Earth Dog Mothership Hunt For “The Hermit” In New Video

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The Earth Dog Mothership gang is back at it with a new video to their 2022 song, “The Hermit,” and it’s definitely something fans of acid rock, outlaw country, doom metal, and other blurry rock genres will want to check out. Don’t get too caught up in what it sounds like though — as the band states in their bio, if you ask them what genre they are, they’ll just answer “thank you.”

“The Hermit” is a deliberate hard-rock song that matches a blistering instrumental requiem with a sparse “Rumble”-esque verse that relays an ambience of desolate gloom. In one part of the song, you get sharp and weighty guitars matched with a rough and tumble rhythm section. In the next, you get an open space of tremolo-tinged notes and patient drums as Chad England relays the tale of the hermit’s anguish.

Shot by Cody Mausolf (from I Am The Liquor), the video offers a dusky performance by the band, mixed in with shots of the band searching for the elusive recluse. The visual matches the audio in this sense, with shots switching between boiling riffs and dreary isolation. EDM don’t need much to show-off their potent sound, but this music video shines a distorted light in all the right places for their music.

Enjoy the video for “The Hermit” below and make sure to follow Earth Dog Mothership on Facebook and Instagram to keep up-to-date on new music and concerts.


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