Premiere: Spooky Cool Concoct A Swirling Harmonic Blend For “The Spice, The Yeast”

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In today’s era of endless content, musicians face the challenge of captivating their audience amidst the digital noise. While a catchy melody is crucial, especially one tailored for quick consumption in shareable social media snippets that might go viral overnight, it begs the question: what enduring impact do these songs truly hold beyond fleeting moments? To genuinely engage listeners, one must offer more than just a passing fancy. Perhaps it’s the pursuit of a particular climax, the resonance of a poignant verse, or the desire to unravel the intricacies of every musical layer, seeking to understand its full depth and significance.

Constructing these dense musical layers, that’s where the maximalist pop group Spooky Cool thrives. Their discography is brimming with intricately woven and meticulously structured compositions that not only invite repeated listens but demand them. A Spooky Cool track isn’t fully appreciated upon initial hearing; its essence unfolds gradually with each revisit. You may think you’ve deciphered its nuances–why there’s an unexpected crackle thirty seconds in or why a vocal modulation occurs precisely on a certain syllable in the pre-chorus–but with time, upon revisiting, its meaning and impact evolve exponentially. Such is the allure of Spooky Cool’s music, a journey that extends seamlessly into their latest single, “The Spice, The Yeast.” Continuing their tradition of bold innovation, this new release promises listeners a fresh and exhilarating obsession. Available everywhere on Tuesday, April 30th, The Auricular is proud to premiere this single a day early, offering an exclusive stream below as well as deeper insights into its captivating sonic landscape.


In keeping with their dedication to mesmerizing audiences, the song begins as an invocation of the band’s essence. “Please don’t take your eyes off of me\ It brings me peace\ I crave the attention,” sings Zac Hryciak, encapsulating the magnetic allure that permeates all of their compositions. From there, the song unfolds into a kaleidoscope of bracing music–vivid tones and bustling rhythms rushing to envelop earbuds. The band’s distinctive maximalist sound reaches new heights within this arrangement, forging melodies through saturated sounds and intensified filters, a harmonic distortion that intertwines with familiar melodic and tonal structures. In a way, it becomes its own musical language, a new style born out of necessity that doesn’t just turn the listener’s ear but wrenches it, allowing them to fully experience its unbridled sonic potency.

Sunshine pop radiates from the core of the song, but this blend of warm harmonies and crafty melodies is refracted within Spooky Cool’s musical prism, emerging as a more compelling rendition of an already infectious tune. When the layered vocal harmonies seize control midway through the song, they ring out with more definition within this sonic landscape, shaped and seasoned by all the sounds swirling around them–some orbiting in fixed trajectories, while others take a contrarian path. Depending on which specific path you follow, you’ll discover your own distinct climax within the song, whether it’s the trio of resonant guitar notes following the layered harmonies or the exuberant final verse that culminates in an abrupt halt, the only natural conclusion for a composition as lavish as this.

“The Spice, The Yeast” is the first new music from Spooky Cool since the group released their debut full-length album, Existential Pie, in late 2022. Renowned for its bombastic sound, Existential Pie enveloped listeners in an immersive journey where towering pop melodies intersected with progressive structures. This winning formula catapulted the band to acclaim, culminating in their nomination for the 2023 Newlin Music Prize, recognizing the best album from Richmond, VA. This latest single reaffirms that their lavish recording approach in Existential Pie was no fluke–the enduring appeal of Spooky Cool continues to flourish as they delve deeper into grandiose compositions that are both intricately layered and ingeniously crafted. Typically, an article like this might conclude with anticipation for what’s to come, but when it comes to music as richly elaborate as theirs, some listeners may still find themselves navigating this melodic labyrinth by the time the next release arrives, whether or not they’ve found the exit.

“The Spice, The Yeast” is set for release on Tuesday, April 30th on all streaming platforms, which you can pre-save by clicking here. To keep up to date with Spooky Cool, make sure to follow them on Instagram by clicking here.


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