Richmond Music Roundup: December 16 – December 22

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Along The Patch by Harry Partch Appreciation Society (Link)
Released December 22nd

Improvisational avant-garde with swirling theatrics and twisty formats.

Key Track: “Walking Fire”





Ballabile Transience by Mike Piehl (Link)
Released December 19th

Electronica collection of digital wonder, modular remixes, EDM club jams, and sampled introspections.

Key Track: “Journey Of The Nereids”







Big Tobacco by SpoOky Ghost Tracks (Link)
Released December 19th

Pensive ambient observations with gauzy catharsis.

Key Track: “Mental Scapegoat”







Chastity Radio/Electric Boogaloo by Honey Guts (Link)
Released December 17th

Frenzied and fragmented indie rock filtered through a lo-fi garage.

Key Track: “Electric Boogaloo”







Crime Spray by Crime Spray (Link)
Released December 17th

Staunch folk music with an interesting vocal dichotomy between the airy high and plainspoken low.

Key Track: “Godamnit”







Demo 2018 by Destructive Nature (Link)
Released December 21st

Hardcore punk thrash with a vibrant rhythm section, piercing melodies, and muzzled vocals.

Key Track: “Tell Us We’re Wrong”







Do You Love Me Yet by Jon Swali (Link)
Released December 17th

Sumptuous and dexterous hip-hop with hard-lined flows and nebulous melodies.

Key Track: “Same Thing”







Half Burned To Ashes by Send A Raven (Link)
Released December 18th

Erosive alt-metal EP with a surprisingly melodic and grandiose coda.

Key Track: “Left To Give”







JaySyke Da’ General by JaySyke (Link)
Released December 16th

Animated and fortified rap record that routinely answers the question, “Why is everything chrome?”

Key Track: “Grimey”







The Last Apostle by DEADGXD (Link)
Released December 22nd

Latest release from that Hauntxd Trvp collective overflowing with gnawing rhymes and dark, twinkling sounds.

Key Track: “Tryna Get It”







List Of Grievances by dogfuck (Link)
Released December 19th

Diverse and rousing hip-hop beat tap with lofty melodies and ingenious samples.







Loose Ends by Taylor Barnett (Link)
Released December 17th

Big band and small ensemble compositions written, performed, & executed with dazzling talent. (Read our full review here.)

Key Track: “Bartalk”







My Way Out by Azlo (Link)
Released December 21st

Intrepid and confidently boisterous hip-hop with thundering rhythms and cracking melodies.

Key Track: “Keep It To Yourself”







The Reaper EP by D’Tae RYuK (Link)
Released December 20th

Axiomatic rap music with muted impact and dashing talent.

Key Track: “Lonely”







Solar by Xenodroid (Link)
Released December 20th

Synth instrumentals proudly dancing between vaporwave and R&B with a polished finish.

Key Track: “Solar”







Spun by Two Cars (Link)
Released December 17th

Dusky shoegaze rock that breezes by with vaporous melodies and touching vocals.

Key Track: “Glue”







Wither by 80-UK (Link)
Released December 22nd

Striking and towering industrial rock executed with modern swagger and nostalgic appeal.

Key Track: “Domestic Disturbance”







0238 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released December 21st

The quest for ambient bliss continues on the latest release from the transcendental and prolific musician.

Key Track: “0238 Part II”







10-56 by 10-56 (Link)
Released December 20th

Sonic destructions of industrial constructs filtered through improvisational methods.

Key Track: “Program IV”









“Amnesty” by Acquitted804 (Link)
Released December 16th

Protracted rap track with sober and pensive resonance.








“Boy Don’t Cap!” by FastLane804 (Link)
Released December 19th

Sped up reimagining of Comethazine’s 2018 single.








“Butane” by Mr. HitWonders (Link)
Released December 19th

Flickering hip-hop instrumental with a dazzling melody and patrolling rhythm.








“CoZiiE” by 2k (Link)
Released December 21st

An assertive flow overtop a surreptitious melody and prowling beat.








“Crater” by The Insect Club (Link)
Released December 16th

Thudding hard rock spasm with a melody bouncing between squealing and pounding.








“Damn” by rabidmilk (Link)
Released December 19th

Intriguing rap track with a dangling format encouraging the brisk and buzzing flow.








“Fair Warning” by Don Karlo (Link)
Released December 19th

Grimey and haunting rap track over a darkly rewarding instrumental.








