Wine & Warpaint Combine “Before I Knew” With Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars”

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Back in October of 2021, Wine & Warpaint were selected as one of 26 worldwide winners of the Player Plus Studio Sessions Powered by Fender. As a result, the band made their way to Flux Studios in New York to record five live versions of their own songs. Just this past week, the band dropped the third song from these sessions, a live version of their 2018 song “Before I Knew” that was molded to fit within in the context of Snow Patrol’s signature song “Chasing Cars.”

In the video, shot by Caleb Gritsko, the band opens up with a rendition of “Chasing Cars” before moving into a more delicate version of “Before I Knew, the closing track to their HOMELESS EP. On the EP, the song feels larger than life, like it’s reaching past its studio space to try and outgrow its own struggle. Here, the song feels much more intimate which allows each word and note to hit home especially strong. Of course, bookending the song with Snow Patrol’s affecting melody helps this song find new life and resonate all over again.

“The thematic ideas in ‘Chasing Cars’ are similar to one of our songs, ‘Before I Knew,'” explained singer Brandon O’Neill in a brief introduction that also recounted his first experience with the 2006 hit song. “They’re really both songs about innocence. They’re songs about letting go of the shit that’s given to us that keeps us from experiencing life in meaningful ways.”

This is the third chapter from Wine & Warpaint’s session with Flux Studios, with their 2022 single “Static” being featured in Chapter One back in April (link) and their 2021 song “I Can See” comprising Chapter Two back in August (link). Two more are left from those sessions so make sure to keep an eye out for them!

Catch the performance of “Before I Knew / Chasing Cars” by Wine & Warpaint below, and make sure to follow them om Facebook (link), Instagram (link), and TikTok (link) for more news and updates.


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