Richmond Music Roundup: September 1 – September 7

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Each week, The Auricular seeks to document every album & single coming out of Richmond, creating a reference point for anyone wanting to catch-up on the eclectic & intriguing music coming out of the city.

While we strive to create a complete picture of all Richmond music, we know that some things will unfortunately fall through the cracks. If anything is missing from the list below, please let us know by e-mailing contact@theauricular, and we will make sure to add it to the next weekly roundup.

Here is all of the music released out of Richmond for September 1st through September 7th.




Bootlegging, Vol 1. by The Canary Promise (Link)
Released September 7th

Raw, live-to-tape recordings of breezy & engaging rock reflections in a reminiscent style & format.

Key Track: “Not Sorry”







Confetti Sprinkles: Cupcakes by Starwishr (Link)
Released September 5th

Expansive dreampop that embodies the phrase with luminous soundscapes decorated with ethereal melodies and vocals.

Key Track: “Carefree”







Confetti Sprinkles: Milkshakes by Starwishr (Link)
Released September 5th

Bedroom pop that breaks down its self-contained existence with glorious compositions that create something intimate yet guarded.

Key Track: “No, Don’t”







Gazing In The Dark by Copperhead (Link)
Released September 6th

A remarkable convergence of metal, post-hardcore, and noise rock that trims off the excess of all three sounds to deliver something wiry, potent, and unforgettable.

Key Track: “Mirages”







Hepburn EP by Hepburn (Link)
Released September 6th

Impassioned modern punk that’s lyrically dense, sonically thrilling, and thematically compelling from start to finish.

Key Track: “What’s On Your Mind?”







Last Laugh Miyagi 2 by Fresco Miyagi (Link)
Released September 1st

Impellent hip-hop armed with a combative spirit that fuels its musical combustion.

Key Track: “Free Kash”







Montana Summers by Toby Bluntz (Link)
Released September 7th

Beat tape full of erratic yet striking instrumentals, swirling around a core of calculated tinkering.

Key Track: “Change”







My Life EP by King JD (Link)
Released September 6th

Insatiable rap that meticulously lands on the desired balance between snazzy bravado, referential touchstones, and intimate confessions.

Key Track: “Win”







No Other Work by Redemption Hill Music (Link)
Released September 3rd

Bold and vibrant inspirational music from an illustrious musical congregation stretching the boundaries of faith songs.

Key Track: “The Name Of The Lord”







Prym ‘N Proper by Itsy Bitsy (Link)
Released September 5th

Torrid hardcore punk that pushes back on expectations & preconceptions with breakneck musical barrages.

Key Track: “Infrusterate”







Rebirth 2: The Final Destination Tape by Lil’ Rose (Link)
Released September 1st

A polished and sublime mixtape that impeccably tracks the musical climate, while also pushing for something more raw and real.

Key Track: “Third Strike”







Rosewood Demos by Various Artists (Link)
Released September 1st

Charity compilation featuring tracks from over a dozen talented Richmond artists, providing a dazzling snapshot into the deep musical talent pool of Richmond.

Key Track: “Suki Song”







Stephen Jacques 2011​-​2019: Greatest Hits by Box Of Moxie (Link)
Released September 4th

Compilation highlighting band member Stephen Jacques’ best work from this decade, all showcasing his robust blend of Americana and alt-rock.

Key Track: “High Horse Blaze”







TERMA by Future Projektor (Link)
Released September 6th

Thundering metal release featuring one movement broken into six parts that carries a remarkable sense of exploration and freedom.

Key Track: “Secreted From Herb”







TWAP by MØW (Link)
Released September 3rd

Club-ready trap tracks that fulfill their base requirement, yet melodically strive for a higher caliber.

Key Track: “Thirst Trap”







Untitled EP by Matt Blackk (Link)
Released September 6th

Garage rock rooted in the history of the genre as well as philosophy, which allows it to approach modern experimentation with welcome results.

Key Track: “Blast Beat”







0276 by Abide Serene (Link)
Released September 7th

Sharp ambient compositions that push past rumination into self-exploration and worldly deliberation.

Key Track: “0276 Part II”









“All Of A Sudden” by Gfatz (feat. Richy V) (Link)
Released September 2nd

Snapping hip-hop with a biting flow and twitching rhythm that instantly stands out.







“Baby Sitter” by Jimmy $wank (Link)
Released September 3rd

Hard-hitting from the first second, this warped track is relentless in its tight barbs & snappy bars.







“Babyface” by LA/GOON (Link)
Released September 4th

Synthy R&B spliced up & looped into a cyclical hip-hop daydream.







“Bnanas” by NAKHEE (Link)
Released September 6th

Glissading R&B with a peculiar hook that still reaches earworm status.







“Changes (I Don’t Know Why)” by Phil Rios (Link)
Released September 2nd

Classic deep house track with a vibrant rhythm, dynamic flourishes, and enigmatic lyrics.







“Closer” by it.all.tastes.tha.same (Link)
Released September 1st

Dynamic & striking dance-punk that sprawls through glam, disco, synthcore, & art rock, weaving through Bowie & Murphy seamlessly.







“Cold Now” by LeeMoeFlvme (Link)
Released September 6th

Breathy vocals ripple through the ether of a vaporous backing track.







“Crown Royal” by Sharko (Link)
Released September 1st

Heated instrumental with enough fills to stand-out, while still subtle enough to provide a blank canvass for any talented MC.







“Dasini 12 BPM” by Sharko (Link)
Released September 1st

Cagey and bouncy hip-hop instrumental over a prolonged, crawling bass line.







“Dasini 18 BPM” by Sharko (Link)
Released September 1st

Looming tones swirl around a pounding bass line on this rap instrumental.







