Premiere: Destructo Disk Ignites Sonic Dissidence In New Song & Video, “Me, You, Wagyu”

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In today’s world, cynicism is often perceived as a necessity — a shield of skepticism forged in response to a complex and challenging reality. With the rapid dissemination of information leading to a far broader understanding of the intricate entanglements within our society, it’s no surprise that bitterness and pessimism are becoming popular coping mechanisms. Luckily for us, punk music is always there to offer a rebellious and cathartic outlet for the disillusioned. Combine that with the ever-growing DIY scenes around the world and you have a potent antidote for the prevailing cynicism that can halt any type of personal fulfillment.

Within Richmond’s DIY and punk scene, puckish trio Destructo Disk has been making waves with a bold sound that builds on their direct and honest ethos. It’s the type of music that’s tailor-made for a mindset besieged by deep-rooted societal frustrations, ones that don’t diminish with a single election or cause. The band’s latest single, “Me, You, Wagyu,” encapsulates this sentiment with a focused energy that understands tackling conformity requires just as much levity as it does gumption, something the band displays proudly on the song’s accompanying music video. Set for release on Friday, December 22nd through Sockhead Records, The Auricular is excited to premiere “Me, You, Wagyu” a day early with an exclusive stream below of both the charged single and jesting video.


Shot and directed by Dominic Vidzos and Michael OConnell of 5th World Spiral, the video finds Destructo Disk frontman Gideon Kupka traipsing through several scenes in the Richmond area with mercurial punk energy. In one shot, he’s playfully tying up Vinyl Conflict owner Bobby Egger with a microphone cord while in another, he’s inciting some workplace defiance in a nondescript cubicle. Even when he’s just moseying down the street alongside local pop star Trapcry, Kupka injects the surroundings with rebellious charisma that the video style enhances with grainy textures and a fishhead lens, making the video feel like it’s lifted straight from an early ’90s VHS garage compilation where it could come in between skateboard tricks performed by Rodney Mullen and Bucky Lasek.

Behind all these antics is a punk song that reverberates with societal dissidence. Over a crusty guitar rattle, Kupka relays the existential woes that clear a path straight to insolence and contempt (“Who are you tonight?\ When will you feel all right?\ When will the puzzle pieces finally fit together?\ When will you put it put it back in the box and throw away the glue?”). The lyrics convey a sense of frustration, questioning identity, well-being, and the elusive nature of personal fulfillment in a growing society that looks to minimize imagination and expression. “I don’t want to be someone you depend on too,” Kupka barks with honest nerve as the song picks up steam alongside Molly Gordon’s bounding bass and Danny Roff’s drilling drums. It’s a yearning for individuality in the face of conformity, a simple and direct declaration of punk liberty that’s becoming more and more prevalent in these tainted times. Recorded by Will Beasley at The Bakery in Scotts Addition, the song is yet another powerful testament to Destructo Disk’s ability to capture the zeitgeist with unapologetic authenticity.

“Me, You, Wagyu” is the second single released by Destructo Disk following “I Look Up And See You” this past June. Both singles build upon the frenetic punk of the band’s celebrated 2022 album Bad Gravity, seamlessly blending the raw energy of punk with a refined and deliberate approach that underscores the band’s evolving artistry. All of these releases come from Sockhead Records, a local label headed up Destructo Disk that also features local heavyweights Strawberry Moon, Vee Dee from Winchester, and Sad Roach from Washington D.C. Entering their fourth year as an official label, the team behind Sockhead has its eyes on 2024, fueled by the collaborative spirit with Richmond musicians and artists, just like Michael OConnell and Dominic Vidzos from 5th World Spiral, the latter of which also designed the new logo for the DIY label. A Sockhead Music Fest of sorts may even be on the horizon in 2024, but until then, we’ve still got plenty of exciting music to enjoy from the artists under the Sockhead Records banner, starting right here with “Me, You, Wagyu.”

“Me, You, Wagyu” is out everywhere on streaming platforms on Friday, December 22nd via Sockhead Records. Make sure to follow Destructo Disk on social media for more news and updates, as well as Sockhead Records and 5th World Spiral so you can stay informed on their next releases.


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