Bakari Kennedy Sports Classic Charm & Modern Skill On “Rey Mysterio”

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Remember the name Bakari Kennedy. January is not even done and I can already tell you that we’ll be spending most of 2023 talking about how exciting and impressive this blazing MC is, something that’s on full display in his new single and video, “Rey Mysterio.”

I said “remember the name,” but fans who follow RVA Rap Elite might recognize Bakari Kennedy’s name from recent shows where he performed in Season Five as part of Team PHAero. Radio B’s competitive hip-hop league has raised the profile on many local rappers, from Tre Awethenicc to Madam V, and it looks like we have another true star on the rise here.

On “Rey Mysterio,” Bakari Kennedy offers a classic boom bap sound that feels modern without even trying, thanks to some savvy production and precise delivery. Over top an enveloping soul sample, the sharp rapper strings together clever wordplay and savvy bars that should win over any fan of music, regardless of genre.

Except a punch line in a truly clever hook, the song doesn’t seem to point much to the Hall Of Fame wrestler it takes its name from, but stack Bakari Kennedy right next to the famed luchador and you can definitely draw your comparisons between two artists who deliberately and shrewdly expand upon an established, classic style at the start of their career.

The video, shot and directed by KiddNick, only enhances the warm, encompassing sound from Kennedy. There’s no need for bells and whistles here, just a camera showcasing an endearing musical personality strolling down the street. Simple and unassuming, it’s a great way to take in “Rey Mysterio” and appreciate its sensational hip-hop sound.

“Rey Mysterio” is the lead single to Kennedy’s new EP entitled Sittin’ 4 Quarters, which was released on Bandcamp at the beginning of January and will be released to all streaming platforms on January 27th. Four songs make up the EP, each offering a different musical view of the dazzling MC’s intrepid flow. “Rey Mysterio” might be the highlight, but tracks like “ATM” and “Benchwarmers” do just as much to showcase Bakari Kenndy as someone you should definitely be keeping your ear on for the foreseeable future.

Enjoy the video for “Rey Mysterio” below and make sure to follow Bakari Kennedy on Instagram to keep up-to-date on his emerging sound.


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