Premiere: Ethanol Unveils Absorbing Single & Video, “Sea Spillage,” Ahead Of New Album, Movement Inside

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On May 31st, Richmond-based electronic artist Ethanol will unveil his newest album, Movement Inside, through Honey Suckle Sound. This fourteen-track opus, both enveloping and invigorating, represents a significant milestone in Ethanol’s decade-long musical journey. The album showcases elevated production and songwriting, setting it apart from his already captivating discography.

In conjunction with the album announcement, Ethanol presents “Sea Spillage,” the second single from the album, paired with a vibrant music video that vividly embodies the song’s personality, charm, and exhilaration. Overflowing with delight and intrigue, this new track serves as an excellent entry point into Ethanol’s distinctive sonic universe, while also delivering captivating enjoyment for those already tuned into his specific modulation. Today, The Auricular proudly premieres the song and video below, offering additional insights into the song’s allure and the broader impact of the forthcoming album.


Ethanol is the brainchild of Ethan Rozario, a seasoned songwriter and producer whose musical prowess has captivated audiences for over a decade. His adept blending of electronica with R&B, pop, bossa nova, and psychedelic influences has been a source of joy throughout his career, marked by several releases, notably 2019’s Meet People And Learn and 2021’s Mirror Stage under Citrus City Records. Variegated in the most thrilling sense, this music defines Rozario’s personal journey of exploration, skillfully articulating the complexities of inner introspection and personal growth. “Sea Spillage” represents a significant stride along this creative trajectory, showcasing Rozario’s musical evolution with striking clarity and brilliance.

The visual accompaniment for “Sea Spillage” perfectly mirrors its essence, capturing Rozario in moments of sheer joy, guidance, and liberation within his music. Helmed by director Connor Barrett, the video chronicles Rozario’s journey across picturesque Richmond landscapes, carefree gatherings with companions, and immersive late-night revelries. These scenes are interwoven with pulsating strobe panoramas featuring the compelling musician, adding a dynamic visual layer to the narrative.

Within the song, Rozario constructs a realm where communal spirits intertwine with authenticity and uninhibited expression, illuminating life with the inherent joy it possesses. Lyrics encapsulate this ethos, inviting listeners into a world where spontaneity and honesty reign supreme (“In the pocket of a good time\ We are lying in the sunlight\ Holding hands inside a village\ Make a sea out of the spillage”). The pulsating rhythm of the track propels this sentiment beyond mere platitudes, extending a palpable invitation into a world of intoxicating openness that mirrors Rozario’s musical ethos. The melody, characterized by its hypnotic allure and shrouded in digital mystique, resonates with those already attuned to Rozario’s sonic lexicon while beckoning newcomers with its alluring charm.

“Sea Spillage” marks the second single from Ethanol’s recent album, Movement Inside, succeeding the January release of “Someway Somehow.” These songs form essential pillars of a captivating fourteen-track sonic event, showcasing Rozario’s at the height of his creative power. Within this musical array, pop and electronica interlace seamlessly, underpinned by Rozario’s masterful production and innovative flair, crafting a mesmerizing listening experience. The album shines with its crisp production and ingenious songwriting, offering a truly immersive auditory delight.


Movement Inside Track Listing:
1. Eleven Rings
2. Tearing Me Down
3. Between Dreams
4. Sea Spillage
5. What Up
6. Inside Inside
7. Daniel
8. Your Time And Mine
9. Someway Somehow
10. Fear
11. Hold On
12. Right One
13. Good Night
14. Talk To You

“This record is about the past four years of my life,” Rozario conveyed in a message regarding the album. “About opening up, about not knowing fully what the source of my actions are, or where all the fear and pain comes from, but still being drawn outwards by friends, by love. It’s about getting through the day even when it feels like a dream.”

The profound sentiment resonates deeply within the melodies of “Sea Spillage,” breathing life into the contemplative essence that flows through Movement Inside. With the album’s release on the horizon, “Sea Spillage” emerges as an ideal placeholder, a radiant beacon beckoning listeners into Ethanol’s evocative sonic realm. Trust us when we say that boundless delight awaits once you enter this world.

“Sea Spillage” is out everywhere today, which you can view via the YouTube link above or on Bandcamp at this link. Movement Inside is set for release on Friday, May 31st through Honey Suckle Sound, which you can pre-save today by clicking here. To keep up to date on future releases and announcements from Ethanol, make sure to follow him on social media by clicking here.


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