Premiere: Høly River Present Dual Reimaging Of Classic Song With “Fellow Worn Traveler” & “Travel Worn”

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We all require support and encouragement–a helping hand, whether it’s through comforting words or a literal presence to lean on. Now more than ever, it’s essential that we turn to each other, with open hearts and minds, recognizing the paths we’ve traversed. For even if we haven’t walked them yet, there will come a time where our footsteps will overlap, sooner than later for most. Finding the right means to motivate and inspire can be challenging, but sometimes, the answers lie in the past, perhaps even in our own forgotten words and messages. What worked then can surely work now with a simple polish and adjustment to render it relevant and essential.

For musicians, this process often unfolds in live performances, where songs are reimagined to suit various spaces, atmospheres, and emotions. However, these moments are transient, fleeting, existing solely in the instant of their execution. Yet, for the dynamic earth folk duo Høly River, such a moment can now be revisited and explored through two remarkable recordings of an old classic, offering the opportunity to appreciate and dissect it from two distinct perspectives.

For over a decade, Jameson Price and Laney Sullivan have been a beacon of melodic compassion and artistic inspiration. Their admirable conviction and remarkable skill have left an indelible mark on the Richmond music scene, evident in each of their compositions. Among these is “Fellow Worn Traveler,” a standout piece from their early repertoire that has endured thanks to its sincerity and depth. Fast forward a decade and the band is breathing new life into this timeless masterpiece, presenting it in a dual format that ensures its resonance persists for years to come. Scheduled for release on Friday, May 3rd via Shockoe Records, both renditions effortlessly demonstrate the enduring power of Høly River’s music. Like their spiritual namesake, the duo’s creativity and vitality remain undiminished, capable of reshaping and rejuvenating their art with the same vigor as before. Today, The Auricular proudly premieres both versions of the song, offering an exclusive stream below along with insight into their shared origins and distinct executions.



Originally featured on the duo’s 2015 album, We Hear The Ocean, released under their former name, Lobo Marino, “Fellow Worn Traveler” is a musical ode resonating with solidarity amidst life’s trials. The inspiration for the song stemmed from a serendipitous encounter along a pilgrimage route through Portugal and Spain towards Santiago de Compostela. Jameson Price stumbled upon a weary hiker who had been separated by their group due to the journey’s toll. Price stayed by their side, forming a bond over shared exhaustion and the universal truth that we all traverse similar paths, regardless of our starting or ending points.

Comprising just 19 words, the lyrics of the song echo for nearly five minutes, synchronized with the pleasing hum of Laney Sullivan’s signature harmonium. “Fellow worn traveler, I see you on your way\ Though the others pass you, I’ll lend a helping hand,” the duo chants, infusing the atmosphere with much-needed unity and motivation. Reintroducing it in 2024, the band seeks to honor its essence while offering a new outlook, ensuring the song’s profound message resonates across different interpretations, as all meaningful messages should.

In the remastered version, the band strips away the chiming effects, letting the music and vocals ring out with greater clarity and purpose. The chanting alternates between bellows and croons, elevated in the mix due to fresh vocals recorded at In Your Ear Studios. Faithful yet resourceful, this new rendition provides an opportunity to witness the duo’s subtle evolution in sound over the years, uncovering newfound nuances in their songwriting while adjusting their performance to showcase it with the same power and grace as ever.

The new version of the song, dubbed “Travel Worn,” maintains the original message but in a fresh format. While it retains the droning and hymnal essence, this version adopts a more communal approach, with stacked vocals and added instrumentation conveying the unified voice of a collective, extending a helping hand to those in need. Ingeniously reshaping the composition for a more visceral experience, the duo injects bolder energy into the composition, reinforcing its supportive message with even greater impact.

While finding your preferred version is anticipated, it’s not crucial since both songs convey the same vital message, albeit with differing emphasis. What truly matters is that the message is heard, understood, and implemented. Despite our fractures and divisions, we form a community on this planet, essential for our emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. So when you encounter a weary member of this community, extend that helping hand. Offer solace for their aches, share joy to ease their sorrow, and most importantly, provide inspiration, such as this remarkable song, which fortunately, they can appreciate in two distinct forms.

“Fellow Worn Traveler” & “Travel Worn” are set to release on all streaming platforms this Friday, May 3rd. To keep up to date on future releases and show announcements from Høly River, make sure to follow them on Instagram or Linktree.


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