Lamb Of God Incite A Desperate Mob On “Ditch”

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This past Friday, metal icons Lamb Of God released their ninth album Omens to the awaiting public and it’s already getting strong reviews from critics for its lyrical scorn and inclusion of hardcore punk elements. But a new record wasn’t all the Richmond legends had in store of us last week as they dropped a new music video on the same day for the warring, cautionary track, “Ditch.”

The song itself is a stand-out from the band’s new record. Ferocious and pummeling, the lyrical disdain is particularly harsh from the onset, but only intensifies as the song surges forward. “Down in a ditch that you dug yourself / You can live and die by the hand you’re dealt” roars the chorus after pointed verses that put the focus of rage squarely on the despondency of our modern society. The music video relays this sentiment with visuals showing a crowd of despondent people crawling and scraping for any little bit of sustenance from the powers that be before finally turning on each other as a result of the cruel machinations of the financial nobility. The message here is clear as day while the delivery is as memorable as it is abrasive.

“Ditch” is the latest single from Lamb Of God after “Nevermore” and “Omens” earlier this year in the lead-up to Omens. In conjunction with the album’s release, the band has also released The Making Of: Omens, a short documentary that lets fans view behind the scenes at the genesis of their latest album. The film is streaming on-demand currently on their webpage so make sure to head there now if you want deeper insight into the new album. (Documentary link here.)

You can watch the video for “Ditch” below and make sure to follow Lamb Of God on social media to see if the metal quintet has any more surprises in-store for us.


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