“Final Decisions” by Acquitted804 (Link)
Released December 16th

An impellent cadence and brazen flow highlights this cognate rap track.








“Forgive” by GAR$ON (Link)
Released December 16th

A tropical-tinged instrumental with twinkling melodies and shimmering samples.








“Frozen” by GAR$ON (Link)
Released December 17th

A chilly and bustling hip-hop instrumental that’s deeply relaxing.








“Funhouse Mirror” by The Insect Club (Link)
Released December 16th

Guitar-driven experimentation with errant samples and foreboding sound.








“Going In Again” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released December 19th

A goading rap track fueled by the charging melody and beat.








“Going In” by RICHMENN (Link)
Released December 16th

A forceful rap track with a bobbing beat and shrouded, pendulating melody.








“Got My Back” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released December 19th

A reticent takedown over a muzzled instrumental.








“Gwen Stefani” by Cartier (Link)
Released December 21st

Chimes drip down this fiery and hype hip-hop single.








“Had A Fake Chain” by AMO Clique (Link)
Released December 16th

Domineering flows flutter and thrash around this scopic instrumental.








“I Am” by Mr.PayDay (Link)
Released December 18th

Disjointed and displaced rap with straightforward delivery and appeal.








“I Know Why” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released December 19th

A tenacious tribute to the Kid Wave prodigy who became a Queensbridge Escobar.








“In A Room (Makin Love)” by Deli Kings (Link)
Released December 19th

Slithery funk rock track with glissading vocals and a clammy melody.








“In The Snow” by Auto RVA (Link)
Released December 16th

A graupely holiday track with a deep, soulful sound and wreathed vocals.








“It’s Christmastime Again” by Horsehead (Link)
Released December 14th (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

Holiday Americana with a careful, pleasing sway enhanced by the heartwarming words & melody.








“Kickback” by Dirty Money Kee (Link)
Released December 18th

Stop-start vibrating rhythms provide the spark for this driving trap song.








“Laced Wit V3” by Acquitted804 (Link)
Released December 16th

Fragmented brassy soul highlights the backdrop of this crisp rap track.








“Lit” by Ver$ace Chachi (Link)
Released December 20th

An atmospheric melody swirls around the clanging beats in this savvy and sharp rap track.








“M.O.D.” by Acquitted804 (Link)
Released December 16th

A nostalgic instrumental inspire the trenchant and flowing rhymes.








“Megaman” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released December 19th

An NES sample drives this understated flow that’s charmingly demure.








“Notice It” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released December 19th

Raspy and abrasive rhymes over a muted instrumental.








“Parade” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released December 19th

Grounded reimagining of Tyler The Creator’s 2009 haunting song.








“Ra Ra” by Acquitted804 (Link)
Released December 16th

Rallying raps pop out in front of the teetering melody and beats.








“Rat Pack” by Acquitted804 (Link)
Released December 16th

Lounge instrumentation joined by a reserved beat and a gasconading flow.








“Rest In Peace (Ain’t OK)” by Young Exclusive (Link)
Released December 12th (Omitted From Previous Week’s List)

A heartfelt hip-hop tribute with vibrating rhymes and beats.








“Slide” by Cloud Life (Link)
Released December 16th

Ricocheting flows surround this fundamental but surprisingly rich melody.








“Uptown Funk 2018 16 Bit Master” by User 971552190 (Link)
Released December 17th

Reduced capacity cover/reimagination of the 2014 hit song by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson.








“Wasted Time” by Wellz (Link)
Released December 17th

Glassy vocals deliver a creative flow in this hip-hop cipher.








“1000 Pieces (featuring Slick Coup)” by 804-E (Link)
Released December 17th

A clanging rhythm and chiming melody drive this straightforward and assured rap.








“12202018” by RVA_Slayer (Link)
Released December 21st

Bold and saucy instrumental with crashing rhythms and a wildly creative melody.








“1222018” by RVA_Slayer (Link)
Released December 21st

Ringing elements make this hip-hop instrumental strikingly apropos for the season.








“#IslandVybz” by DJDancinDuke (Link)
Released December 22nd

Melodically charged hip-hop mix through the lens of dancehall reggae.








“#WeAlFire” by Heavymetal Trvp (Link)
Released December 18th

An ariose and fuzzed out trap track that’s strikingly rich.








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