, with Kingno in particular already having dropped a video for “4Dayz” with Mayson back in March as well as a video for “My Brother” with Norf back in January. We’re not even half-way done with the year so expect a lot more to come from these MCs over the next several months.

Watch the video for “Big Rat” below and make sure to follow Loony YSF (@loonytune2720) and Kingno YSF (@kingnoysf) on Instagram to get the latest on their next videos and tracks.


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