Zoom Kid Muses Wistfully On “Sentimental”

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Singer-songwriter Zoom Kid has a sound that can be hard to nail down. With clear traces of rock, electronica, pop, and hip-hop in each of his songs, typical genre tags seem to fail his musical vision, leaving only the strong emotions he explores to describe his music. This was the case on his 2021 affecting album Soundtrack To A Dream and it carries over onto his latest single, the starry-eyed “Sentimental,” which Zoom Kid also paired with a new musing video.

Shot and edited by Otto Tyler, the video finds Zoom Kid on the roof of a stunted building as he strums a reverb-heavy guitar melody and waxes on about his longing emotion. “I was sitting every single second sentimental / been in a minute since I seen you / automatic in my mental / never want to go away from you / I tried staring at the moon,” he reflects in the opening lyrics with a delivery more in line with lo-fi rap than indie rock. As the song moves on and Zoom Kid walks underneath an overcast sky, the song continues to unfold emotively, eventually utilizing a jazzy horn and drum section which adds a thrilling component to the song while still maintaining its poignant charm. Again, it’s a song with a musical style hard to pin down, but a passionate core that’s easily identifiable and splendidly memorable.

Watch the video for “Sentimental” below and make sure to follow Zoom Kid on Instagram (link) for more updates.


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