“Deez Streets (Ain’t 4 Everybody)” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 2nd

Blunt life lessons relayed through bouncing & rebounding rhythms on this piercing rap track.







“Dinner Plates” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 2nd

Foreboding tones & lingering echoes paint the picture for this confrontational hip-hop attack.







“Fatal” by Sonoxo (Link)
Released September 5th

Discordant piano fills make up the moving melody on this ear-catching rap song.







“Gotta Hussl3” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 2nd

Flowing rhythms unfurl over a resonant piano line on this forceful rap song.







“Heartless” by PIXXLL (Link)
Released September 7th

Portentous track walking the obscure line between chiptune & trap, tailormade for boss fights in video games & action films.







“iFlex (feat. Zay Biggie & IckyWyGlizzy)” by NAKHEE (Link)
Released September 6th

Call and response R&B through the electronic mirror that’s delightfully intricate.







“Like New Money (feat. King Mason)” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 2nd

Status & contentment are distilled through this contrasting yet fluid hip-hop romp.







“Lil Uzi Vert x Trippie Redd Type Beat” by JU1 (Link)
Released September 4th

Smooth chimes ring out under the dead of night in this relaxing & punchy hip-hop instrumental.







“Love Me” by Mars Khan (Link)
Released September 7th

Autotuned desire channeled through a coveting & fiery hip-hop song.







“M.B>” by Raie Lenicx (Link)
Released September 3rd

Playful tones give errant but memorable color to this imposing rap shuffle.







“Nameless” by 4notna (Link)
Released September 7th

Chiming synth notes contrast the deep bass on this oscillating rap declaration.







“Near Death” by sweva (Link)
Released September 5th

Navi’s subtle voice will help guide you through this metaphysical & catechistic journey embedded in a hip-hop instrumental.







“Nobody” by Tw3kDaNob (Link)
Released September 2nd

Strong hooks convulse out of this overflowing R&B track, which serves as a scrapbook of musical ideas.







“Nude Hugs, Love Keith” by Sammi Lanzetta (Link)
Released September 4th

Pensive & anxious alt-rock reflections channeled through patient, yet vivid guitar lines and vocals that radiate with poised rage.







“Picasso” by Sensei○Dre (Link)
Released September 6th

Sunny R&B relayed smoothly through a candid vocal style over plush, airy tones.







“Playaa” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 2nd

Strident tones pierce the emphatic bass as existential bravado rattles through a sturdy flow.







“Pop – N” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 2nd

Club anthem built on a divergent piano line, giving this confident strut a subtle degree of pathos.







“Recognize Real (Instrumental)” by Tyler Matthew Thomas (Link)
Released September 2nd

Deep, resounding percussion fill the space of this spry instrumental as errant voices and sounds fly by.







“ReDirectionOfLight” by g l o o p i e (Link)
Released September 4th

Viscid vaporwave instrumental framed with prismatic tones and an enjoyably stammering rhythm.







“Respect The Cart” by LA/GOON (Link)
Released September 4th

Lo-fi hip-hop looping that shifts between tranquil relaxations & spastic experimentations with virtuosic ease.







“Rock-N-Roll (feat. La Socket)” by Erik Jamez (Link)
Released September 2nd

Stern rap assertion broadcasted through an overblown & caustic instrumental.







“Runnin” by YoungRell804 (Link)
Released September 7th

Hammering hip-hop instrumental with a surprisingly bright melody, giving it an air of dazzling versatility.







“Secret Plan” by EleezyThaKid (Link)
Released September 1st

A peculiar yet captivating melody highlights this remarkably furtive hip-hop statement.







“SexTalk (Remix)” by DJ Jon (Link)
Released September 1st

Reimagining Megan Thee Stallion’s 2019 single with an enchanting orchestral carillon to contrast the original provocative bassline.







“Sharko Chaser” by Sharko (Link)
Released September 1st

Tracing tones bounce off the expansive rhythmic walls of this tingling rap instrumental.







“Sharko World” by Sharko (Link)
Released September 1st

Reimagining an iconic film theme for a menacing yet energizing hip-hop instrumental.







“Sharkogettingbuck” by Sharko (Link)
Released September 1st

Errant loops fill the sparse background of this glitchy, acerbic rap instrumental.







“Sun Beam” by Kill The Druid (Link)
Released September 7th

Propulsive hard rock emerging from a smoky garage setting, decked out with a scorching guitar outro.







“Thank You (Remix)” by DJ Jon (Link)
Released September 1st

Tunneling deeper inward with a nebulously introspective version of Future’s 2017 single.







“Top Dawg (feat. King Marlo)” by Luh Kiddo (Link)
Released September 7th

Clanging sounds and a diligent work ethic undercut this cagey & vaulting hip-hop track.







“Tried And True (feat. Killpill)” by Lil Steezzy (Link)
Released September 3rd

Marching rap theatrics decked out with trumpet fills & brassy bravado over an imposing backing track.







“VIRTUEsignalPATHWAY” by g l o o p i e (Link)
Released September 5th

Glorious futurism with electronic sounds channeling orchestral memories, such as vibraphone & trumpet, through its bold triumph.







“”Yeah, We Literally Met on a Stoop in RVA!”” by SunStoney (Link)
Released September 4th

Calming notes unfolding over a serene rhythmic timepiece make this composition a meditative goldmine of sonic relief.







“5050 100%” by JamesbondKevon (Link)
Released September 3rd

Briery delivery punctuates this gnawing rap track over a spurtive beat.







“8272019” by RVA_Slayer (Link)
Released September 1st

Vivid instrumental driven by a simple yet lavish melody that gives off an essence of sonic opulence.







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